Blackford County Indiana
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Craft, OrvilleCraig, AdaCraig, JamesCraig, Vergil
Cramer, Viola M.Crandall, ArchibaldCrandall, BurrisCrandall, Cornelia
Crandall, DavidCrandall, David C.Crandall, Elder JohnCrandall, Eva
Crandall, FayetteCrandall, GladysCrandall, HelenCrandall, John
Crandall, John I.Crandall, JonathanCrandall, LydiaCrandall, Orpha
Crandall, PhilarmonCrandall, RobertCrandall, Thomas F.Crandall, Thomas J.
Crandall, VictoriaCranford, AdalineCranford, ElsevanCranford, Harris
Cranford, JuliaCranford, KiddCranford, LeonardCranford, Mary
Cranford, NixonCranford, RileyCranford, WilliamCranor, Anna
Craw, MargaretCraw, Mary E.Crawford, AnnaCrawford, John
Crawford, MaryCrawford, Mary C.Crawford, MissCrawford, Ruth
Crawford, RuthCrawford, StanleyCraynor, ColonelCrecraft, Dora Lee
Crecraft, Ernest O.Crecraft, John A.Cree, Arminta AliceCree, Robert
Creek, CarlCreek, EarlCreek, FlorenceCreek, Freddie
Creek, JosephCreek, MarionCreek, MaryCreek, Ollie
Creek, ReubenCreek, ThelmaCregor, Elizabeth Mrs.Crestsinger, Homes
Crestsinger, Homes F. Jr.Crestsinger, RossCrestsinger, SarahCrevenston, James
Cresviston, DanielCreviston, AnnaCreviston, DanielCreviston, E. W.
Creviston, ElijahCreviston, Elijah J.Creviston, EllaCreviston, Ella C.
Creviston, EllenCreviston, Emma JosephineCreviston, H. C.Creviston, Harry L.
Creviston, Harvey M.Creviston, Henry C.Creviston, Jessie F.Creviston, Josephine Mrs.
Creviston, Laura E.Creviston, LeviCreviston, Lydia A.Creviston, Martha A.
Creviston, Mary JaneCreviston, NicholasCreviston, Otto M.Creviston, Perlie A.
Creviston, Russell G.Creviston, Walter W.Cring, CharlesCrisco, Jesse W.
Crispen, LenaCrockett, Joel H.Crockett, RachaelCromer, George W.
Cronin, JohnCrosby, BartholomewCroslan, Mrs. HarryCross, B. B.
Cross, LouiseCross, MargaretCrouse, UnknownCroush, John
Crothers, JamesCrothers, MargaretCrow, JohnCrow, Michael
Crow, Mr.Crull, MissCruse, Jane J.Cruz, Cyrus
Cruze, MildredCubberley, Belle C.Cubberley, David P. Dr.Cubberley, Emma C.
Cubberley, Lewis P.Culbertson, AllenCulbertson, ElizaCulberson, David H.
Culberson, Donald A.Culberson, FrankCulberson, GeorgeCulbertson, Joseph
Culberson, JosephCulberson, JosephineCulbertson, MargaretCulberson, Maude
Culberson, Wayne HaroldCullers, E. E.Cullison, MabelCummings, Gertrude
Cunningham, AdamCunningham, Andrew J.Cunningham, Anna D.Cunningham, Armitta M.
Cunningham, Beatrice MarieCunningham, CatherineCunningham, EleanorCunningham, Eliza
Cunningham, George W.Cunningham, George W.Cunningham, H. EllaCunningham, Harry
Cunningham, HenryCunningham, JaneCunningham, John M.Cunningham, Lorinda
Cunningham, LydiaCunningham, LydiaCunningham, MarindaCunningham, Mary
Cunningham, NancyCunningham, Nancy JaneCunningham, SarahCunningham, Sarah C.
Cunningham, WilliamCunningham, William N.Curless, James A.Curless, Marion
Curry, Aaron S.Curry, Alfred M.Curry, Clyde E.Curry, Mary
Curry, Mary Curry, MaybelleCurry, MurleCurry, Robert
Curry, Rodney EarlCurry, W.W.Curtis, CharlesCurtis, Hattie
Curtis, VirginiaCuster, Joseph L.Custer, R. J.Cutler, Mary E.
Cutshall, Margaret AnnCutshall, Sarah

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