Blackford County Indiana
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Kagel, ElizabethKain, AnnieKain, JamesKain, Mary
Kalbfkeisch, Ann ElizabethKalbfleisch, ConradKane, SarahKarnes, Elizabeth
Kearns, GraceKearns, JohnKearns, JosephKearns, Kate (Katherine)
Kearns, MichaelKearns, SadieKearns, Sarah (Sally)Kearns, Thomas
Kearns, WilliamKearstead, AaronKeeghler, ClaraKeeghler, Gretchen
Keeghler, HenryKeeghler, MyrtleKeeghler, OscarKeeghler, Walter C.
Keen, AlonzoKeen, BlanchKeen, DonnaKeever, Adam
Keever, Adam Jr.Keever, AddisonKeever, Auda JayKeever, Blanche
Keever, CleoKeever, Daniel C.Keever, ElizaKeever, Elmer
Keever, EthelKeever, FrankKeever, GeorgeKeever, Gertrude
Keever, HansonKeever, Iva E.Keever, JohnKeever, Margarite
Keever, MartinKeever, WalterKeever, WilliamKeiffer, J. P. General
Keiser, RachelKeiser, WilliamKeith, EliKeith, Francis W.
Keith, MalissaKeith, Susan E.Miss KellerKeller, Albert Erwood
Keller, AlmedaKeller, ArthurKeller, Benjamin A.Keller, Benjamin C.
Keller, Cecil EstherKeller, ChristinaKeller, ClaudKeller, Cleobis
Keller, ConradKeller, DavidKeller, EdwardKeller, Eli Martin
Keller, Eliza C.Keller, ElizabethKeller, Elsie A.Keller, Ernest
Keller, FloydKeller, GeraldKeller, GladysKeller, Hannah
Keller, LucindaKeller, Margaret C.Keller, MartinKeller, Thelma
Kelley, Anne E.Kelley, ArthurKelley, Benjamin F.Kelley, Benjamin F.
Kelley, Benjamin F.Kelley, Benjamin F., Jr.Kelley, ElizabethKelley, Emma
Kelley, Esther C.Kelley, Frances P.Kelley, FrederickKelley, George
Kelley, Grace E.Kelley, HarlanKelley, J. FrankKelley, James
Kelley, Joshua T.Kelley, Joshua T.Kelley, L. GrantKelley, Laura
Kelley, LoganKelley, Luther E., Prof.Kelley, Martha J.Kelley, Martha J.
Kelley, Mary E.Kelley, MinnieKelley, MyrtleKelley, Rebecca
Kelley, Ruth R.Kelley, Sarah E.Kelley, WilliamKelley, William
Kelley, William H.Kelley, William H.Kelley, William H.Kellogg, Edward
Kellogg, FrancesKelly, EmilyKelly, Harry M.Kelly, James T.
Kelly, LoraKelly, MarieKelsay, Brothers Kelsay, John
Kelsey, Christina Mrs.Kelsie, JohnKem, Anna M.Kem, Anna M.
Kem, AugustinKem, AugustinKem, AugustineKem, Carter
Kem, Carter O.Kem, EdithKem, Edith I.Kem, John
Kem, LorettaKem, Mary Mrs.Kem, Oren E.Kem, Oren E.
Kemmer, Alfred FayKemmer, ElizabethKemmer, Mrs. JacobKemmer, Peter
Kemmer, SamuelKephart, Dr.Kerns, GusKerr, Chalmer
Kerr, E. M. Rev.Keschner, EstherKeschner, HenryKesler, David
Kessinger, AbramKessinger, AbsalomKessinger, EugeneKessinger, George
Kessinger, JohnKessinger, MargaretKessinger, NancyKessinger, Shadrach
Kessinger, SusannaKessler, CarolineKetterman, Eliza E.Kibbey, Bessie A.
Kibbey, Carrie E.Kibbey, Charles P.Kibbey, Clarence A.Kibbey, Clinton J.
Kibbey, Cora A.Kibbey, Ellen Kibbey, Ephraim Kibbey, Eva L.
Kibbey, Everet A.Kibbey, Everett L.Kibbey, Florence Kibbey, Ire E.
Kibbey, John E.Kibbey, John R.Kibbey, Jonah Kibbey, Lloyd T.
Kibbey, Mary O.Kibbey, Opal A.Kibbey, Paul Kibbey, Paul K.
Kibbey, Rowland C.Kibby, JohnKidener, RebeccaKidner, Louisa
Kilgore, G. W.Kilgore, GlenKilgore, JohnKilgore, Wayne R.
Kimball, A. D. Dr.Kimball, Abner D. Dr.Kimball, Abner D., Dr.Kimball, Carl
Kimball, Carl V.Kimball, CharlesKimball, ClydeKimball, E. A.
Kimball, EarlKimball, EdwinKimball, Edwin H.Kimball, Frank
Kimball, Glenn, Dr.Kimball, Glen D.Kimball, Glen D. Dr.Kimball, Harriet
Kimball, HenriettaKimball, HenryKimball, IndiaKimball, India
Kimball, Louisa JaneKimball, MillardKimball, MosesKimball, Moses
Kimball, MosesKimball, NancyKimball, Nellie P.Kimball, Thomas, Dr.
Kimball, Thomas C.Kimball, Thomas C.Kimball, Thomas C. Dr.Kimbrough, Allie A.
Kimbrough, Amos H.Kimbrough, Amos H.Kimbrough, Bernice H.Kimbrough, Clark C.
Kimbrough, Clark H.Kimbrough, Clark H.Kimbrough, EliKimbrough, Eli
Kimbrough, Hannah M.Kimbrough, JeremiahKimbrough, John T.Kimbrough, John T.
Kimbrough, LillianKimbrough, Lydia A.Kimbrough, Margaret J.Kimbrough, Martha
Kimbrough, Martha J.Kimbrough, MaryKimbrough, Mary E.Kimbrough, Maude J.
Kimbrough, Owen C.Kimbrough, Owen C.Kimbrough, SarahKimbrough, Sarah E.
Kimbrough, Sarah E.Kimbrough, ThomasKimbrough, ThomasKimbrough, Thomas J.
Kimbrough, Thomas J.Kimbrough, W. B.Kimbrough, William B.Kimbrough, Zachary T.
Kimbrough, Zack T.Kimes, AlbertKimes, ThomasKimes, Urshel

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