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Lickbelt, MaryLidaLieber, MabelLiestenseltz, Nettie
Lieurance, Elisha L.Lieurance, Stella L.Like, AmandaLike, George
Like, WilliamLillibridge, Nancy AnnLind, LuluLinder, Etha
Linder, LydiaLindhard, William L.Lindley, E. C.Lindley, Gurney
Lindley, JonathanLindley, NancyLindley, OsmondLindley, Sylvia
Lindsay, DavidLindsay, David G.Lindsay, George D.Lindsay, Jeannette
Lindsay, KatharineLindsay, RichardLindsay, SarahLindsay, William H.
Lindsey, BurrLindsey, Daniel T.Lindsey, EvaLindsey, Guy
Lindsey, John C.Lindsey, VellaLindsey, William H.Lindsey, William H.
Lindsley, OwenLink, ColonelLinn, AmandaLinn, Anna
Linn, CatherineLinn, Edith MayLinn, GenevieveLinn, Henry
Linn, JohnLinn, John FrancisLinn, MaryLinn, Sarah
Linville, EmelineLippincott, AbigailLippincott, HannahLippincott, Restore
Lishleiter, MahalaLithe, Anna R.Lithe, HenryLitler, Sarah, Mrs.
Litler, Sarah Mrs.Little, AlbertLittle, AlexanderLittle, Alexandria
Little, AnnieLittle, CharlesLittle, DavidLittle, Emerson
Little, EmilyLittle, FlorenceLittle, FrankLittle, Grace
Little, Hazel M.Little, JaneLittle, JoelLittle, Joel M.
Little, John Jr.Little, John R.Little, John Sr.Little, Lawrence W.
Little, LeoLittle, LeonardLittle, LutherLittle, Marilla
Little, MaryLittle, MaryLittle, Mary EmilyLittle, Nathan
Little, NoelLittle, OtisLittle, RobertLittle, Rosanna
Little, SantfordLittle, Sarah J.Little, ThomasLittle, Winiford
Little, ZimriLittlebridge, BerthaLittler, CleoLittler, J. W.
Littler, JamesLittler, Joseph W.Littler, Joseph W. Mrs.Littler, Mary E.
Littler, NathanLivengood, CarrieLizenbeck, EllaLlama, David
Llama, John D.Lloyd, CharlesLloyd, CharlesLloyd, Elizabeth
Lobdell, Aaron T.Lobdell, EmmaLobdell, Francis M.Lobdell, John T.
Lobdell, JosephineLobdell, JosephineLobdell, Laura E.Lock, Unknown
Lockett, CarrieLockwood, George B.Lockwood, SarahLodbell, Aaron T.
Logan, JamesLogan, John A. Gen.Logan, Mr.Logan, Sarah A.
Lomax, AlfredLomax, Dr.Lomax, Mary A.Long, Magdalena
Long, MissLong, Rev. SimonLong, SusanLorenz, Elizabeth
Loriaux, MarcelineLoring, FrankLoring, Frank C.Loring, Frank Canton
Loud, JohnLoughry, James ArthurLoughry, James R.Love, Earl R.
Love, Elizabeth G.Love, Emily A.Love, Estella J.Love, George B.
Love, George B.Love, George B. Mrs.Love, HarryLove, Irvin
Love, IrwinLove, Mary E.Love, OrvilleLove, Orville I.
Love, RobertLove, Sarah A. Mrs.Love, WilliamLoveland, Millie
Lovett, MaryLow, SethLowe, Eva MayLowe, George
Lowe, Henry S.Lowe, WilliamLowery, Isaac B.Lowrey, Charlotte
Lowrey, CharlotteLowrey, ElizabethLoy, Laura M.Loy, William
Lozier, ElsieLucas, AbrahamLucas, AdaLucas, Adam
Lucas, AlbertLucas, AmosLucas, AnnaLucas, Anna M.
Lucas, Anna M.Lucas, ArmentaLucas, AudreyLucas, Basil
Lucas, Basil Jr.Lucas, CalvinLucas, Carl Dunn D.D.SLucas, Carl Dunn Jr.
Lucas, CatherineLucas, CharlesLucas, CliffordLucas, Daisy
Lucas, DavidLucas, Edith LenoreLucas, EliLucas, Elizabeth
Lucas, EpsibaLucas, EstherLucas, FlorenceLucas, George M.
Lucas, GeorgiaLucas, Gladys M.Lucas, Harrison N.Lucas, Hiram M.
Lucas, I. W.Lucas, InezLucas, IsraelLucas, Israel
Lucas, JacobLucas, James C. Lucas, JohnLucas, Joseph
Lucas, JuliaLucas, JuliaLucas, L. J. GeneralLucas, Lavina
Lucas, LavinaLucas, LesterLucas, LonaLucas, Lucetta
Lucas, MabelLucas, MaryLucas, NoahLucas, Noah
Lucas, Orpha L.Lucas, OttoLucas, SarahLucas, Sarah
Lucas, Simeon Rev.Lucas, Thomas J.Lucas, Thomas J.Lucas, Thomas J.
Lucas, Thomas Jefferson GeneralLucas, Thomas M.Lucas, Thomas MilburnLucas, Wilbur Dr.
Lucas, WilliamLuck, SarahLudlow, EvaLudlow, Howard
Ludlow, JohnLudlow, WilburLudlum, B. F. Dr.Ludlum, Benjamin Jones
Ludlum, ElizabethLudlum, EmmaLudlum, EstelleLudlum, Evangeline
Ludlum, Harrison McKinleyLudlum, John C.Ludlum, LillianLudlum, Roberta
Lugar, A. J.Lugar, AndrewLugar, Andrew J.Lugar, Andrew Jackson
Lugar, DollyLugar, ElizabethLugar, ElizabethLugar, George
Lugar, IsabelleLugar, JamesLugar, John W. Lugar, Joseph
Lugar, Joseph Mrs.Lugar, Joseph O.Lugar, LelahLugar, Margaret
Lugar, RuthLugar, Sarah A.Lugar, William HobartLunsford, Arthur
Lunsford, ElmaLuse, Ora D.Luse, Walter S.Luther, Catherine
Luther, DorothyLuther, E. AgnesLuther, ElsaLuther, Emily
Luther, Emily MariaLuther, Emily R.Luther, Forest J.Luther, Godfrey
Luther, HezekiahLuther, IvyLuther, Ivy Luther, Ivy
Luther, Ivy, Mrs.Luther, JacobLuther, JamesLuther, James A.
Luther, James W.Luther, JohnLuther, John CaptainLuther, Josiah
Luther, Martha E.Luther, MartinLuther, MartinLuther, Mary Ann
Luther, MichaelLuther, NarcissaLuther, SarahLuther, William
Lutz, JohnLutz, LelaLyghtle, JacobLyle, Arthur S.
Lyle, DavidLyle, JohnLyle, Joseph M.Lyle, Mary Esther
Lyle, MathewLyle, Oscar K.Lyle, RussellLyle, Samuel
Lynn, CatherineLynn, IsabelleLynn, James B.Lynn, Jay Stewart
Lynn, SamuelLyon, AaronLyon, DavidLyon, David
Lyon, Donald HowardLyon, EliasLyon, ElijahLyon, Elizabeth
Lyon, Eugene WillardLyon, Florence L.Lyon, HowardLyon, James
Lyon, JamesLyon, JasperLyon, JohnLyon, John R.
Lyon, LamechLyon, LemuelLyon, MaryLyon, Mary Eleanor
Lyon, MichaelLyon, Miss Lyon, RichardLyon, Richard Jr.
Lyon, SamuelLyon, SarahLyon, Sarah E.Lyon, Thomas Benton
Lyon, WilliamLyons, Anna, Mrs.Lyons, EllenLyons, Leo
Lytle, EllenLytle, MaryLytle, NancyLytle, Polly

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