Old Family Photos

These old photos are school pictures with relatives in them. I've tried to ID the pictures, schools, etc. as best as I can from information available.

Moweaqua, Illinois about 1915 or 1916
1st row: Ralph, R. Hays, C. Smith, ?, A. Boht, E. Campbell, S. Dowd, P. Mack, ?, ?, B. Tarney
2nd row: L. Howard, E. Workman, M. Potsick, M. Liken, J. Wigwan, M. Austin, C. Wigwan, A. Snyder, L. Tat, D. Patterson, N. Cameron, V. Supene
3rd. row: L. Burley, M. Johnson, E. Binley, F. Simpson, L. Thomas, J. Hensey, ?, F. ?, D. Adamson, E. Campbell, B. Workman
4th row: M. Roth, J. Johnson, S. Dowd, ? Miss Brown, M. Simpson, J. Hudson, W. Newman, ?, Jack Hudson

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