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SurnameFound in biography for:
ABELSchiess family
BINFORDSamuel Harden
BRANHAMGeorge Chittenden
BROWNGeorge Chittenden
BUTLERHowell Thompson
CARTERJohn McClure
CASEYSchiess family
CRAVENHowell Thompson
DAVISAmos Underwood
DIVENEnos Adamson
EMMERTSchiess family
FESSLERLewis Johnson
FOSTERJohn McClure
GRIFFITHRandal Biddle
HOUTHSchiess family
HUNTGeorge Chittenden
JONESGeorge Chittenden
KANNYSchiess family
KENNEYSchiess family
KILGOREWilliam FlemingHowell Thompson
KINGGeorge NicholSamuel Harden
KIRKSchiess family
LEAVITTGeorge Chittenden
McALLISTERThomas FlemingRandal Biddle
McCALLJohn McClure
McCULLOUGHGeorge Nichol
McMAHANRandal Biddle
METTSWilliam DeHority
MULCAHYSchiess family
MYBAUGHSchiess family
NEELYSchiess family
NEWMANHowell Thompson
PIERSEHowell Thompson
ROBINSONGeorge NicholAlonzo Makepeace
SCHIESSchiess family
SCHMUCKSchiess family
SEAMONBazil Neely
SHERMANHowell Thompson
SLAUGHTERLewis Johnson
STEFFINSchiess family
STONERSchiess family
SUMANBazil NeelyHester Neely
SWAINSamuel Harden
THOMASAmos Underwood
THUMMAWilliam Fleming
TOMSSchiess family
VANDYKESamuel Q. Markle
WAGNERSchiess family
WALLACESchiess family
WARNERSchiess family

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