Blackford County Indiana
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Daddys, CatherineDaddys, HelenDaddys, JohnDaddys, Walter
Dailey, GeorgeDailey, Joseph S., Honorable Daily, EdmundDaily, James
Daily, Malinda C.Dale, Bertha M.Dancy, JennieDanday, Georgette
Daniel, GeyerDanton, L. A.Dare, JohnDare, Nettie
Dare, RobertDarter, H. H., Capt.Darton, MonroeDaugherty, Alice
Daugherty, AmandaDaugherty, ClarissaDaugherty, ElizabethDaugherty, James
Daugherty, JepthaDaugherty, JohnDaugherty, Lawrence W.Daugherty, Louisa
Daugherty, MaryDaugherty, PriscillaDaugherty, RebeccaDaugherty, S. Ross
Daugherty, SamuelDaugherty, WilliamDausman, Lottie FullerDavenport, Anthony Simms
Davenport, JohnDavenport, MaryDavid, ElizabethDavid, Jacob
David, JobDavidson, Elizabeth Mrs.Davidson, Elizabeth A.Davidson, Joseph
Davies, EstelleDavis, AbrahamDavis, AdelbertDavis, Amos
Davis, AmosDavis, AnnDavis, Anna J.Davis, Ararninta
Davis, Arthur M.Davis, BarbaraDavis, BelleDavis, Catherine
Davis, CecilDavis, Charles Davis, Charles E.Davis, Charles E. Jr.
Davis, Charles V.Davis, ClarksonDavis, ClydeDavis, Daniel
Davis, Docia S.Davis, DoraDavis, EffieDavis, Elizabeth
Davis, ElizabethDavis, EmilyDavis, EmmaDavis, Essie Griffin
Davis, EstaDavis, EuniceDavis, Foster AttorneyDavis, Foster
Davis, FrancesDavis, FrankDavis, GailDavis, George
Davis, GeorgeDavis, GeorgeDavis, GeorgeDavis, George Russell
Davis, GlennDavis, GlennDavis, HannahDavis, Harmon
Davis, HarveDavis, Harvey Davis, Harvey, Jr.Davis, Harvey W.
Davis, HenryDavis, HenryDavis, Henry, Dr.Davis, Herbert Paul
Davis, Herman L.Davis, Homer E.Davis, HughDavis, Ida F.
Davis, IsaacDavis, J. M.Davis, James F.Davis, Jeanette
Davis, Jeff C., Gen.Davis, JeffersonDavis, JehuDavis, Jessie M.
Davis, Jessie WilliamDavis, JoelDavis, JohnDavis, John
Davis, JosephDavis, Joseph E.Davis, Julia AnnDavis, L. L.
Davis, LelaDavis, LeoDavis, LeroyDavis, Lucy Ann Mrs.
Davis, Lucy E.Davis, LulaDavis, LydiaDavis, Mahlon O.
Davis, Malinda G. S. Mrs.Davis, Malinda Mrs.Davis, MargaretDavis, Mary
Davis, Mary H.Davis, Mary L. Davis, MelissaDavis, Melissa
Davis, MelvinDavis, MinnieDavis, Miriam MarieDavis, Miss
Davis, Mr.Davis, MyrtleDavis, N. F.Davis, Nancy
Davis, NathanDavis, Nathan F.Davis, NaomiDavis, Nina
Davis, Oliver S.Davis, OliviaDavis, Pella MayDavis, Pierce H.
Davis, RachaelDavis, RachelDavis, Richard S.Davis, Robert
Davis, Rosa BellDavis, SarahDavis, SusanDavis, Sylvanus
Davis, Sylvester S. A.Davis, TacyDavis, ThelmaDavis, Thomas
Davis, Viola EllenDavis, WilliamDavis, William F.Davis, William Foster
Davis, William P. W.Davis, WilsonDavison, LulaDavison, Mordecai M.
Davisson, AnaniasDavisson, Henry C. M.D.Davisson, Henry Carl Jr.Davisson, Henry Carl Sr.
Davisson, Dr. Henry CoffmanDawley, James F.Dawley, MarthaDawson, Albert H.
Dawson, C. F., Dr.Dawson, ElizabethDawson, ElizabethDawson, Emaline
Dawson, GarrisonDawson, George W.Dawson, HenryDawson, Henry Ovid
Dawson, IsaiahDawson, JohnDawson, JohnDawson, John
Dawson, MargaretDawson, Mary AnnDawson, Mary RebeccaDawson, Mollie
Dawson, NathanDawson, Pearl A.Dawson, PrudenceDawson, Robert
Dawson, Sarah JaneDawson, ThomasDawson, ThomasDawson, William
Day, PricillaDe La Fayette, MarquisDe Poy, ElmerDean, Calvin
Dean, CharlesDean, Elizabeth Dean, ElizabethDean, Ella S.
Dean, Estelle LouiseDean, Flossie E.Dean, Frederick O.Dean, Harrison
Dean, JamesDean, James H.Dean, JohnDean, Laura
Dean, Lodema C.Dean, LucyDean, MaryDean, Ortense A.
Dean, Pearl R.Dean, RollandDean, Thomas Dean, Thomas
Dean, Winton A.Dearduff, Albert E.Dearduff, AlvinaDearduff, Ann
Dearduff, Arzia Dearduff, CharlesDearduff, ElizabethDearduff, Elsie
Dearduff, EstherDearduff, Goldie Dearduff, Harold Dearduff, Howard
Dearduff, JacobDearduff, James L.Dearduff, JamesDearduff, Jane
Dearduff, JohnDearduff, Mary E.Dearduff, NoahDearduff, Oliver
Dearduff, Sarah E.Dearduff, StellaDearduff, ThomasDearduff, Thomas
DeBatty, OmerineDeBerryDeBois, Sarah D.DeCapelle, Martin
Deeren, Alexander M.Deeren, AnnaDeeren, AnnieDeeren, Artie Mary
Deeren, DollyDeeren, ElizabethDeeren, HughDeeren, John
Deeren, Martha E.Deeren, MaryDeeren, MinnieDeeren, Minnie
Deeren, Naomi LethaDeeren, RichardDeeren, ThomasDeeren, Wilson Alexander
Deering, KempDeeter, LeahDegler, EmmaDelcamp, Earl
Delcamp, HenryDelcamp, NettieDenning, James D.Denny, Miss
Denoy, JohnDenoy, Martha A.Denton, Mary Depaw, Miss
Dermond, Mary M.Derting, ElizabethDeShaun, HenryDeTray, Veta
Devine, Doris R.Devine, Ella LouisaDevine, Eveline L.Devine, Herbert M.
Devine, John C. Devine, Margaret EllenDevine, MaryDevine, Michael
Devine, Mildred L.Devine, Racheal ElizabethDevine, Rhoda J.Devine, Vera L.
Devine, William H.Devine, William M.Devine, Wilson E.Devore, Catherine
DeVore, ElbridgeDeVore, Laura B.DeVore, Mary J.DeWitt, Anna Mary
DeWitt, Bertha EDeWitt, Catherine M.DeWitt, Charles R. Jr.DeWitt, Charles, R.
DeWitt, Clarence R.DeWitt, Cleo A.DeWitt, DanielDeWitt, Daniel P.
DeWitt, Danna MayDeWitt, Elisha, Rev.DeWitt, ElizabethDeWitt, Ivaline M.
DeWitt, James C.DeWitt, James D.DeWitt, John H.DeWitt, John R.
DeWitt, John W.DeWitt, Leonard, Rev.DeWitt, MarthaDeWitt, Mary
DeWitt, SarahDeWitt, Thelma M.DeWitt, UriahDeWitt, Violet I.

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