Susie Mae Hocker   H260

1880 May 13 Born in Monroe, Adams County to Joseph & Jesteen (Sunier) Hocker
            Family Bible
1880 Census, Adams County, Monroe Township, IN, age 2 months
1890 Studied Catechism at Monroe Methodist Church, Rev. Foster
1897 Oct 5  Married Robert Benjamin McKeeman, M.D. in Decatur, Adams Co, IN,
           Marriage Records of Adams County, IN., age 17
1898 Nov 28 Leland Stanford born, Monroe, IN, age 18
1900 Census, Adams County, Monroe, IN, age 20
1901 Nov 21 Baptized as adult, 3rd Presbyterian Church, Fort Wayne, IN, Church
           Records, age 21
1901 Jul 11 Lillian Theodosia born, Fort Wayne, Allen County, IN, age 21
1901 533 Broadway, Fort Wayne, IN, age 21
1901 Nov 24 Stan & Doad baptized 3rd Presbyterian Church, Fort Wayne, IN, age
1902 2103 Broadway, Fort Wayne, IN
1904 Jan 12 Donald Harry Cook born, Fort Wayne, IN, age 24
1904 2020 Broadway, Fort Wayne, IN, age 24
1906 May 6 Don baptized 3rd Presbyterian Church, Fort Wayne, IN, age 26
1907 Apr 18 Ruth Beatrice born, Fort Wayne, IN, age 27
1907 Oct 13 Ruth baptized 3rd Presbyterian Church, age 27
1908 Mar 14 Father, Joseph Hocker died, Monroe, IN in his drugstore, age 28
1910 Census, Allen County, Fort Wayne, IN age 29
1918 Office in home at 2020 Broadway, age 38
1920 Soundex 2020 Broadway, Fort Wayne, IN, age 39 with Robert, age 45;
        Stanford, 21; Theodosia, 18; Donald, 16; Ruth, 12
1924 June Son Stan graduated Indiana University School of Medicine, age 44
1925 Built new home at 724 Packard, Fort Wayne, IN, age 45
1925 Nov 1 Doad married James Boyd Hunter, Fort Wayne, IN, age 45
1926 Sister Aldeena died in Monroe (only sister), age 46
1926 Dec 27 Stan married Grace Keenan at Cathedral, Fort Wayne, IN, age 46
1926 Sister Mary Aldeena died, age 46
1926 Dec 19 Donald James born to Doad and Jim, first grandchild, Fort
Wayne, IN
1927 Trip to Florida, age 47
1927 Feb 24 Ruth married Paul Cottrell, Fort Wayne, IN, age 47
1927 Nov 20 Stan and Grace have first child, Leland Stanford, Jr., grandchild

1929 Jun 11 Don married Eula Ruddell, Sullivan, IN, age 49
1929 Apr 14 Robert Franklin born to Ruth and Paul, Fort Wayne, IN, grandchild
1930 Aug 21 Grace Joanne born to Stan and Grace, Fort Wayne, IN, grandchild
1930 Oct 25 Maurice Edward born to Doad and Jim, Fort Wayne, IN, grandchild
1931 Oct Son, Don, graduated Indiana University Medical School, age 51
1931 Nov 26 Joseph Richard born to Doad and Jim, Fort Wayne, IN, grandchild
1932 Jan 30 Marilyn, first child of Don and Eula born, Fort Wayne, IN, age 52
1935 Sep 18 Maryellen born to Stan and Grace, Fort Wayne, IN, grandchild
1935 Nov 20 Ann born to Don and Eula, Fort Wayne, IN, grandchild, age 55
1935 Nov 22 Infant, Ann, daughter of Don died, Fort Wayne, IN, grandchild
1936 Feb 21 Grandson, Richard, son of Doad died, Fort Wayne, IN, age 56
1937 Mar 4 Husband, Robert B. McKeeman, M.D., died, Fort Wayne, IN, age 57
1938 Oct 22 Charlotte Sue born to Don and Eula, Fort Wayne, IN. grandchild, 58
1938 Fort Wayne City Directory Susie M (wid Robt B) h 724 W Packard av
1939 June 24 Mother, Jesteen Hocker died, Monroe, IN, age 59
1942 May 3 Living in Fort Wayne when brother John F. died, age 62
1943 Fort Wayne City Directory Susie M Mrs h 724 W Packard av, age 63
1943 June 8 Jane Anne Hunter born to Doad and Jim, Fort Wayne, IN, grandchild
1951 Dec 6 Brother, Otis or "Ton" died, Monroe, IN, age 71
1957 May 24 Living in Fort Wayne when brother Harvey H. died, age 77
1961 June Granddaughter, Jane, graduated high school and started Parkview
     School of Nursing
1962 May 7 Died at home, 724 Packard, heart attack, Family Bible & Church Rec
            Buried at Lindenwood Cemetery, Fort Wayne, IN, age 81


1. LELAND STANFORD MCKEEMAN b. 28 Nov 1898 d. 7 Oct 1963 m. Grace Keenan
2. LILLIAN THEODOSIA MCKEEMAN b. 11 Jul 1901 d. 6 Jun 1988 m. James B. Hunter
                                                         m. DeWitt C. Jones
3. DONALD HARRY COOK MCKEEMAN b. 12 Jan 1904 d. 4 Jul 1985 m. Eula Ruddell
4. RUTH BEATRICE MCKEEMAN b. 18 Apr 1907 d. 19 Feb 1994 m. Paul Cottrell

Descendants of Susie May * HOCKER

Generation No. 1

1.  SUSIE MAY *4 HOCKER  (JOSEPH *3, STEPHEN *2, STEPHEN *1) was born 13
May 1880 in Monroe, Adams County, Indiana, and died 07 May 1962 in Fort
Wayne, Allen County,  Indiana.  She married ROBERT BENJAMIN * MCKEEMAN 05
October 1897 in Decatur, Adams County, Indiana, son of DAVID MCKEEMAN and

    Children of SUSIE HOCKER and ROBERT MCKEEMAN are:
        i.  LELAND STANFORD5 MCKEEMAN, b. 28 November 1898, Monroe, Adams
County, Indiana; d. 07 October 1963, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Wayne
Township, Indiana; m. MARY GRACE KEENAN, 27 December 1926,      Cathedral,
Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.
    ii. LILLIAN THEODOSIA "DOAD" * MCKEEMAN, b. 11 July 1901, Fort Wayne,
Allen County,  Indiana; d. 06 June 1988, Tucson, Pima County, Arizona; m.
(1) JAMES BOYD * HUNTER, 01 November 1925, Fort Wayne, Allen        County,

Indiana; m. (2) DEWITT CLINTON JONES, 06 July 1967, Atlanta,        Georgia.
    iii.    DONALD HARRY COOK MCKEEMAN, b. 12 January 1904, Fort Wayne,         Allen
County, Wayne Township, Indiana; d. 04 July 1985, Fort Wayne,       Allen
County, Wayne Township, Indiana; m. EULA RUDDELL, 11 June       1929, Sullivan,
    iv. RUTH BEATRICE MCKEEMAN, b. 18 April 1907, Fort Wayne, Allen County,
Wayne Township, Indiana; d. 17 February 1994, Fort Wayne, Allen County,
Indiana; m. PAUL O'NEIL COTTRELL, 24 February 1927, 3rd Presbyterian,
Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.





Robert B. McKeeman, M.D. has found in his native county ample field for
successful achievement in his exacting profession and has won secure place
as a
representative physician and surgeon in the city of Fort Wayne.  He was born
near Hoagland, Allen county, on February 27, 1874, a son of David C. and
Margaret (McConahey) McKeeman, natives of County Antrim, Ireland.  David C.
Mckeeman was reared and educated in Ireland and came to America when a young
man.  He remained for a time in the vicinity of Albany, New York, and then
to Indiana and purchased a farm near Hoagland, Allen county.  He became one of
the prosperous exponents of agricultural and live-stock industry in this
and here he and his wife passed the residue of their lives--possessed of those
sterling attributes of character that invariably beget popular confidence and
respect.  Mr. McKeeman was a Republican in politics and both he and his wife
were lifelong members of the Presbyterian church.  Of their children the first
three--John, Catherine and Margaret--are deceased; Jennie is the wife of Henry
Dauer, of Decatur, this state; Nancy is the wife of Robert Mercer, of Poe,
Allen county; Belle and James are deceased; William, Alexander, Ella and David
C. Jr., reside in Fort Wayne; and Dr. Robert B., of this review, is the
youngest of the number.  Passing his childhood and early youth on the home
farm, Doctor McKeeman made good use of the advantages of the public schools in
the village of Hoagland and thereafter attended Taylor University, at Upland,
this state, and the normal school at Marion.  After two years of successful
service as a teacher in the schools of Allen county he was able to follow the
course of his ambition and to enter the Fort Wayne Medical College, which is
now an integral part of the medical department of the University of Indiana.
In this institution he was graduated in 1897, and, after thus receiving his
degree of Doctor of Medicine, engaged in practice at Monroe, Adams county,
where he remained until 1900, since which time he has been engaged in practice
in Fort Wayne, where he has developed a substantial and representative
professional business.  The Doctor is identified with the Allen County Medical
Society.  His political allegiance is given to the Republican party, he and

wife are members of the Third Presbyterian church of Fort Wayne, and in the
time-honored Masonic fraternity he has received the thirty-second degree of
Scottish Rite.  October 5, 1897, was made an eventful day in the life of
McKeeman, since then was solemnized his marriage to Miss Susan M. Hocker, a
daughter of Joseph and Jesteen Hocker, of Monroe, Adams county, and the four
children of this union are L. Stanford, Lillian Theodosia, Donald H.C. and



Robert B. McKeeman, M.D., was born at Hoagland, Ind. the son of David C. and
Margaret (McConahey) McKeeman.  He attended the local schools in and around
Hoagland until 1891.  At that time he attended Taylor University located at
Upland, Ind.  In 1892, he attended Marion College at Marion.  From 1893 until
1895, he taught school in Hoagland and in 1895, he entered the Fort Wayne
Medical College, graduating in 1897.

After completing medical school, he moved to Monroe, to begin the practice of
medicine.  At Monroe he met Miss Susie May Hocker, and in 1897 they were
married.  The parents of Susie Hocker were Joseph and Justine Hocker.  Joseph
Hocker was the druggist in Monroe.  In 1900, Dr. McKeeman left Monroe and
to Fort Wayne.

Dr. and Mrs. McKeeman were the parents of four children: L. Stanford,
Theodosia, Donald and Ruth. His two sons followed in the medical profession,
both graduating from the Indiana University Medical School, one in 1924 and
in 1929.

Dr. Robert McKeeman was a member of the Allen Co. Medical Society, the
Tri-State Society of Medicine, the Indiana State Medical Society, and The
American Medical Society.  He was a lifetime member of the Presbyterian
In politics, he was a Republican.  He was a Blue Lodge Mason, 32nd degree
Scottish Rite, and a member of the Shrine organization.

Dr. McKeeman died in 1937, and was buried in Lindenwood cemetery at Fort
His wife, Susan, died in 1962, and is also buried at Lindenwood cemetery.



Among the native sons of Allen county who have here attained gratifying
recognition and success in the medical profession is the subject of this
review, who is one of the representative physicians and surgeons of the
generation in the city of Fort Wayne, where he has his office at 1608 Calhoun
street, and his residence at 2020 Broadway.

Dr. McKeeman was born in the village of Hoagland, Madison township, this
county, on the 27th of February, 1874, and is a son of David C. and
Margaret A.
(McConnaha) McKeeman, both of whom were born in Ireland, whence they came to
America with their respective parents when children.  The father followed the
vocation of farmer until the time of his death, in 1876. His widow survived
by many years, her death occurring in 1894. They became the parents of twelve
children, of whom eight are living.

Dr. McKeeman secured his preliminary educational discipline in the public
schools of Madison township, after which he availed himself of the advantages

afforded in Taylor University, in Fort Wayne, and the Indiana State Normal
School at Marion, after leaving which latter institution he devoted his
attention to teaching in the schools of his native county for a period of two
years, meeting with marked success in his pedagogic labors but utilizing this
profession simply as a means to an end, as he had decided to adopt the calling
to which he is now devoted.  In 1894 he was matriculated in the Fort Wayne
College of Medicine, in which well equipped institution he completed the
prescribed courses in medicine and surgery, being graduated as a member of the
class of 1897 and receiving his degree of Doctor of Medicine.  In view of his
standing in his profession it is pleasing to revert to the fact that he is not
only a native of Allen county but also, that he received his technical
in a local institution. Immediately after his graduation the Doctor opened an
office in Monroe, Adams county, and while he was necessarily called upon to
serve the customary novitiate in his profession it was not unduly prolonged,
and his success and prestige have been cumulative in character, so that he
stands well to the front among the able, popular and successful young
physicians of his native county, giving his attention to general practice. He
remained in practice in Monroe until 1900, when he located in Fort Wayne,
he has since followed the work of his profession.  he is a close and
appreciative student, being duly conservative in his attitude but ever
ready to avail himself of those agencies and advanced methods which meet the
approval of his judgment.  He is an affiliate of the American Medical
Association, the Indiana State Medical Society, the Fort Wayne Medical Society
and the Fort Wayne Academy of Medicine, and he finds time and opportunity to
avail himself of the advantages of each.  Though never active in the realm of
practical politics, the Doctor is a stalwart supporter of the cause of the
Republican party and he is essentially progressive and public-spirited as a

On the 5th of October, 1897, Dr. McKeeman was united in marriage to Miss Susie
May Hocker, of Monroeville, and they have three children, Leland Stanford,
Lillian Theodosia and Donald Harry Cook.



Robert Benjamin born 27 Feb 1874 Hoagland, Ind.
Married 5 Oct 1897 Susie May Hocker born 13 May 1880
Died 4 Mar 1937 buried Lindenwood Cemetery, Ft. Wayne Ind
Leland Stanford born 28 Nov 1898
Lillian Theodosia born 11 July 1901
Donald H.C. born 12 Jan 1904
Ruth Beatrice born 18 April 1907
The next page is a copy of an Allen County History, on Dr. Robert McKeeman,
education and background.



1880 Federal Census Indiana, Adams County, French Township

Hocker, Joseph W M 32          Cooper        OH GER GER
Justine        W F 31 Wife     Keeping house IN FR FR
Mary           W F 10 Daughter At home       IN OH IN
John           W M  8 Son                    IN OH IN

Charles        W M  6 Son                    IN OH IN
Harvey         W M  2 Son                    IN OH IN
Susan          W F 1/12 Daughter             IN OH IN     (age 1/12)
Mary           W F 18 Sister   Servant       OH GER GER



McKeeman, Robert B
Feb 1874  26 Indiana
Adams        Monroe Twp

McKeeman, Susie      May 1880  20 IN     (age 20)
          Leland S.  Nov 1898   1 IN



McKeeman, Robert     36 M Physician IN IRE IRE
          Susie M.   29 F           IN OH  IN              (age 29)
          Stanford   11 M           IN IN  IN
          Theodosia   8 F           IN IN  IN
          Donald      6 M           IN IN  IN
          Ruth        2 F           IN IN  IN



1920 Soundex IN M255
McKeeman, Robert B. Vol. 5, E.D. 56, Sheet 17, Line 58
Color W, Age 45, Birthplace IN
Allen Fort Wayne Broadway 2020
McKeeman, Susie W 39 IN    (age 40)
Stanford          21 IN
Theodosia         18 IN
Donald            16 IN
Ruth              12 IN



1920 Federal Census Fort Wayne, Allen County, IN
2020 Broadway

MCKEEMAN, Robert Head 45 IN IRE IRE Doctor General Medicine
          Susie  Wife 39 IN OH IN                                  (age 39)
          Stanford Son 21 IN IN IN
          Theodosia Dtr 18 IN IN IN
          Donald    Son 16 IN IN IN
          Ruth      Dtr 12 IN IN IN

Allen County, Indiana Will Book 3, Page 236


302 Wayne Pharmacal Building, Ft. Wayne, Indiana

L(eland) S(tanford) McKeeman, b. at Monroe, Adams Co., Ind., Nov. 28, 1898; s.
of Dr. Robert Benjamin and Susan Mae (Hocker) McKeeman.

Dr. Robert Benjamin McKeeman, b. in Madison Twp., Allen Co., Ind., in 1874.
His parnets, David C. and Margaret (McConahey) McKeeman, came, with two
children, from County Antrim, Ireland, to America, and settled on a farm near
Hoagland, Madison Twp., Allen Co., Ind.  David C. McKeeman was a Republican,
and both he and his wife were lifelong members of the Presbyn. Ch.  They were
the parents of 12 children, of whom 10 were born in America.  Dr. Robert
Benjamin McKeeman was the youngest child.  He graduated from the Ft. Wayne
Medical Coll, with an M.D. deg., in 1897, and began the practice of
medicine at
Monroe, Ind., where he remained 2 years.  He then came to Ft. Wayne, where he
conducted a general practice of his profession until his death, which occurred
in 1937.  He was a staff mem. of the Lutheran Hosp., and the Methodist
Episcopal Hosp.  He was a Republican, and a mem. of the following: Blue Lodge,
F. and A.M., Consistory (32nd deg.), and Shrine; American Med. Assn.; Ind.

State Med. Assn.; Ft. Wayne (Allen County) Med. Soc.; and Third Presbyn. Ch.,
of Ft. Wayne.  On Oct. 5, 1897, he married Susan Mae Hocker, who was b. at
Monroe, Ind., in 1881.  Her parents, Joseph and Justine Hocker, are decd.
Joseph Hocker was a druggist at Monroe.  He served with the Union Army in the
Civil War.


OBITUARY              (Age 82)

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, 7 May 1962

Rites Wednesday for Mrs. McKeeman

Funeral services will be at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday at Klaehn Funeral Home for
R.B. McKeeman, 81, who died at 10 a.m. at her residence, 724 Packard Ave. She
was the widow of Dr. R.B. McKeeman.

Rev. Robert R. Bieber will officiate and burial will be in Lindenwood
Friends may call at the funeral home after noon today.

Born in Monroe, Mrs. McKeeman was a resident of Fort Wayne for 62 years. She
was a member of the Third Presbyterian Church, the Dywyki Club, the White
Guild at Methodist Memorial Hospital, the Emmanuel Class of the church and the
Stitch and Chatter Club.

Surviving are two sons, Dr. Donald H. and Dr. L. Stanford McKeeman, both of
Fort Wayne; two daughters, Mrs. Paul Cottrell and Mrs. James Hunter, both of
Fort Wayne; nine grandchildren; 17 great-grandchildren, and one brother,
Charles Hocker, Decatur.

Jane Hunter Hodgson
Tucson, Arizona

Minnie Emerick

1869 Dec 2 Born to Henry Emerick and in Allen County, Indiana
1870 Census? Allen Co IN Marion Twp with parents
1880 Census? Allen Co IN Marion Twp with parents
1889 May 23 Married William M. McKeeman in Indiana
1890 Tax list Allen County, IN
1891 Aug 1 Alberta Volette born Allen County, Indiana
1893 Mar 28 Ida Lavern born
1896 Sep 5 Everett Paul born Allen County, Indiana
1900 Census Allen County, IN
1905 Sep 19 Margaret Lucille born
1910 Census Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana
1920 Census Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana
1955 May 27 Died

Descendants of Minnie Jane EMERICK

Generation No. 1

December 1869 in Allen County, Indiana, and died 27 May 1955.  She married
WILLIAM M. MCKEEMAN 23 May 1889 in Indiana, son of DAVID MCKEEMAN and

        i.  ALBERTA VOLETTE5 MCKEEMAN, b. 01 August 1891, Fort Wayne, Allen
County, Wayne Township, Indiana; d. 11 February 1979, DAYTON, Ohio;         m. (1)
ROBERT LEROY LARIMORE, 11 March 1914; m. (2) ARTHER         HICKMAN, 1965.
    ii. IDA LAVERN MCKEEMAN, b. 28 March 1893; d. 15 January 1894, Infant.
    iii.    EVERETT PAUL MCKEEMAN, b. 05 September 1896, Fort Wayne, Allen
County, Wayne Township, Indiana; d. 02 March 1946, Fort Wayne, Allen
County, Wayne Township, Indiana; m. HELEN NORTON, 18 June 1918.
    iv. MARGARET LUCILLE MCKEEMAN, b. 19 September 1905; d. May 1978, El
Cajon, California; m. OMAR GOCKE, 06 June 1936.

Mr. and Mrs. William McKeeman will celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary
Tuesday at a reception at their home, 115 Killea Avenue.  They have invited
their relatives and intimate friends to call between the hours of 1 to 5 in the
afternoon and 7 to 9 in the evening.
The McKeemans have two daughters, Mrs. Robert Larimore who resides at 606 West
Wildwood Avenue, and Mrs. Omar Gocke, 2908 South Harrison Street, and a son,
Mr. Everett McKeeman 3337 Piqua Avenue.

  The son Everett drowned.  They had a baby who died also.

Klaehn Funeral Home Records
McKeeman, William m Minnie Jane b 27 Mar 1863, Allen County, d 30 Jul 1941,

Maryellen Hower's Book says:

William born 27 Mar 1863, Hoagland, Indiana
  Married Minnie Jane Emrick 23 May 1889
  Died 30 July 1941, buried Lindenwood Cemetery, Ft. Wayne, Ind.
    Alberta Volette, born 1 Aug 1891, Ft. Wayne,
      Married Robert Leroy Larimore, 11 Mar 1914
      Married Arthur Hickman 1965
      Died 11 Feb 1979, Dayton, Ohio
      Buried Lindenwood Cemetery, Ft. Wayne, Ind.
       Ruth Anna born 1 May 1915
       Mary Ellen born 14 Dec 1920

worked on the home farm in his early years. On 23 May 1889 he married Minnie
Jane Emrick, born 2 Dec 1869, daughter of Henry and Margaret Emrick. William
was engaged in the constuction business until 1899 when he went to work for the
Pennsylvania Railroad as car repairman. He retired, after 32 years of service ,
on 1 April 1931.  William and Mary lived on the corner of Harrison St. and
Killea Ave. Fort Wayne, Ind. until a home at 115 Killea Ave. was built, about
1910.  William and Minnie were members of Third Presbyterian Church.

1890 Madison Township, Allen County, IN
McKeeman, William

1900 Federal Soundex Indiana

McKeeman, William
Mar 1863   37 IN
Allen      Wayne Twp
Fort Wayne So. Harrison 411

McKeeman, Minnie J.    Dec 1869   30 IN
          Alberta      Aug 1891    8 IN
          Everett M.   Sep 1896    3 IN

V 3  ED 39  SH 14  LN 45

MCKEEMAN, WILLIAM Head W M Mar 1863 37 N 11 IN IRE IRE Carpenter 1/2 Y Y
    Minnie J Wife W F Dec 1869 30 N 11 8 2 IN IN OH Y Y Y
    Valberta Daugh W F Aug 1891 8 S IN IN IN At school
    Everitt M Son W M Sept 1896 3 S IN IN IN

1908 Fort Wayne City Directory
McKeeman, William, car bldr Penn Co, h 2903 Harrison


McKeeman, William Head M W 47 IN IRE IRE Eng Carpenter RR W N N Y Y
    Minnie J. Wife F W 40 M1 3 3 IN PA OH Eng YY
    Alberta V Daughter F W 18 S IN IN IN Eng Operator Telephone W N N Y
    Everett M Son M W 13 S IN IN IN Eng None Y Y Y
    Margaret L Daughter F W 4 S IN IN IN

1920 Federal Census Fort Wayne, Wayne Twp., Allen Co., IN
115 Killea

MCKEEMAN, Wm     Head 56 IN IRE IRE Car builder
          Minnie Jane Wife 50 IN PA OH
          Margaret Lucile Dtr 14 IN IN IN

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette 31 July 1941
Funeral services for William McKeeman, 78, who died at 4:20 o'clock Wednesday
morning at his home at 2903 South Harrison street following a three-year
illness, will be held Friday  afternoon at 3 o'clock at Klaehn & Sons funeral

home Dr. Andrew Lowry officiating.  Burial will be in Lindenwood cemetery.
Friends may view the body at the funeral home.
Mr. McKeeman was employed in the Pennsylvania railroad car shops for 32 years
until retiring 13 years ago.  He was a lifelong resident of Allen county.  He
was a member of the Third Presbyterian church, the Royal league and
Pennsylvania Western Veterans association.
Survivors include the widow Minnie; a son, Everett McKeeman; two daughters,
Mrs. Robert Larimore and Mrs. Omar Gocke; six grandchildren; one
great-grandchild, and two brothers, Alexander and David McKeeman, all of Fort

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette 28 May 1955
  Mrs. Minnie Jane McKeeman
Mrs. Minnie Jean McKeeman, 85, died at 8:40 p.m. yesterday in a local nursing
home where she had been a patient for about six weeks.  She formerly resided at
2331 S. Hanna St.
Born in Allen County, Mrs. McKeeman had been a Fort Wayne resident for more
than 60 years.  She was a member of the Third Presbyterian Church.
Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Alberta (Robert) Larimore, with whom she
made her home, and Mrs. Omar Gocke, Albuquerque, N.M.; a sister, Mrs. Elmer
Mizer, Fort Wayne; two brothers, Ellis Emrick, Hoagland, and Will Emrick,
Delphos, Ohio; seven grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.
The body was taken to Klaehn Funeral Home.  Funeral arrangements are

          Generation 2 (parents)

           2 William  F.  McKeeman:  William  was born 27 Mar 1863, in
             Allen County, Indiana.  He married Minnie Jane Emerick 23
             May  1889  in  Hoagland,  Allen County, Indiana.  William
             died 30 Jul 1941 in Ft. Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.  He
             was buried in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Lindenwood Cemetery.
           3 Minnie Jane Emerick: Minnie was born 2 Dec 1869, in Allen
             County,  Indiana.  She married William F. McKeeman 23 May
             1889  in Hoagland, Allen County, Indiana.  Minnie died 20
             May  1955  in  Ft. Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.  She was
             buried in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Lindenwood Cemetery.
Jane Hunter Hodgson
Tucson, Arizona

Deb Murray