Blackford County Indiana
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Bobbs, A. J. Dr.Bobbs, A. J. Dr.Bobbs, EmmaBobbs, Mary
Bobbs, ZamoraBobbs, ZamoraBobo, FarrisBobo, Nancy
Bocock, JamesBocock, LucyBodkins, Robert WilliamBodkins, Virgil
Bodkins, WilliamBoey, JosephBogardus, LavinaBogler, Ruth
Bogue, Abigail Mrs.Bogue, AnnBogue, Banna MandolaBogue, Barnabas
Bogue, BelleBogue, EdwinBogue, Eli G.Bogue, Elizabeth
Bogue, ElizabethBogue, ElizabethBogue, HowardBogue, J. Burl
Bogue, JesseBogue, JohnBogue, John L.Bogue, Jonathan
Bogue, JonathanBogue, Laurel C.Bogue, Laurel R.Bogue, Lentine
Bogue, LydeBogue, Margaret E.Bogue, MarmadukeBogue, Martha
Bogue, MarthaBogue, Martha L.Bogue, MaryBogue, Mary (Polly)
Bogue, Millie J. Bogue, MiltonBogue, Milton C.Bogue, Neva
Bogue, OliveBogue, Otto G.Bogue, PearlBogue, Robert
Bogue, RobertBogue, William S.Boiler, SusannaBole, Abraham
Bole, AnnBole, Arley E.Bole, BlancheBole, Capitola
Bole, ClaraBole, ClarenceBole, DavidBole, Elizabeth
Bole, GeorgeBole, JamesBole, James M.Bole, Jane
Bole, JennieBole, JesseBole, JohnBole, Mary
Bole, MelissaBole, PaulineBole, RobertBole, Rolly
Bole, Sarah EllenBole, Susan Mrs.Bole, WilliamBole, William A.
Bole, William AlonzoBole, WinifredBoles, JennieBoller, Alma
Boller, AdamBoller, BelleBoller, CareyBoller, Charles
Boller, David E.Boller, David EdwinBoller, Dorothy E.Boller, Elva
Boller, EthelBoller, Evelyn MaxineBoller, Harriet KathleenBoller, Helen Louise
Boller, JamesBoller, John W.Boller, John,Boller, Keturah
Boller, LeeBoller, LouiseBoller, MariaBoller, Nelson E.
Boller, Neva B.Boller, ReubenBoller, RoyBoller, Ruth E.
Bollinger, MaryBolner, ElizabethBolner, ElizabethBolton, Caroline
Bond, Emma DoraBond, Mrs.Bond, PollyBoney, Randolph
Bonge, ClementineBonge, DanielBonge, EthelBonge, Frederick
Bonge, GeorgeBonge, Harry L.Bonge, HenryBonge, Lydia
Bonge, PenroeBonge, Reda R.Bonge, SarahBonge, Walter F.
Bonge, Walter W.Bonge, William W.Bonge, William WashingtonBonham, Albert H.
Bonham, Amanda J.Bonham, LymanBonham, PeterBonham, William
Bonner, Mrs. Hattie (Ford)Bookout, ElizabethBoon, Oscar B.Boone, Daniel
Boots, Alice M.Boots, GaleBoots, Henry AllenBoots, Homer
Boots, IsraelBoots, James IsraelBoots, Lydia, Mrs.Boots, Martha
Boots, MartinBorden, JudgeBordner, DaleBordner, Martha M., Mrs.
Borns, CarrieBoroff, KittyBorrey, BerthaBorrey, Elizabeth
Borrey, FloraBorrey, JacobBorrey, JohnBorrey, John G.
Borrey, LenaBorrey, LizzieBorrey, MichaelBorrey, Mr.
Borrey, NetjaBorrey, SophiaBorrey, WilliamBoucher, Margaret
Bourie, FrankBourie, FrankBourie, Frank B.Bourie, May
Bouse, WilliamBower, LenaBowers, Barbara AnnBowser, Rachel Mrs.
Boxell, CatherineBoxell, Charles F.Boxell, DellaBoxell, Earl
Boxell, ElizabethBoxell, John A.Boxell, Joseph H.Boxell, Kenneth
Boxell, MargaretBoxell, MinnieBoxell, Nancy J.Boxell, Robert B.
Boxell, ThomasBoxell, WilliamBoxell, WillieBowen, Adelbert
Bowen, Amanda J., Mrs.Bowen, JamesBowen, WilliamBowman, Ethel
Bowman, Frances E.Bowman, NewtonBowman, SusieBoyd, Elizabeth
Boyd, Helen LucileBoyd, JohnBoyd, Myrtle A.Boyd, Peter, Jr.
Boyd, RobertBoyd, Unknown

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