Isobel McKeeman

19 Dec 1864 Born to David and Margaret (McConahey) McKeeman, Allen Co IN
17 Jan 1884 Married William W. Emmenhiser, Allen County, IN, age 20
 4 Sep 1884 Nancy Delila born, age 20
13 Oct 1886 William Wesley born, age 22
 2 Feb 1888 Died at Hoagland, Allen County, IN, age 24


Descendants of Isobel MCKEEMAN

Generation No. 1

born 19 December 1864 in Hoagland, Allen County, Madison Township, Indiana,
and died 02 February 1888 in Hoagland, Allen County, Madison Township,
Indiana.  She married WILLIAM W. EMMENHISER 17 January 1884 in Allen
County, Indiana.

        i.  NANCY DELILA5 EMENHEISER, b. 04 September 1884, Allen County,
    ii. WILLIAM WESLEY EMMENHISER, b. 13 October 1886, Allen County,        Indiana.

According to Theodosia McKeeman, Isobel had three children: David, Lou and


State of Indiana         File Box 301
Allen County

Jennie Dauer
Jennie A. McKeeman
Administratrix of
the Estate of David
McKeeman, Deceased

Margaret S. McKeeman, Sr.
Jennie McKeeman
now Jennie Dower
Maria C. Whyburn          Allen Circuit
Margaret McKeeman                Court
Nancy Mercer
James McKeeman
William McKeeman
Isabel B. McKeeman
Alexander McKeeman
Eliza E. McKeeman         April 1882 Trus
David C. McKeeman
Robert B. McKeeman




1870 Census Allen County, Madison Township, IN
David MCKEEMAN  49 Farmer Ireland
Margaret        37        Ireland
John            19        NY
Catherine       16        IN
Margaret        14        IN
Jane            11        IN
Nancy            9        IN
James            7        IN
William          6        IN
Isobel           5        IN   (age 5)
W.M.             4        IN
Eliza            1        IN


1880 Census Allen County, Madison Township, Indiana

Margaret MCKEEMAN F 45 Head House Ireland
Margaret          F 23 D          NY Ire Ire
Jennie            F 21 D School   NY Ire Ire
James             M 17 S Farm     IN Ire Ire
Wm                M 15 S Farm     IN Ire Ire
Isabelle          F 13 D Home     IN Ire Ire   (age 13)
Alexander         M 12 S Farm     IN Ire Ire
Eliza E.          F 10 D Home     IN Ire Ire
David C.          M  8 S          IN Ire Ire
Robert B.         M  6 S          IN Ire Ire
Stephan McConaha  M 25   Laborer  OH Ire OH



Maryellen Hower's Book:

Isobelle, born 13 Mar 1865, Hoagland, Ind.
Married William Emmenhizer
Died 2 Feb 1888 buried Antioch Cemetery, Hoagland, Ind.
 Delila and William

MARRIAGE   (age 20)

17 Jan 1884 Married William Emmenhiser, Allen County, IN Marriage Records
            Rev. James McCoen


The State of Indiana, Allen County, ss:
 The Undersigned, applicant for Letters of Guardianship on the person and
estate of
Nancy Delila Emenheiser, born Sept 4, 1884
William Wesley Emenheiser, born Oct 13, 1886
minor heirs of MARGARET MCKEEMAN late of Allen County, deceased, represents
that said minors reside in Allen County, in the State of Indiana, and are
owners of real estate situate in Allen County, of the probable value of __
dollars, which will rent annually for the sum of ___ dollars.  Said wards also
own personal property of the probable value of Five Hundred dollars.
                                      William Emenhiser
The State of Indiana, Allen County, ss:
William Emenheiser, the above applicant, being duly sworn, says that the
material facts contained in the above statement and application for Letters of
Guardianship on the persons and estates of the persons therein named are
correct and true as he verily believes, and further saith not.
                                      William Emenhiser
                                      Subscribed and sworn to before me, this
                                      11 day of April 1896.
                                      H.M. Metzger
                                      Clerk, A.C.C. Allen County

State of Indiana, County of Allen, ss.
 In the matter of the guardianship of William W. Emenhiser and Nancy D.
Emenhiser In the Allen Circuit Court April Term, A.D., 1897.

State of Indiana, Allen County.
 In the matter of the guardianship of William W. Emenheiser and Nancy
Emenheiser In the Allen Circuit Court, April Term, A.D., 1897.
 To the Honorable Edward O'Rourke, Judge of the Allen Circuit Court:
 William Emenheiser, guardian under appointment of this court of the said
William W. Emenheiser and Nancy Emenheiser, minors, respectfully shown that
said wards are the owners in fee simple as tenants in common, of the undivided
two thirtieths (2/30) the following described real estate in Allen County,
 The South west quarter of the south east quarter of section eighteen (18)
township twenty nine (29) north, of range fourteen (14) east and the north
twenty nine (29) acres of the east half of the east half of the south west
quarter of said section 18, in Allen County, Indiana.
that said: interest of said minors in said real estate is worth the probable
value of two hundred and forty dollars ($240).
 and said guardian avers that it is to the interest of said wards that said
real estate shall be sold, for the reason that one Helen Essig has filed a
in the Allen Superior Court of this county against this guardian and the other
owners of said real estate for a partition be made among the owners of said
real estate and, if a partition is obtained in said action, said real
estate is
liable to be sold for much less than its real value; that said Essig has
consented to dismiss her said action of partition and she and all the other
owners of said real estate have agreed with this guardian to sell their
interest in said property together at the time guardian has made date so that
there will not be a sacrifice of the same; that a better invest of the
value of
the interests of said wards in said real estate can be made by loaning the
at six per cent (6%) interest, which money can be loaned at that rate; that
value of all the personal estate belonging to said wards that has come to the
knowledge or possession of this guardian, is the sum of seventy-five dollars
($75) in money, which he has now loaned out at six per cent. (6%) interest,
none of which money, or the revenue derived therefrom, has been expanded: that
said wards have no personal property, of which this guardian has knowledge,
dependent on any estate or the execution of any trust except in a claim of
$28.00 against the estate of James McKeeman worth about $25.; that said wards'
real estate is of the annual rental value of eight and 88/100 dollars ($8.88);
that the rent received by this guardian from said wards' real estate was eight
and 88/100 ($8.88); of whichtwo and 28/100 dollars ($2.28) was used in paying
taxes and the balance added to their personal estate and which is included in
the personal property herein mentioned; that upon the sale of the real estate
in this petition described, this guardian intends, unless the court shall
otherwise order, to loan the proceeds of sale at not less than six per cent
(6%) interest upon approved security; that there are no liens upon the
of said wards in said real estate, except the costs of said guardianship; that
said William W. Emenheiser is now aged ten (10) years and resides with this
guardian, his father, in Adams Township, Allen County, Indiana; that said
Emenheiser is twelve (12) years of age and resides with this guardian in said
Adams Township.
 Said guardian prays, therefore, upon the facts and for the reasons herein
stated, that he may by the order of this court, be authorized to make sale of
the real estate of his said wards in this petition described, upon such terms
and conditions as the court may deem most advisable.
     William Emenheiser
State of Indiana, Allen County, ss.
 William Emenheiser, being duly sworn, upon oath says the matters and things
stated and alleged in the foregoing, his petition as guardian of William W.
Emenheiser and Nancy Emenheiser, are true as he verily believes.
 William Emenheiser
 subscribed and sworn to before me, this 26th day of April, 1897.
 Rat M. M. Elliot

  To the Honorable Edward O'Rourke, Judge of the Allen Circuit Court:
 Comes now William Emenhiser, guardian of William W. Emenhiser and Nancy D.
Emenhiser, and respectfully shows to the court that, pursuant to the order of
this court heretofore made, for the sale, at private sale, of the following
described real estate of his said wards, to wit:
 The undivided two-thirtieths (2/30) of the southwest quarter (1/4) of the
southeast quarter (1/4) and the north twenty-nine (29) acres of the east half
(1/2) of the east half (1/2) of the southwest quarter (1/4) of section
(18), township twenty-nine (29) north of range fourteen (14) east, in Allen
County, Indiana, he offered said real estate for sale on the 19th day of June,
1897, and Alexander McKeeman having bid therefor the sum of one hundred
forty-five and 36/100 dollars ($145.36) and that being the highest and best
price bid for the same and being the amount of the appraisement of said real
estate, he openly struck off and sold the same to the said Alexander McKeeman
for said sum of one hundred forty-five and 36/100 dollars (145.36).
 Therefore this guardian asks the court to confirm said sale and to approve
deed for said premises to the said Alexander McKeeman, herewith tendered, and
for all other proper directions in the premises.
      William Emenhiser
     Guardian of William W. and Nancy D. Emenhiser
 Subscribed and sworn to before me this 3 day of June A.D., 1897.

ANTIOCH CEMETERY       (age 23)

Antioch Cemetery sec. 25 Marion twp.

Isabel wife of Wm Emenhiser
d Feb 2, 1888
aged 23 y 1 m 14 d

Jane Hunter Hodgson
Tucson, Arizona

Louis Bonjour, Biography

Note: The two following, Louis & Lewis, are the same person Louis Bonjour Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, October 6, 1911

Eugene Bonjour, of Fort Wayne, received news of the death of his father, Lewis (sic) Bonjour, which occurred Monday at Chesasing, Mich. Until three years ago the deceased was a resident of this city having come here many years ago from Germany. He was 73 years of age. The following children survive: Louis, Ernest, Eugene and the Misses Sarah, Martha and Ernestine Bonjour.

Louis Bonjour, by his last will and testament, left all his property to his wife, she to keep same in repair and reap all rents and income therefrom. After her death, the property goes to his children - an Allen county farm to his son, Eugene, who is named executor, provided he pays $200 to each of two other sons whose whereabouts are unknown, and $3,000 to a daughter, Mrs. Martha M. Morgan: an Allen county farm to a daughter, Ernestine, who is to pay Mrs. Morgan $1,000, and a Saginaw Michigan, farm to a son, Seraphine, who is to pay Mrs. Morgan $500.

Leland Stanford McKeeman M.D.

1898 Nov 28 Born Monroe, Adams County, IN to Robert B. McKeeman and Susie M.
    (Hocker) McKeeman
    Father physician and maternal grandfather druggist
1900 Family moved to Fort Wayne, Allen County, IN
1900 Census Adams County, Monroe, IN with parents, age 1
1901 Dec 1 Baptized Third Presbyterian Church, Fort Wayne, IN with sister
1910 Census Fort Wayne, Allen County, IN with parents, age 11
1914 Class President at Fort Wayne High School, Baseball team, Bowling team
1916 Pi Gamma Fraternity
1916 Senior Play: Property Man, Commencement Committee
1917 Graduated Fort Wayne High School
1917 Entered Indiana University at Bloomington, IN
1918 Sept Enlisted in United States Navy, stationed at Boulder Colorado
1918 Dec 23 Honorably Discharged
1920 Census Fort Wayne, Allen County, IN 2020 Broadway with parents,age 21
1922 Graduated Indiana University with A.B. degree
1924 Graduated Indiana University Medical School with M.D.
    Internship at Indianapolis General Hospital
1925 July 1 Application for practicing medicine Allen County, IN, age 27
1926 Dec 27 Married Mary Grace Keenan at the Cathedral in Fort Wayne, IN
1927 Nov 28 Leland Stanford born
    Belonged to St. Joseph's Catholic Church
    Member American Legion Post 47
    Member the Fort Wayne Country Club
    Member Indiana University Alumni Club
    Member Chamber of Commerce
1928 Allen County, IN Personal & Poll Tax
    Practiced medicine in Fort Wayne, IN for 36 years; office nurse Thelma Lange
    Staff member St. Joseph's Hospital
     Grace Joan born
1930-1931 Allen County, IN Coroner
    Member of Allen county Medical Society
    Member of American Medical Association
    Member of the Industrial Medical Association
    Member of the Central States Society of Industrial Medicine and Surgery
    Hobbies pike and bass fishing
     Mary Ellen born
1937 Mar 4 Father died and he occupied the office of his father
1938 Fort Wayne City Directory office 347 W Berry; home 304 Covington Rd
1941-1947 Examining physician for the Selective Service
1941 Office 302 Wayne Pharmacal Building
1943 Fort Wayne City Directory office 347 W Berry; home Covington Rd
1951-1955 Member of the Selective Service Board of Appeals
    President of St. Joseph's Hospital staff
    Member and past president Fort Wayne Horse Show Association
1962 May 7 Mother died
1962 Oct 7 Died of heart attack in St. Josephs Hospital, Fort Wayne, IN
shortly after
    stricken at his home at 7701 Covington Road; Mungovan & Sons Mortuary

Born 28 Nov 1898, Family Bible
Baptized 1 Dec 1901, Third Presbyterian Church Records
3rd Presbyterian Church Records received 3 Apr 1910
Married Mary Grace Keenan, by Father Conroy of the Cathedral,27 Dec 1926,
Died 7 Oct 1962, heart attack, Catholic Cemetery, Family Bible
Bur Mausoleum, Catholic Cemetery, Fort Wayne, IN


MCKEEMAN, Robert HOCKER M W Nov 28 1898 H-6 12


Leland Stanford McKeeman "Kuman"
Class president, Sophomore year: Sophomore Baseball Team; Class Bowling Team,
Junior Year; Pi Gamma; Property Man, Senior Play; Commencement Committee.
"And when a lady's in the case, You know all other things give place."


MCKEEMAN, Leland S. Wayne Grace
M 29  31 18


Dr. L.S. McKeeman, 63, Is Dead of Heart Attack
Journal Gazette, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 7 October 1962

Dr. L. Stanford McKeeman, 63, a prominent physician and surgeon died at 11:55
a.m. yeaterday in St. Joseph's Hospital shortly after being stricken with a
heart attack at his home.

Dr. McKeeman who resided at 7701 Covington Road, was former president of the
st. Joseph's Hospital staff.

His body was taken to Mungovan & Sons Mortuary.

Dr. McKeeman, who had his practice here 36 years, was on the courtesy staff of
the Lutheran and Parkview Memorial Hospitals and active many years in medical
affairs.  He was a member of the American Medical Association, the Allen
Medical Society, the Industrial Medical Association and the Central States
Society of Industrial Medicine and Surgery.

He was a member of the Indiana Selective Service Board of Appeals from 1951 to
1955 and examining physician for the Selective Service from 1941 until 1947.
He also was Allen County Coroner in 1930 and 1931.

He was a 1922 graduate of Indiana University and of its medical school in
He came to Fort Wayne to practice after a year's internship in Inidanapolis
General Hospital.  He was born in Monroe, but lived here most of his life.

Dr. McKeeman belonged to St. Joseph's Catholic Church, American Legion Post
the Fort Wayne Country Club, the I.U. Alumni Club and the Chamber of Commerce.
He was past president and an honorary director of the Fort Wayne Horse Show

Surviving are his wife, Grace K.; a son, L.S. McKeeman Jr., Fort Wayne; two
daughters, Mrs. Edward R. Rice and Mrs. Charles H. Strawbridge, Fort Wayne; a
brother, Dr. Donald H. McKeeman, Fort Wayne; two sisters, Mrs. James Hunter
Mrs. Paul Cottrell, Fort Wayne; and four grandchildren.

Funeral services will be at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday at Mungovan & Sons Mortuary
at 10 a.m. at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Msgr. Charles Girardot

Entombment will be in the mausoleum at the Catholic Cemetery.  Rosary services
will be at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday at the funeral home.  Friends may call after 7
p.m. today.


Maryellen Hower's Book:

                      The McKeeman, McConahey family /
                      Hower, Maryellen Larimore.
                      compiled by Maryellen Larimore Hower.
              Pub info:
                      Ottertail, MN : M.L. Hower, 1990.
                      McKeeman family.
                      McConaghy family.
                      "1 June 1990." Includes bibliographical references.

Leland Stanford, born 28 Nov 1898, Monroe, Ind.
married 27 Dec 1926 Grace Keenan
occupation, Doctor of Medicine
died 7 Oct 1963 buried Catholic Cemetery Fort Wayne
 Leland Stanford born 20 Nov 1927
 Grace Joan born 21 Aug 1930
 Mary Ellen born 18 Sept 1935 married Edward Rice


McKeeman, Robert B                            (age 26)
Feb 1874  26 Indiana
Adams        Monroe Twp

McKeeman, Susie      May 1880  20 IN
          Leland S.  Nov 1898   1 IN


1910 Federal Census Indiana, Allen County, Wayne Township, p.790

McKeeman, Robert     36 M Physician IN IRE IRE (age 36)
          Susie M.   29 F           IN OH  IN
          Stanford   11 M           IN IN  IN
          Theodosia   8 F           IN IN  IN
          Donald      6 M           IN IN  IN
          Ruth        2 F           IN IN  IN



1920 Soundex Fort Wayne, IN 2020 Broadway with parents & sibs


1924 Jun 23 New Sentinel Fort Wayne, IN

Dr. Stanford McKeeman, who was recently graduated from the Indiana University
School of Medicine, Indianapolis, has returned to that city to serve his
internship at the hospital there, after visiting his parents, Dr. and Mrs.
McKeeman of Packard avenue.


Leland Stanford McKeeman
27 years old
Monroe, Indiana
724 Packard
1 July 1925
Regular School of Medicine


1938 Fort Wayne City Directory L Standford (Grace K) phys 347 W Berry R 304
Covington rd

1943 Fort Wayne City Directory L Stanford (Grace K) phys 347 W Berry R304 r
Covington rd

1962 Office at 304 Medical Center Building when mother died
     Living at 7701 Covington Road when mother died, age 62

302 Wayne Pharmacal Building, Ft. Wayne, Indiana

L(eland) S(tanford) McKeeman, b. at Monroe, Adams Co., Ind., Nov. 28, 1898; s.
of Dr. Robert Benjamin and Susan Mae (Hocker) McKeeman.


L.S. McKeeman, the subject of this sketch, attended the grade schs. of Ft.
Wayne, and graduated from Central High Sch., in Ft. Wayne, in 1917.  He then
entered Indiana Univ., at Bloomington, but in Sept. 1918, enlisted in the U.S.
Navy for service in the World War, being stationed with a Naval Unit at
Colo.  He was hon. disch. from service Dec. 23, 1918.  After the war he retd.
to Indiana Univ., and graduated with an A.B. deg. in 1922, and M.D. in 1924.
He served internship at the Indianapolis City Hosp., after which he retd. to
Ft. Wayne, where he entered the medical profession, occupying the same offices
as his father until the death of the latter, in 1937.  Dr. McKeeman conducts a
general practice of medicine and industrial surgery.  He is a staff mem. of
Joseph's Hosp.  Dr. McKeeman, who is a Republican, served as county coroner
during 1930-1931.  He is a mem. of the following: American Med. Assn.; Ind.
State Med. Assn.; Ft. Wayne (Allen County) Med. Soc.; Beta Theta Pi; Ft. Wayne
Country Club; Ft. Wayne Chapter, Citizens Hist. Assn.; and Third Presbyn Ch.
His favorite recreations are pike and bass fishing.

On Dec. 27, 1926, L.S. McKeeman married Mary Grace Keenan, dau. of Hubert and
Mary (Moffet) Keenan.  Hubert Keenan, who is decd., founded the Keenan Hotel
System.  His widow resides in Ft. Wayne.  Mrs. McKeeman was b. in Scranton,
Penn., May 29, 1908.  She is a mem. of the Catholic Church.  Dr. and Mrs.
McKeeman are the parents of 3 children, all of whom were born in Ft. Wayne:
Leland Stanford, Jr., b. Nov. 20, 1927.  He is attending sch. in Ft. Wayne.
Grace Joan, b. Aug. 29, 1930.  She also is a student in Ft. Wayne.  (3) Mary
Ellen, b. Sept. 18, 1935.  The McKeeman family residence is located in the
country, near Ft. Wayne.

Jane Hunter Hodgson
Tucson, Arizona

Virgil Bonjour, Allen County Indiana Biography

Virgil R. Bonjour

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Thursday, November 19, 1987

Virgil R. Bonjour, 74, died at 1:45 p.m. Tuesday at Lawton Nursing Home. A lifelong Allen County resident, he formerly owned the Bonjour Garbage Service. Surviving are three sons, Rolland L. and Earl E., both of Fort Wayne, and Virgil R. jr., of Cincinatti; three daughters, Barbara Wyme, of Harrison Ohio, Diana Wymer, of Fayetteville, N.C., and Karen Creager, of Windham, Ohio; four brothers, Maurice and Louis, both of Fort Wayne, Howard, of Montpelier, and James, of Tucson, Ariz.; four sisters, Opal Tenny and Doris Evans, both of Avilla, and Viola Drabenspott, of Warsaw; and 14 grandchildren. Services pending for Friday at Tom Mungovan Funeral Home, 2221 S.Calhoun St.; calling 6 to 8 p.m. today.

Deb Murray