JAMES M. FISHLEY. This well known mason contractor who has for a number of years done an extensive business in the construction of sidewalks, sewers, and similar lines of work in Elkhart, represents some of the real pioneer stock in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan, and in the following paragraphs are mentioned names of a number of the most substantial and worthy early settlers of these sections.

Mr. Fishley himself was born at Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana, December 26, 1871. His paternal grandparents spent all their lives in Germany. John A. Fishley, father of James M., was born in WŁerttemberg, Germany, February 2, 1823, and was one of two children. His sister has passed all her life in her native land. John A. Fishley was reared and educated in Germany and when still a young man in 1852 emigrated to this country and first located at Huntington, Indiana. After a few years he moved to Fulton County and from there in 1878 came to Elkhart, where he lived until his death July 17, 1893. John A. Fishley married Susanna Wales, who was born in Snyder County, Pennsylvania, and represents an early colonial ancestry. She died August 6, 1900. Her children who grew up were Ellen, Lucy, Jennie, Amanda, Ida, James M., Nora and Alfred. She also reared John C. Fishley, who was a son of John A. Fishley by a previous marriage.

James M. Fishley was still a boy when his parents removed to Elkhart County, and he acquired his early education in the public schools of Elkhart. When eighteen years of age he began learning the trade of mason, and following his apprenticeship was employed as a journeyman. He was a hard worker, faithful, skillful, and reliable in the performance of his duties, and these qualities more than capital proved of value to him when he started in business for himself as a general contractor. For several years he has employed his organization, equipment, and experience chiefly in the construction of sidewalks, sewers, and that class of mason construction.

In 1902, Mr. Fishley married Miss Myrtle Brown. She was born in Union Township of Cass County, Michigan. Her paternal great-grandfather, Joshua Brown, was a native of Southern Indiana, and when a young man came to Elkhart County as one of the first pioneers, and after his marriage located in Cleveland Township, where he bought land and cultivated it until 1847. Selling out, he then moved into Cass County, Michigan, where he acquired a tract of 300 acres and occupied it until his death when about seventy-three years of age. Joshua Brown married Mary Proctor, whose father, John Proctor, was also an early settler of Elkhart County and bought land about five miles southeast of Elkhart, but after several years moved into the village and spent the rest of his time as a local merchant. Mrs. Fishley's father was only an infant when his mother died and he was reared by his father and step-mother. His early life was spent as a farmer, and from March, 1865, to August of the same year he served with a Michigan regiment in the Civil War. After following farming for a time he acquired an outfit and began the drilling of wells and was in that work for a number of years. In 1885 he moved to Elkhart and is still living in that city, where for about fifteen years he kept a store, handling second-hand goods. On August 14, 1865, he married Eliza Clara Hilton, who was born in Union, Cass County, Michigan, December 17, 1844. Her father, Hiram Hilton, was one of the early settlers of Cass County, but in 1850 went out to California as a gold seeker, making the journey across the plains with teams and being several months en route. He started to return by way of the Isthmus, but died while on the way. Hiram Hilton married Ann Eliza Covey, who survived her husband many years and was three times married.

Mrs. Fishley was one of a family of ten children who grew up, their names being Mary E., Clarence and Clara, twins, Aaron Cassius, William Orrin, James, Myrtle, Jennie, Lettie and John.

Mr. and Mrs. Fishley have seven children: James Alfred, Frieda Mae, Dorothy Hazel, Luella Jennie, Versa Beatrice, Mildred Elizabeth and Catherine Lillie. The family attend the Methodist Episcopal Church, and Mr. Fishley is a popular member of Pulaski Lodge No. 60, Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

From the "HISTORY OF ELKHART COUNTY",supervised by Abraham E. Weaver, 1916. Contributed by Cindy Kimes

Jacob Wertemberger, grandfather of SOLOMON, was born in eastern Pennsylvania in 1757. According to the Military Accounts records of the Comptroller General in the Division of Archives & Manuscripts in the Pennsylvania Bureau of Archives and History, Jacob was enrolled sometime during the period 1777-78 as a Private, Captain Philip Krick's Eighth Company, Fourth Batallion, Berks County Militia, with his residence ascribed as Cumru Township. This much is known about Jacob's life: He married a Catherine Engle, who originally came from Eastern Pennsylvania or Maryland, who was born in 1761. In 1800, the United States census showed Jacob living in Bedford County, PA. In 1801 he moved west to Beaver County, PA, and then on to Trumbull Co., Ohio, where he lived until his death in Poland, Ohio, in February, 1829. Catherine died on April 1, 1807 in Poland, Ohio, at the age of 46 years. Jacob had 18 children, 12 of whom reached maturity, and 1 step-child. After Catherine died, Jacob married a widow, Hannah, who had a daughter, Rachael Lewis; by Hannah, Jacob had three children. Seven children by his first wife were mentioned in his will as receiving 277 acres in Trumball County, Ohio, and 125 perch of land in Beaver County, PA, where he formerly lived. Also in his will, which was filed in the courthouse at Warren, Trumball County, on April 27, 1829, were mentioned the names of 12 of his 18 children who lived to maturity and his one stepdaughter. Jacob's surname was spelled WETTENBARGER on the will but WITTENBERGER and WEHTTENBARGER in various bibles. The homestead in Poland, Ohio, was left to Jacob's widow, Hannah, as a life estate, and then to his three children by her. He left some personal property to his stepdaughter, Rachael, and other property in Poland to the children of his deceased daughter, Mary. During his lifetime, Jacob was an early member of the Old Springfield Evangelical and Reform Church near New Middletown, Ohio; the 150th Anniversary Book of this church, published in 1953, states that Jacob worked 11 and 1/2 days on the new church in 1803. Jacob's grave, that of his first wife, Catherine, and many of his family, and the families of his sons, Adam and George, are located in the Old Springfield Cemetery, near New Middletown, Ohio. Since it was a free cemetery, no record of burials was ever kept. Many of the tombstones there are so weather-beaten that it is impossible to read them for identification. Known children of Jacob and Catherine's marriage were: Elizabeth Kale, Catherine, ADAM, George, William, Daniel, Sarah(m. McElhaney), Mary(m,. Schriver), and John. The following is a record of what is known about Jacob's first son, ADAM. Adam was born on April 3, 1791, in Little York, N.Y., and died on March 11, 1842, in New Middletown, Ohio. Adam was married at Gettysburg, PA, to Hannah Story(or Store), who was born on January 3, 1799, near Gettysburg, PA, and died on December 22, 1887, in New Middletown, Ohio. After their wedding ceremony at Gettysburg, Adam and Hannah took off on horseback and travelled over the mountains and through the forests of Pennsylvania, crossed the Ohio River near East Liverpool, Ohio, and settled at New Middletown, Ohio, where their ten children were born. Some sources say his wife, Hannah, was all or part Indian, and that she looked like an Indian. Children of this marriage were George, Jacob, who was born in Beaver County, Pa., on April 5, 1819, and was a pioneer of Fulton Co., Indiana, as well as a respected Methodist minister for 40 years, SOLOMON - predecessor of ALLISON, born March 30, 1854, then SAMUEL ROY - born February 7, 1886, then ROBERT TYNDALE - born July 30, 1912, then (deleted by editor), born July 6, 1940, tracing the lineage to the present day. After Adam and Hannah raised their family of nine sons, the remaining names of whom are Daniel, William, Michael, Elick, John and Adam, and one daughter, Sarah (m. Livingston), and after Adam had served as a Veteran of Foreign Wars, they died and were buried in New Middletown, Ohio. On Adam's tombstone, his last name is spelled WITTENBERGER. One of the few remaining descendents of Jacob and Adam Wittenberger is Diana Pershing, who lives in New Middletown, Ohio, and who provided the data on the family of Daniel, her grandfather.

This is a copy of the military record verification.
BOX 232

May 25, 1967


This is to certify that on JACOB WERTEMBERGER was enrolled sometime during the period 1777-1778 as a Private, Captain Philip Krick's Eighth Company, Fourth Battalion, Berks County Militia, according to the evidence of Berks County Fine Book, page 44.

It was signed by William H. Work, Chief
Division of Archives & Manuscripts

Compiled by:Peter Whittenberger

This was trasnlated from German written in an old family bible.
My name was Ana Gertrud Frommann before I was married. My father's name was Baltbacher Frommann born at Wolferhausen. My mother's name was Ana Elizebeth Dann, born at Alternbrunslar.

My husband Salamon, father's name was Adam. born Launti Ohio. His mother's name was Hanna Store born in Maryland, Penn.

Whoever borrows this book should bring it back home after he is done with it. That will be nice.

May 1, 1879 Hatley St. Staschan, Mercer Launti Penn.

This bible belongs to Allason Wehttenberger. He was born in the year of the Lord 1854 March 30, Thursday 9(?).

I bought this bible from Mr. Derr in Greenville for six dollars.

Ana Gertrud Wehttenberger has bought this holy book. I was born 1827, 31st of July. Kurhesen ----Amtfelsberg County Altenbrunslar.

May the 19th 1843 I left Germany for America with my mother, father, brother and sister. And we landed in Baltimore July the 24th after we were on the sea for six weeks and we came to Lewiston Aug. the 9th. Bieler Launti Ohio. Christ is my life.

Compiled by:Peter Whittenberger

Ancestors and Descendants of Solomon and Gertrude Whittenberger

One thing is certain, the ancestors of the Whittenbergers were in America during Colonial Days and before the Revolutionary War. Jacob, grandfather of Solomon, was born in Eastern Pennsylvania in 1757. Little is known about him, but the 1800 United States Census shows him living in Bedford Co., Pa. In 1801 he moved west to Beaver Co., Pa., then on to Trumbull Co., Ohio, where he lived until his death in 1829. He was an early member of the Old Springfield Evangelical and Reform Church near New Middletown, Ohio. The 150th Anniversary Book of this Church, published in 1953, states that Jacob worked 11 1/2 days on the new Church in 1803.

On April 27, 1829, his Will was filed in the Courthouse at Warren, Trumbull Co., Ohio. This Will gives the names of 12 of his 18 children, who grew to maturity, and one step-child. His name was spelled "Wettenbarger" on the Will, while in various Bibles it was spelled "Wittenberger" and "Wehttenbarger". The Will left the Homestead at Poland, Ohio to his widow, Hannah, for her lifetime, then to his three children by this second wife, who was a widow before she married Jacob. He left other property in Poland to the children of his deceased daughter Mary (married name Schriver) and some personal property to his step-daughter Rachael Lewis. To the seven children by his first wife, Catherine Engle, he left 277 acres, 125 perch of land in Beaver Co., Pa., where he formerly lived.

His grave, his first wife's grave and many of his family and the families of his sons, Adam and George, are located in the Old Springfield Cemetary, near New Middletown, Ohio. Since it was a free cemetary, not a Church cemetary, no record of burials was ever kept. Many, many tombstones are so weather-beaten that it is impossible to read them for identification.

Jacob                           Married             Catherine Engle
(b)  ?  ?  1757                                     (b)  ?  ?  1761
Eastern Pennsylvania                                Eastern Pa. or Maryland
(d) February  1829                                  (d)  April 1, 1807 - 46 years
Poland, Ohio                                        Poland, Ohio

Known children of this marriage were:
Elizabeth Kale, Catherine, Adam, George, William, Daniel, Sarah (married to Robert McElhaney), Mary (married name Schriver), John.

Following is a record of what is known about Jacob's five sons by his first wife:

ADAM (oldest son)               Married at          Hannah Story or Store
(b)  April 3, 1791              Gettysburg, Pa.     (b) January 3, 1799
Little York, N.Y.                                   near Gettysburg, Pa.
(d)  March 11, 1842                                 (d)  December 22, 1887
New Middletown, Ohio                                New Middletown, Ohio

Children of this marriage were:
George, Jacob, Solomon, Daniel, William, Michael, Elick, John, Sarah (married name Livingston), Adam.

After the wedding ceremony at Gettysburg, Pa., he and his wife took off on horseback and traveled over the mountains and forests of Pennsylvania, crossed the Ohio River near East Liverpool, Ohio and settled at New Middletown, Ohio, where their ten children were born. He was a private in the 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment in the War of 1812 and a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. His name is spelled "Wittenberger" on his tombstone and he was the father of Solomon. Some sources say his wife, Hannah, was all or part Indian and that she looked like an Indian.

GEORGE (2nd son)                Married             Catherine ?
(b)January 24, 1793                                 (b)January 24, 1786
(d) November 27, 1865 - 72 years                    (d)  November 30, 1859 - 73 years
New Middletown, Ohio                                New Middletown, Ohio

WILLIAM (3rd son)               Married at          Joanne Sippy
(b)  March 30, 1795              Virginia           (b) December 23, 1792
Bedford Co., Pa               Sept, 12, 1816        Virginia
(d)  April 28, 1878                                 (d)  May 11, 1884 - 92 years
Akron, Ind.                                         Akron, Ind.

Children of this marriage were:
William Jr., Daniel, Jacob, Joseph, Hiram, Abram, John, Stephen, Isaac, Thomas, Clarissa born May 10, 1860.

William moved from Beaver Co., Pa. to Medina, Ohio in 1831. On July 1, 1836, he moved from Medina, Ohio to Fulton Co., Indiana were free land was offered by the United States Government to Homesteaders. They went by covered wagon with 47 others and had to make their own roads. They settled in the Wabash Valley and founded the town of Akron, Indiana. At that time nobody livedin this vicinity but Indians. William's wife, Joanne Sippy, was one-half Indian.

DANIEL was the 4th oldest son of Jacob. He followed William to Indiana in 1837 and settled in Peru, Ind. near Akron. Nothing is known of how he married or names of his children.

JOHN was the youngest son of Jacob. He died on March 20, 1824, or about 5 years before Jacob's death, ages 22 years, 10 months and is buried in the Old Springfield Cemetary, New Middletown, Ohio. Whether he ever married is unknown.

ONE OF the few remaining descendants of Jacob and Adam, who still lives in New Middletown, Ohio is Diana Pershing, who supplied the data on the family of Daniel, her Grandfather and son of Adam and grandson of Jacob.

DANIEL                           Married            Catherine
(b)  August 30, 1829                               (b) August 27, 1830
(d)  May 6, 1897                                   (d)  June 2, 1928 - 98 years
New Middletown, Ohio                                New Middletown, Ohio

Children of this marriage were:
Catherine or Kate, Cevilla, Minerva, Mary, Jeffrey, John, Ezra, Chance, Diana, who married a man named Pershing.

Jacob's second wife was Hannah Lewis, a widow, whose birth and death dates are unknown.

Children of this marriage were:
Hannah, Joseph, Eliza.

Compiled by:Peter Whittenberger

Parents of Anna Gerturde (Frommann) Whittenberger

Balthaser Frommann Married Elizabeth Dann (b) June 10, 1791 (b) November 5, 1800 Wolfergausen, Germany Itenbrumsler, Germany (d) April 6, 1868 (d) February 18, 1878 Mercer Co., Pa. Mercer Co., Pa.

Both buried in Jerusalem Evangelical & Reform Cemetary, near Greenville, Pa.

Children of this marriage were:
                               Anna Katrina, Heinrich and Anna Gertrude.

Anna Katrina married a man named Shaffer. Their daughter Nettie was born Sept. 16, 1879 and married Thos. Wilson and now lives in Youngstown, Ohio. Heinrich or Henry, was born in Germany Sept. 18, 1831 and died aboard ship from Rio de Janario to San Francisco, California on April 11, 1852 with yellow fever. He was sick only 3 days and was 20 years, 6 months, 20 days old. He was on his way to the California gold fields and Solomon Whittenberger was with him and Solomon married Anna Gertrude.
The Frommanns left Germany on May 19, 1843 and landed in Baltimore, Md. six weeks later on July 24, 1843. They settled in Beaver Township, Ohio on August 7, 1843.
Balthaser Frommann's father, of Anna Gertrude's grandfather, was killed in the battle of Waterloo in 1814, fighting against Napoleon. He was a composer of music and played the violin.
Anna Gertrude was a gerat student of the Bible and her old German Bible is now in the Harvard University Library, put there by Dr. Jas. L. Whittenberger, son of Samuel R. Whittenberger. She predicted long before 1900 that we would fly through the air like the birds, swim in the oceans like the fish and travel on land by machines. Also that women would wear men's clothing.

Solomon Whittenberger            Married            Anna Gertrude Frommann
(b)  July 15, 1827            March 22, 1849        (b) July 31, 1827
New Middletown, Ohio                at              Altenbrunsler, Amtfelsburg, Kur Hessen Kassel, Germany
(d)  June 6, 1896           New Middletown, OH      (d)  February 3, 1907
Mercer Co., Pa.                                     Mercer Co., Pa.

Both buried in Jerusalem Evangelical & Reform Cemetary, near Greenville, Pa.

Children of this marriage were:
Mary Jane, Harriett, William Henry, Allison, Daniel, John Balthaser, Susanna Gertrude, Infant (not named) in 1860, Infant (not named) in 1861, Solomon (born June 11, 1862, died October 30, 1863 - age 1 year and 4 months), Phillip Lewis, Eli, Lydia Anna, Catherine Elizabeth (born January 16, 1870, died April 22, 1873 - age 3 years, 3 months), Anna Gertrude, David.

Those who lived to maturity and had families are as follows:


Mary Jane Whittenberger          Married            James Hervey Patterson
(b)  January 8, 1850                                (b) February 9, 1847
New Middletown, Ohio                
(d)  August 19, 1896                                (d)  July 4, 1922
Mercer Co., Pa.                                     Mercer Co., Pa.

Both buried in Hadley Cemetary, Hadley, Pa.

     CHILDREN                  GRANDCHILDREN                GREAT GRANDCHILDREN
ALBERT LESLIE               Frank Albert (unmarried)
(b) March 31, 1886
(d) April 14, 1964          Warren Earl
(m) Florence Pearl Dilley  (m) Pearl Swartz                    no children
(b) January 15, 1886
(d) Spetember 8, 1947       George Howard                      Dallas Howard
                            (m) Pauline Fondahn                Katherine Lee

                            Florence Josephine                 Frederick Albert
                            (m) Quincy Brostmeyer              Pearl Marie (d)

                            John Lewis                         Daniel James (d)
                            (m) Inez Kostenbader               John Arthur
                                                               George Clinton

Sarah Gertrude              Ethel Lucille                      Carl Howard
(b) December 28, 1887       (m) Howard Alexander               (m) Carlin Dill
(m) William Alfred Kitch    Lawrence Clifford                  Alfred Linn
(b) August 18, 1881         (m) Mary Elizabeth McKay           James Lawrence (d)
(d) August 10, 1859                                            Sarah Jean
                                                               William Francis

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
HARRIETT (b) January 29, 1851 New Middletown, Ohio (d) December 8, 1932 Mercer Co., Pa. (m) William Quinn (b) September 22, 1850 (d) February 12, 1926 Mercer Co, Pa. Both buried in Hadley Cemetary, Hadley Pa. Mary Annis (b) January 1, 1881 (d) March 21, 1958 (m) John Hubler No children (b) February 11, 1879 (d) September 29, 1957 Florence Bell (b) June, 1882 (d) May 27, 1949 (m) Richard Campbell No children (b) August 7, 1879 (d) February 3, 1934 Nettie Alice (b) February 1, 1884 (d) September 3, 1884 Grace Luella William Herbert Robert Forgus (b) April 23, 1886 (m) Isabelle Kildoo Herbert Carl (d) Richard James (m) Carl Smith (b) January 22, 1885 Hazel Maxine Richard DeWyane (d) November 15, 1916 (m) Norman Grimm (m) Patricia Sweney Norma Grace (m) William James Taylor Joyce Elaine Russell Neil Second husband Marilyn Smith Albert Weaver Second husband William Warder Stokely (b) 1895 No children (d) March 16, 1918 Third husband William George Sapper (b) July 31, 1879 No children (d) September 4, 1956
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
WILLIAM HENRY John (b) May 23, 1888 (b) June 10, 1913 (d) (d) November 10, 1918 (m) Laura Alverta Long (b) June 10, 1884 (d) Clara Harriett Helen Ruth Joann Lee (b) April 25, 1893 (m) Jos. McMunigle Robert Hart (d) March 10, 1958 Marilyn Ruth (m) John Oliver Hart Patricia Ann (b) March 4, 1884 (d) March 26, 1955 Virginia Grace Dennis Eugene (m) Edward Nichols Dale Edward June Louise Howard Leland Carol Idella (m) Elsie Mae Patterson (m) Everett Knapp John Howard (m) June Smith James Elmer (m) Barbara Goss Norma Mae Richard Allen John Duane (b) January 15, 1925 (d) February 11, 1925 William Henry (b) August 4, 1852 at New Middletown, Ohio (d) May 1, 1929 at Mercer Co., Pa. (m) Rose Etta McFarlan (b) May 3, 1856 (d) August 31, 1931 at Mercer Co., PA Both buried Mill Creek Cemetary, Fredonia, Pa.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
MARY GERTRUDE (b) June 7, 1876 (d) October 10, 1939 (m) Charles A. Evert No children Ida Florence (b) 1878 (d) 1957 (m) James Beckel No children Lottie (b) 1883 Not married (d) August 3, 1902
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
ALLISON (b) March 30, 1854 in Mercer Co., PA (d) December 31, 1936 in Mercer Co., PA (m) Minnie Stewart (b) October 15, 1857 (d) December 8, 1890 in Mercer Co., PA (m) Second wife Viola James (b) March 13, 1869 (d) July 12, 1936 in Mercer Co., PA All buried in Haldey Cemetary, Hadley, PA. All children by first wife. Mary Emma Allison LeRoy Robert Allison (b) April 11, 1880 (m) Mary Edith Tucker (m) Laverne Prestage (d) April 16, 1965 (m) Carl LeRoy Fisher (b) August 12, 1880 Charles Burnette Charles Bruce (d) January 8, 1967 (m) Mary Agnes Carr (m) Fay Edwards Geraldine Louis Robert Henry, Jr. (m) Robert Henry Gainard Ralph Arnold Ellen Judith (m) Eleanor Dessamenn Jean Louise James Floyd Helen Ball Lee (b) July 1, 1882 (m) Samuel Smith Porter Fletcher Smith (d) September 12, 1939 (m) Leida Bell (b) March 7, 1883 (d) Samuel Roy Robert Tyndale Emily Jean (b) February 7, 1886 (m) Maxine Carol Wegener (m) James Richard Tufeno (d) February 13, 1973 (m) Nellie Alvilda Dawson Robert Dale (b) August 7, 1885 Carol Jane (d) January 28, 1967 buried Acacia Mem. Park James Laverre John Leslie - Seattle (m) Jean Margaret Stockfisch Thomas Wilson Peter Stuart Gladys Mae Phillip Lavoe (m) Harry Kennetch Wood Catherine Louise (m) Thomas Shives, Jr. Ethel Louise Michael Allen (m) Murphy James (m) Colleen Margaret Kellott Robert James Mary Jean Patricia Louise (m) Williem West McCullough Jennifer Kay Wiliam Virgil Claude R. (b) May 8, 1889 (d) August 29, 1952 No children (m) Ethel Orlena Bales On June 22, 1922 (b) November 9, 1894 (d) Continued Compiled by:Peter Whittenberger

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