JONAS A. PALMER. A resident of Blackford county for a period of thirty-five years, Jonas A. Palmer has been continuously identified with the interests of this part of the state, and since 1885 has been located at Dundee, Roll P. O., where he is now the owner of a flourishing hardware business. A man of progressive and enterprising spirit, he has contributed to the growth and development of his community in various ways, and his record as a business man and a citizen is such as to entitle him to the respect and confidence of his fellow-citizens, and to a place among the real builders of the county. Mr. Palmer was born on a farm in Jackson township, Wells county, Indiana, October 26, 1858, and is a son of John Wesley and Catherine A. (Griffith) Palmer.

Jacob Palmer, the great-grandfather of Jonas A. Palmer, was born in Virginia, and was there married to Elizabeth Riser, of Ireland, their children being all born in the Old Dominion state. In 1828 the family emigrated to Ohio and settled in Perry county, near the town of Thornville, and there Jacob and Elizabeth (Riser) Palmer passed away. They were the parents of six sons and two daughters, the oldest child being Samuel Palmer, the grandfather of Jonas A. Palmer. Samuel Palmer was born in Berkeley county, Virginia, December 27, 1809, and died at Dundee (Roll P. O.), Blackford county, Indiana, January 3, 1901, at the age of ninety-one years, seven days. On April 13, 1832, Samuel Palmer was married to Sarah Fox, daughter of John and Mary Fox, a resident of Perry county, Ohio, and their first home after marriage was in Walnut township, Fairfield county, Ohio. Four children were born to them in that county. Eliza Ann, born October 26, 1832, married February 12, 1852, Jonas H. Lee, born April 2, 1829, and she died May 11, 1889, while he passed away June 13, 1894, their twelve children being, - Samuel P., born April 2, 1853, died December 20, 1889; Margaret, born November 29, 1854; Sarah E., born September 23, 1856, died April 5, 1859; Evangeline, born November 22, 1858; Hezekiah, born December 3, 1860, died May 24, 1905; Ida and Ada, twins, born October 16, 1863; Mary E. L., born December 19, 1864, died September 6, 1904; Dora, born October 28, 1868, died January 21, 1869; Cora, born October 28, 1869, died August 14, 1871, and Nora, born March 28, 1872, died August 23, 1872; John Wesley, the father of Jonas A. Palmer, born March 8, 1834; Jacob Palmer, born January 13, 1836, married April 12, 1858, Elizabeth Brumbaugh, who was born March 8, 1841, and their ten children were, - Henry S., born November 17, 1858; Frederick, born October 30, 1860, and died at Huntington, Indiana, October 30, 1860; Jacob M., born August 9, 1863; Sarah E., born December 28, 1865; Rebecca, born October 14, 1867; Catherine C., born October 3, 1871; Samuel H., born May 22, 1874; Mary E., born December 28, 1876; William D., born March 1, 1878, and Neoma M., born August 11, 1884; and Elizabeth, born December 18, 1837, and died in 1875. In the year 1839 the family emigrated to Indiana and settled in Jackson township, Wells county. Mr. Palmer resided there for forty years, when he sold his farm to William Banter, his son-in-law, who now owns the property. Six children were born in Wells county, as follows: Joseph Granton Vanhorn, born June 12, 1840, died October 14, 1846; Mary Magdaline, born August 10, 1842, married August 20, 1862, William Banter, born August 10, 1832, and their eight children were, - Jacob H., born March 5, 1863, died in the same year; Samuel Ellis, born May 19, 1865; John W., born March 5, 1867; Sarah E., born May 27, 1869; Eliza S., born February 22, 1871; Ida A., born June 19, 1874, died October 6, 1889; two infants, born February 12, 1880, died the same day; and Maggie Lee (a girl raised), born November 8, 1883, died April 30, 1906; Samuel Hamilton, born April 15, 1845, married February 9, 1865, Elizabeth Lee, who was born June 5, 1845, and their seven children were, - Rosella, born February 12, 1866, died October 1, 1872; John W., born August 17, 1868; Susannah, born February 3, 1872; Hettie W., born March 10, 1875; Manford E., born November 4, 1877, died May 14, 1879; Hanford, born November 4, 1877, died August 22, 1879; and Nellie B., born September 17, 1883; Susannah Annelsley, born July 10, 1847, married April 19, 1866, Thomas Hunt, who was born November 22, 1840, and their five children were, - Sarah E., born July 23, 1867; Joseph W., born February 14, 1870; Mary A., born October 1, 1872; Samuel T. G., born March 2, 1874; and John C., born March 22, 1884, and the father of these children died December 5, 1903; Daniel, born August 26, 1853, died January 26, 1854; and Sarah Jane Griffith, born May 3, 1851, married September 4, 1870, Benjamin B. Ely, who was born May 11, 1848, and their nine children were,-Rosa Zetta, born July 30, 1871; William F., born December 8, 1872; Charles A., born April 28, 1874, died March 4, 1876; Carie A., born October 4, 1876, died March 24, 1881; Minnie M., born February 7, 1878, died March 26, 1881; Loye E., born November 22, 1880, died April 11, 1881; Fred B., born December 7, 1884; Georgia C., born November 19, 1888; and Ruth Palmer, born July 30, 1892.

On February 16, 1879, Sarah (Fox) Palmer died in the faith of the Methodist Episcopal church, with which she and her husband had united during the early years of their married life and of which they had remained faithful and consistent members. On September 1, 1881, Samuel Palmer was again married, his wife being Mrs. Lucy Stout, who survives him. Of his posterity there are now living three daughters, two sons, fifty-nine grandchildren, ninety great-grandchildren, and six great-great-grandchildren. There are nineteen grandchildren, twenty-two great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild dead. There are also living a host of relatives whose ancestors emigrated with him from Ohio and settled near him in Indiana, and whose posterity has helped to develop this country from a wilderness state and make it blossom like a rose. "Uncle Sam" Palmer, as he was called and generally known, will long be remembered by all his posterity who revere his honorable life, worthy acts and length of years. In the future history of the pioneers of this country, his name will receive honorable mention as an actor in the stirring days which tried men's souls and tested the metal of which they were made. He died at Dundee, Roll P. O., January 3, 1901, aged ninety-one years, seven days. In political matters he was a democrat throughout his life.

Following is given a record of the descendants of Samuel and Sarah Palmer, as compiled by his grandson, Jonas A. Palmer. Samuel P. Lee, grandson of Samuel Palmer, was married November 22, 1882, to Neomi McElvaine, and died December 20, 1889, his widow surviving and residing at No. 35 Mechanic street, Shelbyville, Indiana, and is now Mrs. Feidler. Margaret Lee, granddaughter of Samuel Palmer, was born November 29, 1854, married November 4, 1875, to William Sunderman, who was born March 14, 1852, and their eight children were: Eliza Christina, born July 30, 1876, married March 15, 1898, to Jacob Voght, who was born December 9, 1868, their children being,-Earl A., born June 6, 1899, Thelma, born January 28, 1900, died August 10, 1900, Emma M., born March 2, 1901, Louis E., born December 5, 1903, Edward C., born August 22, 1904, and Wilber, born March 24, 1906; Jonas T. D., born Mary 7, 1880, resides at Andrews, Indiana, married Emma Britton; Mary E. C., born November 21, 1882, died November 12, 1900; William A., born November 29, 1883, married August, 1905, to Mabel Cullison, born September 28, 1886; Ida C., born May 17, 1885; Flora Etta, born April 19, 1887, married June 29, 1907, Samuel DeWitt Weeks, born May 8, 1887; Louis H., born February 15, 1891, and Nora A., born April 28, 1894.

Evangeline Lee, granddaughter of Samuel Palmer, was married November 4, 1875, to William Whitestine, who was born November 25, 1856, and died December 9, 1895, their children being: Samuel Orville, born January 22, 1878, died January 1, 1902; Chester, born January 5, 1884; and Bertie, born September 8, 1887. In August, 1889, Mrs. Whitestine married Arnold Feller, and now resides at Greeley, Colorado. Hezekiah Lee, grandson of Samuel Palmer was married June 17, 1893, to Louise Morse, and died May 24, 1905, his wife passing away January 26, 1904, and their children were Herbert Palmer, born June 26, 1894, and Horace Morse, born May 4, 1896, both of Los Angles, California. Ida Lee, granddaughter of Samuel Palmer, was married April 15, 1888, to Henry Plum, who was born September 2, 1861, and they have one son, Bernard, born June 27, 1893. They reside at 24 Douglas street, Hammond, Indiana. Ada Lee, granddaughter of Samuel Palmer, married November 22, 1890, George McCartney, born January 8, 1855, resides at Huntington, Indiana, and has one son, Ray A., born January 29, 1893. Mary E. L. Lee, granddaughter of Samuel Palmer, married March 8, 1883, William D. Cole, born January 10, 1858, and they resided at Andrew, Indiana, and had two children: Anna Dale, born January 19, 1884, and Archie Edwin, born November 1, 1887. The mother died September 6, 1904. William Lee, grandson of Samuel Palmer, married October 7, 1892, Arvilla Rhodes, and they had two children: Arthur R., born August 23, 1894, and Earl B., born June 5, 1896. Mr. Lee married July 4, 1904, Johany L. Nail, who was born January 9, 1884, and they had two children, Ila D., born July 23, 1905, and Gilla E., born June 22, 1907, and they reside at Junction, Arizona.

Sarah C. Palmer, granddaughter of Samuel Palmer, was born January 24, 1863, and married Addison S. Woodard, June 28, 1881, he being born December 1, 1861, and they now reside at Van Buren, Indiana. Their children are as follows: Eber, born February 19, 1882, died February 18, 1888; Chester E., born October 22, 1885, married November 26, 1905, to Pearl E. Massey, born June 24, 1883, and resides near Van Buren, Indiana; Nora B., born November 9, 1887; Ida B., born April 14, 1900; and an infant, born June 7, 1901, died June 18, 1901. Clarence A. Palmer, grandson of Samuel Palmer, married Bertha Glein, who was born June 18, 1877, and died May 24, 1895, and they had one daughter, Elsie, born May 24, 1895. On October 18, 1906, Mr. Palmer married Pearl Richey, who was born October 22, 1880, and they reside at Roll, Indiana.

Henry S. Palmer, grandson of Samuel Palmer, was married to Clara Tomson, December 10, 1880, she being born June 17, 1858, and they had one daughter, Jessie M., born August 21, 1883, married October 16, 1907, to E. E. Cullers, of Bluffton, Indiana. Sarah E. Palmer, granddaughter of Samuel Palmer, was married March 6, 1887, to George W. Paul, who was born May 3, 1860, and they reside at Huntington, Indiana, and have had the following children: an infant, born August 4, 1888, and died August 6, 1888; Naomi Grace, born October 16, 1889; Herman W., born June 18, 1891; William E., born January 10, 1893, died April 24, 1893; Jacob H., born April 8, 1894; Mary L., born October 2, 1898, died December 3, 1898; and Palmer S., born September 8, 1901. Rebecca Palmer, granddaughter of Samuel Palmer, was born October 14, 1867, and married August 8, 1891, to Levi Hendricks, who was born August 9, 1863. They reside at Huntington, Indiana, and have one son, Milo, born December 11, 1893. Catherine E. Palmer, granddaughter of Samuel Palmer, was married March 28, 1891, to Frank P. Emley, born October 4, 1863. They reside at Huntington, Indiana, and have two sons: Palmer T., born July 24, 1895, and W. Dale, born February 9, 1902. Samuel H. Palmer, grandson of Samuel Palmer, was married March 20, 1900, to Effie E. Treel, born November 26, 1874. They reside at Huntington, Indiana, and have had three children: Carl R., born March 22, 1901; Mary L., born November 12, 1902; and Howard W., born June 20, 1905. Mary E. Palmer, granddaughter of Samuel Palmer, was married March 7, 1896, to Aaron Shidler, born November 11, 1869. They reside at Huntington, Indiana, and have had three children: Nancy E., born July 6, 1898, died October 12, 1898; Rose Marie, born December 14, 1899; and Jacob Aaron, born February 2, 1908. William D. Palmer, grandson of Samuel Palmer, was married November 24, 1903, to Catherine Tuhey, born April 23, 1877. They reside at Huntington, Indiana, and have two children: Eugene W., born October 24, 1904; and Arthur Francis, born September 24, 1906. Neoma M. Palmer, granddaughter of Samuel Palmer, was married December 23, 1905, to Otto Fulton, born November 8, 1883, and they reside at Huntington, Indiana, and have two children: George C., born June 29, 1906, and Charles C., born April 25, 1908.

Samuel Ellis Banter, grandson of Samuel Palmer, was married January 1, 1887, to Clara B. Rice, born November 17, 1869, and they reside at Roll, Indiana, and have had four children: Samuel Carl, born November 22, 1887; Charles F., born July 28, 1889, and died July 11, 1890; William O., born February 26, 1891; and Ralph, born November 23, 1902. Eliza S. Banter, granddaughter of Samuel Palmer, was married November 24, 1896, to William N. Risinger, born August 31, 1864, and they reside at Roll, Indiana, and have had two children: William Bernard, born July 16, 1902, died September 9, 1904; and Mary, born April 14, 1907. Mr. and Mrs. Risinger are also rearing Neal McBride, born April 15, 1906, son of Maggie Lee.

John W. Palmer, grandson of Samuel Palmer, was married October 18, 1890, to Cora J. Stevenson, born June 9, 1869, and she died November 5, 1893, having been the mother of one daughter, Mabel B., born June 12, 1891. Mr. Palmer married January 25, 1896, Jane J. Cruse, born January 18, 1870, and they reside near Montpelier, Indiana, and have had seven children: Fred, born June 18, 1896; Mary E., born April 19, 1898; Seland, born November 2, 1899; Violet, born April 25, 1901, died August 29, 1901; Ruth, born February 26, 1903; Helen, born March 2, 1905, died March 10, 1905; and Samuel M., born February 17, 1906. Susannah Risinger, granddaughter of Samuel Palmer, was married September 26, 1891, to Walter Ervin Risinger, born February 15, 1867. They reside at Roll, Indiana, and have had five children: Alta B., born March 19, 1892, died August 30, 1901; John W., born January 24, 1894, died January 16, 1895; Oscar B., born November 3, 1895; Samuel D., born December 11, 1898; and Evert D., born March 18, 1906, died March 30, 1906. Hettie Viola Palmer, granddaughter of Samuel Palmer, was married December 21, 1895, to Chancey D. Elwood, born December 6,1872, and they reside near Van Buren, Indiana, and have four children: Howard Francis, born February 12, 1897; Harvey Palmer, born May 1, 1899; Homer Lee, born October 25, 1901; and Hope Delight, born October 31, 1905. Nellie B. Palmer, granddaughter of Samuel Palmer, was married November 1, 1902, to James E. Turner, born July 22, 1882, and they have had four children: Walter H., born February 21, 1904; and three infants, who died on the day of their birth, March 16, 1905, September 3, 1906, and May 24, 1908. Mr. and Mrs. Turner reside at Bridgeport, Illinois.

Sarah E. Hunt, granddaughter of Samuel Palmer, was married November 25,1889, to Samuel N. McNeal, who was born October 15, 1867. They reside at Carpenter, Oklahoma, and have four children: Clarence J., born October 17, 1890; Jennie S., born July 21, 1892; Aurel F., born October 5, 1894; and Marrie E., born April 1, 1903. Joseph W. Hunt, grandson of Samuel Palmer, was born February 14, 1870, married January 14, 1900, Lydia Sanders, who was born September 19, 1880. They reside at Akron, Colorado, and have four children: Letta May, born November 30, 1900; Imogene, born December 2, 1902; David Theodore, born November 21, 1904; and John Rayman, born January 15, 1907. Mary A. Hunt, granddaughter of Samuel Palmer, was married October 22,1890, to John A. Ripley, born October 14, 1868. They reside at Graham, Missouri, and have had eight children: Emmet Virgil, born February 22, 1892; Oren Thomas, born November 7, 1893, died May 22, 1895; Ethel Margaret, born April 10, 1895; John William, born March 21, 1898; Alma Masia, born July 5, 1900; Susan Elizabeth, born May 1902; Fay Alice, born April 24, 1904; and Aurel D., born March 26, 1908.

Rosa Zetta Ely, granddaughter of Samuel Palmer, was married March 2, 1899, to W. C. Heminger, who was born August 25, 1868, and they reside at Montpelier, Indiana, and have two children: Charles W., born April 1, 1900; and Paul V., born January 30, 1904. William Franklin Ely, grandson of Samuel Palmer, was married July 16, 1893, to Ella Loretta Sills, who was born December 9, 1875. They reside at Montpelier, Indiana, and have seven children: Rilla C., born October 27, 1894; William Benjamin, born October 15, 1896; Earl Curtis, born February 16, 1899; Ralph Sills, born February 20, 1901; George Earnest, born July 31, 1903; Harry Orval, born August 23, 1905; and Russel Palmer, born May 7, 1908. Fred B. Ely, grandson of Samuel Palmer, was married May 27, 1907, to Elsie E. Petzold, born at South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, September 16, 1888, and they now reside at Montpelier, Indiana.

Since the foregoing statistics were gathered, the following supplementary notes have been obtained. Ruth, daughter of J. W. Hunt, born January 27, 1909. Mildred Catherine, daughter of J. W. Hunt, born February 3, 1910. Ruth died February 26, 1909. John Raymond died March 28, 1909. Burr J. Palmer married Lena F. Gebhart, August 12, 1908, she was born December 16, 1890. Arnold Feller died September 22, 1907, and his wife married March 3, 1909, Willis S. Eavens, born February 19, 1849, and they reside at Greeley, Colorado. Jacob M. Palmer died February 13, 1909, and Jacob Palmer, April 22, 1909. Born to Samuel H, and Effie E. Palmer, Elizabeth A., June 8, 1909. Luella Irene, wife of Chester Whitestine, married March 1, 1902, born September 28, 1870, resides at Denver, Colorado, and has three children: Ester Alberta, born November 25, 1902; Grace Mildred, born November 30, 1903, died August 19, 1904; and Olive Vera, born May 21, 1906. Grace (Donlson) Whitestine, wife of Bert S. Whitestine, born August 20, 1886, married January 10, 1909. Robert Gale, born March 10, 1910. Leota E. and Lena E., daughters of Walton I. And Susannah Risinger, born December 1, 1909. Grace Paul married Pearl L. Farrar, born October 13, 1887, resides at Huntington, and has one son: Arthur Paul, born August 5, 1910. DeWitt and Emma Weeks have two children: Sumner William, born July 1, 1908, and Violet, born November 2, 1909. Tena and Jacob Vought have a son, Wilhelm, born May 13, 1909; William and Mabel Sunderman have two children: Charles William, born December 25, 1908, and Wilbert Lee, born February 15, 1910. William and Johany L. Lee have a daughter, Greta, born in 1909. William and Catherine Palmer have a daughter, Catherine Marie Alice, born June 6, 1910. Mabel B. Palmer married Dwight L. Elwood, born August 24, 1878. John W. and J. Palmer have two children: Cecil William, born August 16, 1909, and Evert Cleo, born July 25, 1910. Nellie B. and James E. Turner had one daughter: Gertrude, born September 21, 1909, and died September 30, 1909. Clarence A., and Peal Palmer had one child: Merrit, born October 19, 1909. William F. and Ella L. Ely had one child: Gladys Marie, born June 15, 1910. Fred B. and Elsie L. Ely had one child: Elvina Ruth, born December 24, 1909.

John Wesley Palmer, father of Jonas A. Palmer, and first son and second child of Samuel and Sarah (Fox) Palmer, was born March 8, 1834, in Fairfield county, Ohio, and died February 2, 1889. He was five years of age when he came with his parents to Wells county, Indiana, and here was married February 24, 1856, to Catherine A. Griffith, who was born February 8, 1838, in Ohio, daughter of Eli and Mary Griffith, of the Buckeye state, who came as early settlers to Jackson township, Wells county, spending the remaining years of their lives on the farm which they improved. They were consistent members of the Universalist church, and Mr. Griffith was a democrat in his political views. After their marriage, John Wesley Palmer and his wife settled down to farming in Jackson township, and there the father passed away after a long career spent in agricultural pursuits. He was a democrat in politics, and was one of his community's prominent and influential men, serving for a number of years as justice of the peace. Both he and his wife early joined the Universalist church and were faithful to that belief during their whole lives. The mother still survives, residing with her son Clarence A., and in spite of her seventy-six years is hale and hearty and alert in mind and active in body. Their children were as follows: Samuel E., born March 23, 1857, who died March 27, 1861; Jonas A., of this review, born October 26, 1858; Mary M., born December 3, 1860, died January 18, 1871; Sarah C., born January 24, 1863; Willis O. D., born February 19, 1865; Rosebud, born April 21, 1870, died July 21, 1870; Clara A., born January 24, 1873, died July 10, 1889; and Clarence A., born April 24, 1876.

Jonas A. Palmer was the second child of his parents and was reared in Jackson township and educated in the district schools. As a youth he gave his attention to farming, but in 1879 came to Dundee and took up blacksmithing, a vocation which he followed until 1885. At that time Mr. Palmer entered mercantile lines and carried on a general merchandise business until March, 1894, when he became a hardware merchant, and has since devoted his energies to the building up of an excellent trade. Through good management and business ability he has met with success in his ventures, and is accounted one of the live, progressive business men of the locality. Since January, 1907, his son, Burr J. Palmer, has been his partner in business. The postoffice at Dundee has been known as Roll Postoffice since 1880 or 1881, and since April 6, 1894, Mr. Palmer has been postmaster at this place. His services have been eminently satisfactory to the people of Dundee, and his unfailing courtesy and obliging manner have won him numerous friends. In political matters, Mr. Palmer is independent, depending upon his own judgment in his choice of public officials. He was the organizer and is a charter member of the local lodge of the Knights of Pythias, was first past chancellor and represented the lodge first in June, 1892. He belongs also to the Blue Lodge and Chapter or the Masonic fraternity, at Hartford City, Indiana, and takes much interest in fraternal work.

Mr. Palmer married in Blackford county, Indiana, Mary Frances Brotherton, June 20, 1885. She was born January 26, 1868, daughter of John T. and Abigail (Rice) Brotherton, prominent and wealthy farming people of Washington township, Blackford county. She died at her home October 10, 1888, in the faith of the Church of God, and left one son, Burr J. Palmer, who is his father's partner in business. He was born November 23, 1887, was educated at Dundee, and married Miss Lena Gebhart, who was born December 16, 1890. They have two children: Wilma, born May 6, 1909; and Bernetta F., born February 10, 1911. Mr. Palmer is a member of the Knight of Pythias, and his wife is connected with the Methodist church.

On April 26, 1890, Mr. Palmer was married to Lillie B. Roberts, born July 22, 1866, who died November 18, 1906, without issue, in the faith of the Methodist Episcopal church. Mr. Palmer is very proud of his little grandchildren, and they have been the recipients of every ten-cent piece which has come into his possession. At this time the elder child has $156 to his credit, while the younger has $96.00, and in addition he has also given them five shares in the Lexington Life Insurance Company.

On March 4, 1909, Mr. Palmer was married to Mrs. Martha J. Miller, who was born January 23, 1863. By her first marriage to Francis Miller, now deceased, Mrs. Palmer had three daughters and four sons. She and Mr. Palmer have had no children.

Blackford and Grant Counties, Indiana A Chronicle of their People Past and Present with Family Lineage and Personal Memoirs Compiled Under the Editorial Supervision of Benjamin G. Shinn
Volume I Illustrated
The Lewis Publishing Company Chicago and New York 1914
Submitted by Peggy Karol

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