2001 Reunion Photos

Here are some pictures from Century Center on Saturday night. If you took some photos and would like for them to be put online please E-mail me and we'll work that out!!

Jerrianne McClure Rain and Kerry Allin haven't seen each other in a while.Rob Furlong and Maury Fisher reminisce about homeroom.

Wendy Stapleton, DiAnn Schreiber Becker, Marsha Mennucci and Nancy White seem to be having fun.Denise Hartz Rogers and Dave Shultz catch up.

Brian Hart, Robin Curtis Hart, Janet Thompson Leazenby and Jill Yazel Speraw think the photographer is pretty funny.Deb Moore Stockberger, Corrine Pluta Kjeldsen and Bonnie Wenslow Lawton watch old friends come in.

I think the photographer about has it.
Trying to get ready for the big class photo.

Rob Furlong and his wife arrive.Paul Bilinski, Gina Stemmer Wirt
and Tom Dockery pose by the ice sculpture.

Bonnie Wenslow Lawton, Kate Kasper Coleman, Frank LaPierre and his wife, Jack Lamb and Mike Harvey chat after dinner.Deb Moore Stockberger, Diane Campbell Lovin, Jonathan Shapero and Janet Thompson Leazenby give us a smile.

Kevin Trethewey and his lovely wife.Tim Kovas, Jonathan Shapero
and Marsha Mennucci.
What a good looking group!

Linda Yendes Ryker and Paula Gaus Turk give Tom Leazenby the scoop on his wife's high school escapades.Jonathan Shapero and Deb Moore Stockberger welcome everyone to the reunion.

Will we ever get this class picture taken?

Deb Simpson Murray, Linda Van der Hagen Dix and Bruce Woodford greet guests.Jan Marshall McKinstry, Rosalyn Thomas, Janet Thompson and Martha Parker catch up with each other.

Ken Nelson, Jan Marshall McKinstry and Joe Morrow.Nuner's alumni get their picture taken.

Senior Class President, Jonathon Shapero, gives the toast before dinner.Vicki Roland, Steve Grise, Pamela Berman and Jonathon Shapero share a laugh about old times.

Chuck Csiszar gives Penny Harris Vidmar a laugh!Doug Knapp seems surprised to see someone.

Dave Shultz, Deb Simpson Murray, Mike Sondergard, Dan Scott and Bruce Manuel enjoy the evening.

Bruce Douglas looks ready to have a good time!Kevin Shaw, I would have recognized you anywhere!

There's no sibling rivalry between Mae Davis Hamilton and Bruford Davis.Mike Howard, Mae Davis Hamilton and Bruford Davis smile for the camera.

What a group! Martha Parker, Mae Davis Hamilton, Bruford Davis, Jan Marshall McKinstry and Rosalyn Thomas. Bruford is a lucky guy!Jack Lamb and Bruford Davis catch up on the last 25 years.

George Ushela, Bruce Douglas and Bruford Davis still look as handsome as ever.Mae Davis Hamilton poses with her brother's (Bruford Davis) wife.

Jack Lamb, Bruford Davis and Mike Howard give us a smile.Kevin Shaw, Jan Marshall McKinstry, Bruce Douglas and Rosalyn Thomas are happy to see old friends.

Steven Harden and Paul Daniels pose for the photographer.

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