CHARLES MCCULLOCH. During the period of three-quarters of a century, Charles McCulloch, banker, born and reared in his home city, has witnessed the growth of the place from a frontier village to a municipality of metropolitan proportions. In this same period Mr. McCulloch, passing from the years of childhood to maturity, has ever stood as a loyal, active element in the making of the greater Fort Wayne of today Indiana's second city. Born during the period of the building of the Wabash and Erie canal, he was a child of three years when traffic on this great artificial waterway, with Fort Wayne as the center of activity, was opened between Lake Erie and the Ohio river. During his youth the first railroads were built , connecting Fort Wayne with Chicago and the East. The memory of these early days of development remains clear in the mind of Mr. McCulloch and much written history of the period has received the light of his reminiscent reviews of conditions of former times. The father of Charles McCulloch Judge Hugh McCulloch was ever an inspiration to the son in the accomplishment of high ideals. Rising from the plane of a frontier village lawyer and banker to the loftiest place of trust in the nation's world of finance, Hugh McCulloch became the man to whom was entrusted the responsible task of steering the Ship of State through troublous financial waters during the period of the Civil War and the succeeding days of reconstruction. Hugh McCulloch came to Fort Wayne on horseback in the spring of 1833. He had just completed a course in law and had chosen Fort Wayne as a likely place for the practice of his profession. His services as judge of the probate court of Allen county were cut short by his appointment in 1835, as the cashier of the Fort Wayne branch of the State Bank of Indiana. With the reorganization of the Bank of the State of Indiana he was elected to serve as the president of the central institution. In 1863, Salmon P. Chase, secretary of the treasury of the United States, summoned Judge McCulloch to the national capital and offered him the office of the first comptroller of the currency of the United States. The acceptance and the appointment by President Lincoln followed. Mr. McCulloch's successful method of organizing the newly created department and the national banking system, by which the state banks throughout the Union were superseded by national banks, has given him the appellation of "the father of the national banking system." In the formation of his second cabinet President Lincoln selected Judge McCulloch as secretary of the treasury, in which position, during the succeeding administration of President Johnson, he cop0ed successfully with the nation's financial problems during the period of reconstruction, and he served in the same position in the cabinet of President Arthur. In 1870, Judge McCulloch went to London, England, as the resident and managing partner of Jay Cook, McCulloch and Company. Judge McCulloch was born in Kennebunk, Maine, in 1808. His marriage with Sarah Man was solemnized in Fort Wayne. Charles McCulloch was born in Fort Wayne September 3, 1840. For a period he was under the instruction of a private tutor and later graduated from the Fort Wayne public schools. During his youth and early manhood he became closely connected with the banking business since the family residence was connected with the original building in which the branch bank was located at the southwest corner of East Main and Clinton streets. Under the instruction of his father he early acquired a taste for the line of effort which had marked the success of Judge McCulloch. Mr. McCulloch served as the president of the Hamilton bank and its successor, the Hamilton National bank, his connection dating from 1874. The original private banding house of Allen Hamilton and Company was founded in 1853 by Allen Hamilton, Hugh McCulloch and Jesse L. Williams. Upon the reorganization of the institution in 1874, Charles McCulloch was elected president. The merging of the institution into the Hamilton National bank took place in November, 1879, and the final reorganization occurred in 1899. The institution was blessed with a history of prosperity and soundness which gave it a high place among the banking institutions of the middle west. On the 7th of April, 1917, the Hamilton National bank was merged with the First National bank, the combined institution assuming the name First and Hamilton National bank. Mr. McCulloch has always been interested in public affairs. Independent in politics, he has given the weight of his support in all instances in which his judgment pointed to a man or a principle which would best serve the people. He served as a member of the board of trustees which established and constructed the original municipal waterworks plant which has developed into the present valuable property. The city council took initial action in the matter of the waterworks plant in the spring of 1876, when a lively controversy raged over the proposition to secure the water supply from the abandoned Wabash and Erie canal feeder, connecting with the St. Joseph river. The plans prepared by J.D. Cook, of Toledo, Ohio, in 1879, were adopted by a popular election of 3,094 to 561, and the application of these plans formed the foundation of the present system in which Mr. McCulloch took a prominent part. The initial cost of the system was $236,865. The first deep wells were sunk in 1888. At later periods Mr. McCulloch served two terms as a member of the city council. Mr. McCulloch is a member of Fort Wayne lodge of Masons and a Thirty-second degree member of the Scottish Rite body. He is a member of the Commercial Club and of the Fort Wayne Country Club. On the 20th of June, 1865, Mr. McCulloch was united in marriage with Miss Sada F. Ross, daughter of John and Clara Ross, of Vincennes, Indiana. To this union was born one son, John Ross McCulloch, now vice-president of the First and Hamilton National bank. Some time following the death of Mrs. McCulloch Charles McCulloch was united in marriage with Miss Ada Willison, of Beloit, Wisconsin. One son Fred H. McCulloch, treasurer of the Electrical Supply and Fixture Company, was born of this union. The present Mrs. McCulloch was formerly Mrs. Lucy L. Phillips. The family home, located at the corner of West Wayne and Ewing streets, was secured a few years ago by the congregation of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, after which Mr. McCulloch established a new modern home immediately adjoining the property on the north.

Submitted by Jane Hodgson

FRED H. MCCULLOCH, treasurer and manager of the Electric Supply and Fixture Company, Fort Wayne, is a popular representative of one of the old and honored families of this city, where his paternal grandfather settled about three-fourths of a century ago, when the future metropolis of Allen county was but a village in the midst of a section of Indiana that was in the pioneer stage of civic and material development. He whose name initiates this paragraph was born at what is now 336 East Berry street, Fort Wayne, and the date of his nativity was July 22, 1884. He is a son of Charles and Ada (Willison) McCulloch, the former of whom was born at Fort Wayne on September 3, 1840, and the latter at Massillon, Stark county, Ohio, in 1850. On other pages of this work is entered a review of the career and genealogy of Charles McCulloch, and thus it is unnecessary to repeat the data in the present article. Fred H. McCulloch is indebted to the public schools of Fort Wayne for his early educational discipline, and he took a five-year course in the Hill School, Pottstown, Pennsylvania. At the age of nineteen years he entered the Sheffield Scientific School of historic old Yale University and in this institution completed a thorough course in mechanical engineering. He was graduated as a member of the class of 1907 and received the degree of Bachelor of Philosophy. His initial experience of a practical order was gained in the Fort Wayne machine shops of the Western Gas Construction Company and later served as a messenger in the Hamilton National bank of this city. Upon leaving this position he became treasurer of the Wayne Steel Refrigerator Company, with which he continued his connection until 19909, when he assumed his present position of treasurer and manger of the Electric Supply and Fixture Company, of Fort Wayne, which has developed under his able and progressive supervision into a substantial business that makes it a valuable addition to the industrial and commercial activities of Fort Wayne. Mr. McCulloch naturally takes lively and loyal interred in all things pertaining to the welfare and advancement of his native city, is a Democrat in his political allegiance and is an active member of the local Commercial Club and the Rotary Club. In a professional way he holds membership in the American Illuminating Engineering Society and in his fraternal relations is affiliated with the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, the Rejuvenated Sons of Jove, and the Loyal Order of Moose. He is a ;member of the Fort Wayne Country Club, and his wife holds membership in the First Presbyterian church, in which he is a member of the Men's Club. On October 16, 1907, was solemnized the marriage of Mr. McCulloch to Miss Alice Foster, daughter of Samuel M. and Margaret (Harrison) Foster, of Fort Wayne, and the one child of this union is Betty Foster McCulloch, born September 5, 1908.

Submitted by Jane Hodgson

Alexander McKeeman

 7 Apr 1867 Born to David & Margaret (McConahey) McKeeman, Allen Co, IN
23 Mar 1876 Brother John drowned
24 May 1876 Father died
            Married Emily Merillat
       1894 Emily born
23 Nov 1894 Hazel Pearl born, Hoagland, Allen County, Indiana
   Sep 1896 Gladys born
       1900 Census, Monroe Township, Adams County, Indiana
25 Oct 1903 Alvin Cornelius born
1910 Census Fort Wayne, IN 2018 Hanna St.
       1914 Majorie Marie born
25 Apr 1949 Died at 4410 South Park, Fort Wayne, Indiana, buried at Odd
            Fellows Cemetery, New Haven, Indiana


1. Hazel Pearl
2. Gladys I
3. Alvin Cornelius
4. Marjorie Marie

Descendants of Alexander MCKEEMAN

Generation No. 1

born 07 April 1867 in Hoagland, Allen County, Madison Township, Indiana,
and died 25 April 1949 in New Haven, Allen County, Madison Township,
Indiana.  He married EMILY MARGARET MERILLAT in Indiana, daughter of

        i.  HAZEL PEARL5 MCKEEMAN, b. 23 November 1894, Hoagland, Allen
County, Madison Township, Indiana; d. 08 December 1909, Fort Wayne,         Allen
County, Indiana.
    ii. GLADYS I. MCKEEMAN, b. September 1896; m. WILLIAM PARKER.
    iii.    ALVIN CORNELIUS MCKEEMAN, b. 12 July 1902, Fort Wayne, Allen
County, Indiana; d. July 1984, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.
    iv. MARJORIE MARIE MCKEEMAN, b. 1914; d. 01 April 1972, Fort Wayne,
Allen County, Wayne Township, Indiana; m. JOHN SIMMERS.


State of Indiana         File Box 301
Allen County

Jennie Dauer
Jennie A. McKeeman
Administratrix of
the Estate of David
McKeeman, Deceased

Margaret S. McKeeman, Sr.
Jennie McKeeman
now Jennie Dower
Maria C. Whyburn          Allen Circuit
Margaret McKeeman                Court
Nancy Mercer
James McKeeman
William McKeeman
Isabel B. McKeeman
Alexander McKeeman
Eliza E. McKeeman         April 1882 Trus
David C. McKeeman
Robert B. McKeeman

  They also had a daughter, Hazel, who died at the age of 12 of congestive
heart failure.  Alex owned and operated a grocery store on Broadway in Fort
Wayne near Robert's medical office.

CHURCH  (age 28)

Third Presbyterian Church Records, Fort Wayne, IN
5  May 1895 Received
25 Apr 1949 Deceased


Maryellen Hower's Book:

Alexander, born 7 April 1867
Married Emily Merillat
Died, 25 April 1949
 Hazel Pearl, born 23 Nov 1894 died 8 Dec 1909
 Gladys married William Parker
 Marjorie Marie born 1914 died 1 Apr 1972
  married John Simmers
   Mrs. Robert Snow, Indianapolis
   Dr. Udell Simmers, Neosho, MO

PLAT MAP  (age 30)

1897 Plat Map shows McKeeman farm in Madison Township, Allen County, IN with
part under the name A. McKeeman and part under the name M. McKeeman.  His
mother, Margaret had died earlier.  This is Section 18, the western 1/2 of the
southeast quarter.  A portion of the southwest quarter is under the name H.
Emerick.  The northwest quarter of section 19 directly under this is owned by
J. English.  Part of Section 16 is owned by R. Mercer.  Parts of Sections 29
and 30 are owned by J.W. & D. Emenhiser.  Other neighbors are named Van Horn,
Gresley, Hitzman and Lepper.  The Emerick ditch runs through the McKeeman

Bought share of the property willed to William and Nancy Emenheiser by their
grandmother, Margaret.



1880 Census Allen County, Madison Township, Indiana

Margaret MCKEEMAN F 45 Head House Ireland
Margaret          F 23 D          NY Ire Ire
Jennie            F 21 D School   NY Ire Ire
James             M 17 S Farm     IN Ire Ire
Wm                M 15 S Farm     IN Ire Ire
Isabelle          F 13 D Home     IN Ire Ire
Alexander         M 12 S Farm     IN Ire Ire   (age 12)
Eliza E.          F 10 D Home     IN Ire Ire
David C.          M  8 S          IN Ire Ire
Robert B.         M  6 S          IN Ire Ire
Stephan McConaha  M 25   Laborer  OH Ire OH



1900 Federal Soundex Indiana

McKeeman, Alexander
Apr 1867  33 Indiana    (age 33)
Adams        Monroe Twp
McKeeman, Emily     Feb 1874  26 IN
          Hazel P.  Nov 1894   5 IN
          Glades I. Sep 1896   3 IN


V 1 ED 6  SH 11 LN 8

    Emily M Wife W F Feb 26 M 6 2 2 IN SWI SWI Y Y Y
    Hazle P Daughter W F Nov 1874 5 S IN IN IN
    Glades I Daughter W F Sept 1896 3 S IN IN IN


McKeeman, Alberta opr C C Tel Co b 2903 Harrison
McKeeman, Alexander agt 2913 Hanna
McKeeman, David C. foreman Penn Co h 2811 Barr
McKeeman, Robert B phys 1608 Calhoun h 2022 Broadway
McKeeman, Wm car bldr Penn Co 2903 Harrison


McKeeman, Alexander Head M W 45 M1 16 IN IRE IRE Eng Agent Rail
    Emily M. Wife F W 36 M1 16 3 2 IN Ger US Eng
    Gladys I Daughter F W 13 S IN IN IN Eng
    Alvin Son M W 7 S IN IN IN


McKeeman Alberta clk rurode's b 2903 Harrison
McKeeman Alexander agt 2913 Hanna
McKeeman David C foreman Penn Co h 2811 Barr
McKeeman Robert B phys 133 E Berry h 2020 Broadway
McKeeman Wm carp Penn Co 2903 Harrison


1902 Fort Wayne City Directory
McKeeman, Alexander, Madison Hoagland

1903 Fort Wayne City Directory
McKeeman, Alexander, Marion, Hoagland

1904 Fort Wayne City Directory
McKeeman, Alexander, helper h 2802 Force

1904 Fort Wayne City Directory
McKeeman, Alex Marion, Hoagland

1905 Fort Wayne City Directory
McKeeman, Alexander real estate h 2802 Force

1907 Fort Wayne City Directory
McKeeman, Alexander real estate h 2802 Force

1908 Fort Wayne City Directory
McKeeman, Alexander, real est, h 2913 Hanna


1910 Census Allen County, Indiana

2913 Hanna St.

25 25

McKeeman, Alexander 43 IN IRE IRE Real estate agent  (age 43)
          Emily M. 36 IN SCOT US
          Gladys I. 13 IN IN IN
          Alvin 7 IN IN IN


1920 Federal Census Fort Wayne, Wayne Twp., Allen County, IN

MCKEEMAN, Alexander Head 52 IN IN IN Grocer Own store  (age 52)
          Emily     Wife 45 IN IN IN
          Alvin     Son  17 IN IN IN
          Marjorie  Dtr   6 IN IN IN

1928 Living in Fort Wayne when sister Ellen died.


1943 Fort Wayne City Directory
McKeeman, Alex (Emily M) h4410 John

NEWSPAPER      (age 82)

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Tuesday, April 26, 1949

  Alexander McKeeman, 82, died at 1:30 am Monday at his home 4410 South Park
Drive, following a short illness.
  Survivors include his wife, Emily, two daughters Mrs. William Parker and
John W. Summers, both of Fort Wayne, a son Alvin, Fort Wayne, nine
grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.
  The body was taken to the D.O. McComb & Sons Funeral Home where friends may
call after 4 pm today.
  Services will be held at 2 pm Thursday at the funeral home with the Rev.
MacDanel officiating.  Burial will be in the IOOF Cemetery at New Haven.
Submitted by: Jane Hunter Hodgson
Tucson, Arizona

Celestine Bonjour
Fort Wayne News Sentinel, July 21, 1930

Mrs. Celestine Bonjour, aged 84, a lifelong resident of Jackson Township, succumbed to senility and complications this morning about 6:30 o'clock at the home of a son, Eugene Bonjour, in Jackson Township. The son lives on the old Bonjour homestead where Mrs. Bonjour had resided for many years.

Surviving besides the son are a daughter, Mrs. Ernestine Coonrod, 23 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews. The body was removed to the Harper Funeral Parlors at New Haven and will be returned to the home of the son Tuesday morning.

Funeral services will be held Wednesday morning at 8:30 o'clock at the St. Louis Catholic Church at Besancon. The Rev. L. Nicholas Allgeir will officiate. Burial in the church cemetery.

Danny Wayne Bonjour
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Tuesday, March 15, 1949

The Rev. A. Hunter Colpitts will officiate at funeral services for Danny Wayne Bonjour, four-month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Bonjour, 1151 South Lafayette Street, at 11:15 a.m. Wednesday.

The services will be held at the D. O. McComb & Sons Funeral Home. The child died at 1:28 a.m. Monday at the Methodist Hospital.

Survivors include the parents; a brother, Roland, at home, and three grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hart, Fort Wayne, and Mrs. Nellie Bonjour, Montpelier.

Friends may call at the funeral home after noon today. Burial will be in Scipio Cemetery.

Flora Jane Holden

1893 Jan 3 Born in Chicago IL to James Boyd Hunter and Eva Nellie Holden
    born at home 1170 Washington Blvd
    Attended Pillsbury Academy for four years
1911 Living with mother at 2627 Holton Ave. Fort Wayne, IN teacher
1912 Living with mother at 2627 Holton Ave. Fort Wayne, IN teacher
1913 Living with mother at 2627 Holton Ave. Fort Wayne, IN teacher
1914 Living with mother at 2545 Maple Place Fort Wayne, IN teacher
1914 Married Arthur Laudel of Excelsior Springs, MO
    Son Arthur born (only child)
    Lived for rest of life in Kansas City, Clay County, MO
1980 July Died in Kansas City, Clay County, MO

Descendants of Flora Jane "Jane" HUNTER

Generation No. 1

was born 03 January 1893 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, and died 01
July 1980 in Kansas City, Clay County, Missouri.  She married ARTHUR LAUDEL
20 May 1914, son of ARTHUR LAUDEL.

        i.  ARTHUR5 LAUDEL.


Sarah Jane Hunter, b. Jan. 3, 1893; attended Pillsbury Academy four years; m.
May 20, 1914, Arthur Laudell, b. at Excelsior Springs, Mo., 1885. A member of
the American League and is a realtor in Kansas City, Mo.


Birth Certificate Cook County, Illinois
F, 1st child of this mother, Jan. 3rd 1893, 2 p.m.
Place of birth 1170 Washington Bd
Residence of mother same
Father Nationality: Canada London, age 32
Mother Nationality: USA Findlay, OH, age 19
Mother Eva N. Hunter
Maiden Name: Eva N. Holden
Father Jas B. Hunter Occupation: Furniture manufacturer
Attendants: Mrs. Hunter, 1170 Washington
January 7th, 1893  J.J. Alderson, M.D., 259 W 12th St.


206 Gladys Ave.

Hunter,  Eva U           26 July 1873 OH                   (age 27)
         Flora J.         7 Jan 1893  IL
         Frederick A.    4 Feb 1896  IL
         Hamilton         2 Nov 1897  IL
Siddall, Mary I.         44 Mar 1856  OH  (Eva's aunt, daughter of Jos.


1911  Hunter, Jennie, teacher, 2627 Holton Ave.
1912, Hunter, Jane, teacher, h 2627 Holton av.
1913, Hunter, Jane, h 2629 Holton av.
1914, Hunter, Jane, h 2545 Maple pl.
1916, no listing
1933  Living at Kansas City, Mo. when mother died
1938  Living at Kansas City, Mo.


  LAUDEL, FLORA 488-68-3489 (MO) b. 03 Jan 1893 d. Jul 1980
lr. 64114 (Kansas City, Clay, MO)

Jane Hunter Hodgson
Tucson, Arizona

Frederick Bonjour
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Tuesday, November 4, 1901

Loaded Shot Gun in the Hands of His Brother, Eugene, Severs the Jugular Vein-His Parents in This City at the Time.

Frederick Bonjour, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bonjour, of near Zulu, was shot and instantly killed at his home Saturday morning, about 6:30 by the accidental discharge of a shot gun in the hands of his brother, Eugene. His death was instantaneous, as he uttered no sound after the terrible accident, the only sign of life manifested afterward being the opening and shutting of his eyes as he lay weltering in his own blood.

Mr. and Mrs. Bonjour had risen early in the morning and came to this city to market. About 6 o'clock the sons arose, the sisters being still in bed. Upon the porch stood two guns, both of which were supposed to be empty, as they had not been used in a long time, and no one knows when or by whom one of them was loaded. One of the boys made the proposition that the guns be carried up stairs, and in compliance with this, Eugene went to the porch, picked up the two guns, and putting both under one arm, with the muzzles pointing in front oh him, started to carry them up stairs. As he passed through the door into the kitchen, In some manner the hammer of one of them struck against the door jamb, or caught upon something, and was discharged.

It so happened that the brother Frederick, was in range of the weapon, and the entire charge of buck shot entered his neck, shattering it and severing the jugular vein, and then lodged in the wall. The injured man fell to the floor without a groan, and was dead before the terrified members of his family could realize what had happened.

The parents were informed by telegraph of what had happened, and hastened home. The family is one of the most highly respected of Allen county, and the entire neighborhood greatly deplores the tragedy by which the young man was brought to an untimely end.

Coroner Barnett was notified of the accident and went at once to the scene. The brother in whose hand the gun was discharged was almost crazed with sorrow, but no possible blame can attach to him, as the discharge was manifestly accidental.

Deb Murray