Dubois County, Indiana

ANDREW SCHITTER was born January 30, 1816 to Andres 1791-1849 and Elizabeth (Dollinger) 1793-1833 Schitter in Alsace, Lorraine, France. Andrew's great grandparents were also all born in Schirrhein, France. On his father's side there is Antoine b. 1765 and Ann Marie (Mey) b. 1765 Schitter and on his mother's side there is Antoine 1763-1827 and Elisabeth (Scheibert) 1763-1827 Dollinger. He was one of fourteen brothers and sisters, five of which came to America. They are listed herein.

*Christian Schitter (brother) b. December 13, 1819 France d. April 13,1871 in Dubois County arrived in 1846 at the age of 27.

*Elizabeth Schitter (sister) b. October 30, 1823 in Schirrhein, France d. May 16, 1853 in Dubois County arrived in 1846 at the age of 23.

*Michael Schuetter (brother) b. September 4, 1832 in France d. August 12, 1887 in Dubois County arrived in 1854 at the age of 22.

*Helena Schitter (half-sister) b. November 20, 1836 Schirrhein, France d. April 28, 1913 in Covington Kenton County, KY arrived in 1861 at the age of 25.

*John Schitter (half-brother) b. February 22, 1846 d. January 1, 1933 in Dubois County arrived in 1872 at the age of 26.

Andrew Schitter listed his occupation upon arrival to this country at age 27 as a baker. In a later census for Dubois county Indiana he lists his occupation as farmer. Andrew was in Jasper before Father Kundeck who was the first regular pastor of St. Joseph's. Andrew was the first teacher in the old sisters log schoolhouse, having taught in the years 1848-50, giving lessons in reading, writing, and arithmetic. He would drive to St. Mary's Church near Logootee and bring Father Palais (who later became Bishop of Vincennes), to Jasper to read Mass for the faithful. In addition to English he spoke French and German fluently. He was also the first organist in St. Joseph's Church, and sang at many church services.

Records from the town of Schirrhein, France show Andrew's immigration and arrival here in America between 1828 and 1837. He made his declaration of intent (for citizenship) in Dubois Co in 1839. His naturalization papers show that he was naturalized on July 6, 1843 in Dubois County, Jasper, Indiana.

When Andrew arrived in America, he brought his wife Catherine Heisserer 1816-1843, who died shortly after arrival. He remarried Genofova Hurst 1827-1894, who was born in Wagshurst, Baden, Germany, on November 21, 1844. They had 10 children listed herein.

*Mary Ann Schitter b. Dec. 8, 1846 in Dubois County m. William Klein in Louisville, KY

*Veronica Schitter b. Feb. 15, 1849 in Dubois County d. March 6, 1926 m. Anton Simon Habig, Jr. May 17, 1870

*Andrew Schitter b. July 24, 1851 in Dubois County d. June 15, 1904 in Vincennes, IN m. Elizabeth Knebel 1876

*Joseph Moritz Schitter b. Nov. 16, 1853 in Dubois County d. March 4, 1921 in Dubois County m. Magdalena Schmitt January 13, 1879 in Dubois County

*Augustine Schuetter b. March 27, 1856 in Dubois County d. June 11, 1936 in Dubois County m. Theresia Flick October 20, 1877 in Dubois County

*Josephine Theresa Schitter b. Oct. 13, 1858 in Dubois County d. June 4, 1945 in Jasper, IN m. Martin Eckstein May 8, 1883 in Dubois County

*Willibald Schuetter b. July 1, 1861 in Dubois County d. August 5, 1935 in Jasper, IN m. 1) Helena Geier August 21, 1883 in Jasper, IN m. 2) Ophelia Schwindt Freidman January 21, 1920 in Dubois County

*John M. Schitter b. Jan. 26, 1864 in Dubois County d. January 1, 1943 m. Eva Mader in Louisville KY

*Isidore Schitter b. June 24, 1866 in Dubois County d. August 12, 1940 in Dubois County m. Rosa Schneider October 28, 1890 in Jasper, IN

*Edward Schuetter b. October 13, 1868 in Dubois County, IN d. November 23, 1929 in Mt. Carmel, IL m. Anna Maria Fritz April 10, 1894 in Dubois County, IN

The Jasper Weekly Courier reported his obituary on Friday May 28th, 1896 under the headline A Pioneer Citizen Died the following: ...He was an exemplary Christian Gentleman and popular with all. The funeral was held Wednesday morning at 7:30 a.m. at St. Joseph's Church where a large number congregated. Father Stephen delivered a beautiful eulogy picturing the life of usefulness led by the deceased, which was very touching. A four voiced Requiem Mass was rendered by the choir, under the direction of Rev. Father Bernard. The remains were interred in the Catholic Cemetery. The choir sang at the grave the old German Dirge that Mr. Schuetter used to sing at the grave for funerals, when he was leader of the choir, which had not been sung for twenty-five years.

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