Old Family Photos

These old photos are from the Gilmer, Riggs, Laudeman side of the family. I've identified those I can based on recollections of family members or information written on the back of the photos. If you can help identify people or can confirm my identification please let me know. Click on the photo to see a larger but grainer version.

?, Ethel Stickley and Sarah RiggsFreeman Krickbaum; Nancy, Otto
and Clara Priem;
Esther Doudy; Ida Batten; Esther's husband
Mary Fisher; Lucile Krickbaum and twins and
Jess Priem's wife
Jenny Strycker and Grace Gilmer
Mary and Grace GilmerWalter and Ethel StickleySyvilla Laudeman, Sarah Riggs and Grace GilmerFront: Roy Gilmer, Sarah Riggs, Ethel and Ruth Gilmer
Back: Philip Laudeman and Peter Gilmer
Syvilla and William Laudeman,
Joshua and Sarah Riggs and
Peter Gilmer's family
Roy Riggs, Sr.Gladys RiggsSarah Rigg's grandchildren
(Need individual IDs)
Sarah Riggs family
(Need individual IDs)
Sarah Riggs family
(Need individual IDs)
Gilmer cousins
(Need individual IDs)
Peter Gilmer, Walter Stickley
Gladys Riggs and George Gilmer
Sarah and Gladys RiggsSarah RiggsBack says "Front: Peter and Grace Gilmer
Middle: Ruth, Ethel and Roy Gilmer
Amos Ebersole and wife
Back: Phillip Laudeman and Sarah Riggs
Ruth, Roy and Ethel Gilmer,
Peter and Grace Gilmer, Sarah Riggs
Syvilla and William Laudeman
Grace GilmerSarah Riggs, children
and in-laws
(Need individual IDs)
Ethel Stickley, Mary Gilmer
Sarah Riggs, Roy Riggs
and Grace Gilmer
Sarah Riggs family
(Need individual IDs)
George Gilmer and family
Mary, Walter, Howard,
Orville, Albert and Marie
Sarah Riggs, William and Syvilla Laudeman
Phillip and Gladys Riggs
and Roy Riggs Sr and Roy Riggs Jr.
Grace Gilmer with
grandson Charles Simpson
Charles and Ruth Simpson
Grace Gilmer and Sarah Riggs
Russ Strycker's brotherEthel and Russ StryckerRoy, Peter, Grace
Ethel and Ruth Gilmer

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