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Additional Surnames found in Biographies

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SurnameFound in biography for:
BAKERWilliam Plank
BAYARDDavid Freemyer
BOWERDavid Freemyer
GLENTZERWilliam PlankLewis Plank
JOHNSTONDavid Freemyer
KNOXWilliam Plank
LOUCKSDavid Freemyer
MAYBERRYBaker family
MAYNARDDavid Freemyer
MILLERBaker familyWilliam Plank
PLANKBaker family
ROUSHWilliam Plank
SHREEVESDavid Freemyer
SIBERRYWilliam PlankLewis Plank
SILLDavid Freemyer
VININGBaker family
WALTERSBaker family
WEBSTERBaker family

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