Effie Louisa Hann, was the second child of Daniel and Nancy Hann. As far as we know she was born near Inwood, Marshall County, Indiana. Inwood is located 7 miles east of Plymouth and was laid out Dec 29, 1854. It originally contained 18 lots and was known as Pearsonville. As a matter of convenience the railroad changed its name to Inwood, by which it is known today.

When Effie was five years old (1880) the family lived in Walnut, Marshall County, Indiana. Located 12 miles south of Plymouth, it was laid out April 16, 1866 and contained 83 lots. Originally known as Fredericksburg the railroad changed its name to Walnut. This was a common practice during the mid - late 1800's. In the early years of it's history Walnut was known as "Possum Trot", a nickname it earned because of the large number of opossums that were found in that section of the county.

Effie most likely attended the Bodey School, District # 8, in the village of Walnut. This school was located on the West side of Michigan Road about 1/4 mile north of State Road 110. The school building was sold at auction in 1887.

There is no evidence of the Hann family ever being fortunate enough to have their own phone, however, the first telephone in Marshall County was installed late in 1878 although it wasn't until 1881 that a phone was installed in Plymouth.

Effie and Frank Hattery were married in 1890. Benjamin Harrison was President. During the early years of Effie and Frank's married life, America was experiencing a great panic and depression. When we hear the term "Stock Market Crash" and "The Great Depression" we think first of 1929. However, in 1893 the Federal Gold Reserves fell below the safe minimum. Panic ensued leading to a Stock Market Crash. Four million are unemployed. Six Hundred Banks failed, fifteen thousand businesses are declared bankrupt, one third of all railroads are broke, and farm mortgages are foreclosed. Grover Cleveland begins his second term as President. This depression lasts until 1897.

Six Children were born to the Hattery Family. Three during this Great Depression. It isn't known how Frank supported his family during these early years but we know he was eventually employed by the Erie Railroad as evidenced by this newspaper account in The Evening Sentinel, Rochester, Indiana, Dec 1, 1908 "Oscar Moore and Frank Hattery employees of the Erie, got laid off for a few days. Yes, times are getting better".

Everett Hattery, first child of Effie and Frank, married Alberta Cooper. About 1937 Everett and Alberta made their home in Blue Island, Illinois. This marriage was not blessed with children.

Funeral services for Everett F. Hattery, 51, who passed away at his home in Blue Island, Ill., from arteriosclerosis, were held at the Zimmerman Brothers funeral home Monday afternoon and burial was made in the I.O.O.F. Cemetery here. Mr. Hattery resided in Rochester for a score of years where he was employed as a telephone maintenance man for the Erie railroad and he also operated an insurance and real estate business for several years. At the time of his demise he was employed as towerman for the Grand Trunk railroad at Blue Island. The Hatterys left Rochester about six years ago. Everett F. Hattery was born May 5th, 1891, at Inwood, Ind. his parents were Frank and Effie Hattery. In 1923 he was united in marriage with Alberta Cooper in a ceremony solemnized at Chicago. The deceased was a member of the Masonic order. Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Alberta Hattery, who is confined in the Billings hospital at Chicago; two sisters, Mrs. Guy Books and Mrs. William Moore, both of Rochester; two brothers, Ora Hattery, of Fort Wayne and Ernest Hattery, of Plymouth; and his father, Frank Hattery, of Plymouth.

Mrs. Alberta Hattery, 50, former Rochester resident, died at 7p.m. Thursday evening at the Billings Hospital, Chicago, from a heart ailment following a lengthy illness. Mrs. Hattery was the daughter of Albert and Adele Cooper. She was born January 15, 1893 at Chicago and moved to Rochester in 1927. She was united in marriage August 29, 1923 to Everett Hattery, who preceded her in death in March of this year. The deceased was well known in Rochester, and was a member of the Rochester Baptist Church and the Rochester Order of the Eastern Star. Survivors are : two sister - in - laws; Mrs. Guy Books and Mrs. William Moore, both of Rochester, and many nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be held at the Zimmerman Bros. Funeral home at 2 p.m. Monday, with the Rev. Harry Bailey of Rochester in charge of the rites. Members of the Eastern Star will assist Rev. Bailey. Burial will be made at the Rochester I.O.O.F. cemetery. The body will arrive from Chicago at 11 a.m. Saturday and will be taken to the Zimmerman Brothers funeral home where friends may pay their last respects.

Ellen, the second child, first daughter of Effie and Frank, spent her life in the Fulton County area. She was the wife of Guy Victor Books. Ellen and Guy were the parents of one son, Everett Books. There appears to have been some animosity between Ellen and her sister Charlotte. I don't know the origin of these hard feelings, but it seems to have something to do with the distribution of Effie's estate, following her death. The feeling is that Ellen and Everett somehow got more than their fair share. I don't know the details or if this was fact or illusion.

Obituary Logansport Press Logansport, Indiana Feb 28, 196O
Mrs Ellen Hattery Books, 66 years, of 171 Pontiac died at 12:05 pm Saturday at her home. In ill health for one year she had been seriously ill the past two weeks. Born August 16, 1893, in Akron, she was the daughter of Frank and Effie Hahn Hattery. Her marriage on Oct 11, 1911, in Peru was to Guy V. Books.

Survivors are the husband; a son Everett of here; a grandaughter, Mrs. Darrrell Wesner; a brother, Ernest Hattery, Lapaz; a number of nieces and nephews.

Friends may call after 7pm this evening at the Zimmerman Brothers Funeral Home. Rites will be there at 2 pm Tuesday with the Reverend James Shumacher of the Presbyterian church officiating. Burial will be in the Rochester IOOF Cemetery.

Charlotte Miranda was the third blessed event in the life of Effie and Frank. Charlotte was very close to her grandparents Daniel and Nancy Hann. According to my mother, Margaret (Moore) Carr, Charlotte and her mother were not close.

1903 brought the arrival of twins, Leora and Leonora Hattery. Leonora passed away at age 1 month, 21 days. Many infants continued to die of childhood disease during these pre-antibiotic days. Penicillin wasn't discovered until twenty five years later by Sir Alexander Fleming in 1928, but didn't become available for general use until the 1950's.

Fulton County, Indiana, Obits - Bios , 1901 - 1904 Sentinel By Tombaugh, PAGE 132 Saturday, May 16,1903 Leonora [Hattery], the infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Francis Hattery, residing in the northwest part of town, died this afternoon of whooping cough. Funeral probably next Monday. PAGE 133 [Leonora Hattery] The little daughter of Francis Hattery, who died Saturday of Whooping cough, was buried this afternoon. She leaves a twin brother and her parents to mourn. The funeral was conducted by Rev. Showley.

Leora called Ora by the family, contracted measles during his childhood. Complications left him with a mental impairment. Margaret (Moore) Carr refers to her Uncle Ora as slow. Ora built a house, in Plymouth, Marshall County, where the Ridge Company Parking lot is now. This house was later sold to Charlotte and her husband William. Following their deaths, sons William and Marvin lived in the house until it was bought by the Ridge Company and torn down to make way for the parking lot. I remember this house, it was white and very small.

Ora's wife's name was Marjorie Boyce. They had no children and were divorced. I'm not sure how long their marriage lasted. Ora who had lost most of his sight was struck by a car and killed while going to the mailbox, in Farmersburg, Indiana.

In this letter from Leora Hattery to Andrew L. Hattery of Blaine, Washington, Leora talks about his family. Andrew provided me with a copy of this letter in 1996 "Leora Hattery, Farmersburg, In. 47850, Oct. 5, 1968 Hello, I am well and my 2 dogs and 1 black tomcat are 2. I am a bout blind yet. Sept. 1967 I was operated on for catarahs. If I wouldn't done that I would B. stone blind now.

Charley Hattery had a family. He was here and he is dead now. But I heard his family moved 2 Musouri. Charley was my dads cousin. And his brothers name was William. He died at Logansport Ind. He had my mothers aunt Margrit and had 2 boy I hear living at Plymouth, Ind. There my mothers cousin. My second cousin on my mothers side. And third cousin on dads side. A Inglish women lived near my grandmother Ellen Hann with her. Granddad died in 1916. In 1922 I heard that English person tell my grandmother Ellen Hann that she was my aunt. And 1/4 Inglish. And that my mother and dad was 4 cousins.

My dad had 3 brothers. Pete Hattery of Waynesfield Ohio. And Alton Hattery of Lima Ohio. And Warren Hattery of near Akron Ind. He lived 2-B nearly 100 years old. Him and All and my dad died in the same year I heard. That was queer. Wasn't it. Warren was the oldest. Pete was next. He died about 1913. I think. You no when that year was- It was 1950 something. And my dad was there brother. Frank Hattery. Him and Warren and Pete and Alton were my uncles. My mothers mother was Ellen Hann. He got out here from New Jersey For his sister had mairied William Moslander at new Jirsey and the government give them a homestead where Indianapolis Ind is now. Thats how they got outhere. 1 year long time ago a 1/2 breed indian named William Moslander of New Jersey went in the indian reserve and got out my granddads mother, Dan Hann was my grandad married George Sniders girl or my mothers mother. George Snyder was my mothers granddady you see. Maby you heard of Bill Hattery that had been at Akron Ind. and he went out there 4 miles No of Inwood to live with George Snyder. To help him, On a little farm as Snider was reel old. And Bill Hattery married their daughter which was my mothers aunt Margrit. Well I heard by my near people That Bill Hattery was helping George Snyder cut a big tree. And it fell on Snyder and killed him. And the gosipy neighbors cused Bill of killing him on purpos. And that was a axident. Why would Bill kill him when he would get the 60 acres anyhow at Snyders death. But you no how people will but in when anything happens like that. That worried Bill. he died as a patient at Logansport Ind. silem. Did you ever here about in Ohio somewhere they lived. The mother and childrens house burned. My dad was 9 years old. And Pete was the oldest boy. He kept the rest from burning. There mother was working out then, The children played with matches. Ok Call was the oldest 1 He and pete? Warren? Alton and Frank. My mother had a brother named Andy Hann. A son of Dan Hann. A civil war man. Then they moved 2 Ind. as they had relation there. 4 milles N. of Inwood Ind. Inwoods 7 miles E. of Plymouth on R. 30. I lived there and I came here at Farmersburg Ind. in 1945. Its warmer here. I am 65. How did you ever find me? Well I hope this helps you 2 recall relation. Let me no what will you? I don't think there are any Hatterys in the U.S.A. Only are relation. I have always noticed names on radios and everwhere I hear names. Well Goolby. Ans. But come here if you ever get a chance. Now it 2:30Pm. Temp. 62." I have left the original spelling intact.

Ernest Hattery was the youngest of the Hattery family. I remember Uncle Ernie, he was a very pleasant and happy gentleman. We would stop to visit them when we were going to visit Uncle Billy and Uncle Marvin, who lived further down the street from Uncle Ernie's trailer (after the sale of their house in town), his wife Aunt Inez is still living. Ernest and Inez had two daughters. Ellen June lived one day, and Freida, who lives in Plymouth, Indiana 1st married Dennis Johnson. Freida married Gailen Johnson June 6, 1998. Her children are Cynthia Kay and Dennis.

Obituary March 4, 1991
Earnest F. Hattery, 83, 2733 W.12th Road, died 8:44 am Saturday, at Miller's Merry Manor, Plymouth.

Mr. Hattery was a lifetime resident of Plymouth. He retired from Oliver Farm Equipment at South Bend, and prior that, had worked on the Pennsylvania Railroad.

He was born April 2, 1907, the son of Francis and Effie Hann Hattery. He married Inez Bradley, May 10, 1937. She survives.

Also surviving are one daughter, Frieda Johnson, Plymouth: two grandchildren, and three great- grandchildren. One daughter, Ellen June prececed him in death.

Funeral services will be 2pm Tuesday at Johnson Funeral Home. Burial will follow at Oakhill Cemetery. Friends may call Monday, 2-4 and -9pm, at Johnson Funeral Home.

In 1924 Effie is granted a divorce. The Court Order also restores her maiden name Effie Hawn. After her divorce Effie had a close relationship with Albert Lauer of Plymouth, Indiana.

Obituary Monday, September 19, 1932 - The News Sentinel
Mrs Effie Hattery Hann, of 112 Sering Street, Plymouth, passed away in the Marshall county hospital Sunday afternoon at 4:45 o'clock. Death resulted following an operation on the deceased, who has suffered from a complication of diseases since August 16th. Mrs Hann was a former resident of Athens from where she removed to Plymouth some time ago.

Effie (Hann), daughter of Daniel and Ellen Hann, was born on a farm near Inwood, Ind., on March 15th, 1875 and was united in marriage in October of the year 1889. Survivors are three sons, Everett Hattery, of Chicago; Ora Hattery and Ernest Hattery of Plymouth, and two daughters, Mrs. Guy Books, of Rochester and Mrs. William Moore, of near Athens.

Funeral services in charge of the Rev. Slaybaugh of Akron will be held Wednesday afternoon at two o'clock at the Zimmerman Brothers Funeral home in this city. Burial will be made in the Rochester I.O.O.F. Cemetery. The body will lie in state at the funeral home until the hour of the funeral.

Frank Hattery's grandaughter Margaret Moore shares these memories of her grandfather: I was probably eighteen when he died. Grandpa Hattery lived behind us in a boarding house. This lady took in boarders. I don't know how many she had. We'd go over to the house to see him and we'd sit with Alice, that's the lady he boarded with, and she'd tell us ghost stories. She believed in ghosts. She'd tell us ghost stories that would really make your hair stand up and she was always talking about tokens, knocks on the window or knocks on the door and there'd be no one there. That'd be a sign that someone was going to die. Someone did die when you heard a token. (Mom's still superstitious) The ghost was some man at the foot of her bed and stuff like that. She was a mean old lady. She had a flowing well at her house, one of those artisian wells that flowed automatically.

Grandpa, the one thing that always made me mad was he liked limburger cheese and she wouldn't let him eat limburger cheese at her house so he'd bring it over to our house to eat it. Oh that limburger cheese stunk something awful. Grandpa taught me how to play rummy, a card game. He was happy as long as he'd win and he'd play with me, when I got old enough to win he wouldn't play anymore. He was real childish like that.

He'd let me shave him. If I wanted a nickel I'd have to shave him. Candy Grandpa liked was Horehound. He'd come to our house with pockets full of Horehound, we didn't like it so he didn't have to share that.

Grandpa liked to gossip. He'd go around and visit people and then he'd come over and talk about them. He was the only man I knew that would talk about people like that. I wondered if he liked anybody cause he was always talking about somebody.

Descendants of Effie Louisa Hann:

1 Effie Louisa Hann b: March 15, 1875 in Inwood, Marshall County, Indiana d September 18, 1932 in Plymouth, Marshall
County, Indiana +Francis Marion Hattery m: October 11, 1890 in Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana b: November 01, 1868 in
Auglaize County, Ohio d: July 12, 1952 in Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana Marriage ending: January 05, 1925 in
Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana
2 Everett Francis Hattery b: May 05, 1891 in Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana d: March 15, 1943 in Blue Island, Illinois
+Alberta Cooper m: August 29, 1923 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois b: January 15, 1893 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
d: 1943 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.
2 Ellen Hattery b: August 16, 1893 in Fulton County, Indiana d: February 27, 1960 in Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana
+Guy Victor Gordon Books m: October 11, 1911 in Peru, Miami County, Indiana b: May 19, 1888 in Miami County, Indiana
d: 1986
2 Charlotte Miranda Hattery b: December 28, 1895 in Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana d: May 28, 1957 in Plymouth,
Marshall County, Indiana
+Bert Greer m: May 17, 1913 in Fulton County, Indiana b: Unknown d: Unknown Marriage ending: 1931
*2nd Husband of [1] Charlotte Miranda Hattery:
William Franklin Moore m: August 08, 1932 in Athens, Henry Twp., Fulton County, Indiana b: September 10, 1881 in Fulton
County, Indiana d: March 09, 1950 in Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana Marriage ending: March 09, 1950 in Plymouth,
Marshall County, Indiana
2 Leanora Hattery b: March 25, 1903 d: May 09, 1903 in Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana
2 Leora George Hattery b: March 25, 1903 in Fulton County, Indiana d: March 17, 1973 in Farmersburg, Indiana
+Marjorie Boyce m: 1932 b: 1910 in South Bend, St Joseph County, Indiana d: Unknown
2 Ernest Franklin Hattery b: April 02, 1907 in Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana d: March 02, 1991 in Plymouth, Marshall
County, Indiana
+Inez Eva Bradley m: May 10, 1937 in Plymouth, Marshall county, Indiana b: February 23, 1920 in Culver, Marshall County,

Submitted by: Roberta Wunder
Excerpts from her book "History of the Hann Family 1822 - 1999"

Mollie Hann was the first child of Daniel and Nancy Hann.

According to her obituary Mollie was born in Miami County, we know from census records that the family lived many years in Marshall County. It appears that Mollie's family moved frequently. After reaching adulthood Daniel and his family were found living in a different location with each subsequent census.

Mollie married the first time April 15, 1888 to Jerimiah Leiter. This description of 1880's style wedding gowns gives us an idea of what Mollie may have looked like as she stood on the threshold of a new life.

During the 1880's the bustle was still in fashion, but the skirt was without train except for evening affairs. The bodice of the gown was closely fitted to well-corseted hour-glass figures. Stays of whalebone, covered with fabric, were sewn to all seams and darts in the garment to make it fit the figure closely and smoothly. Wrinkles would have been a disaster. All skirts were completely lined. Jersey cloth was a favorite fabric,gowns made of this fabric clung closely to the figure.

The bustle was a separate piece from the skirt and was made of horsehair. It was tied about the waist with tapes. Sleeves were tight with cuffs of velvet or a trimming of fancy braid in various designs, heavily beaded. A straight, high collar without trimming was worn with this type of dress.

The hair was curled on top of the head, and across the forehead a bank or fringe was worn. The ears were allowed to show. Small bonnets tied under the chin, as well as larger hats having high crowns trimmed with flowers and birds for greater height, were worn. Mollie and Jerimiah were the parents of 10 children, 7 boys and 3 girls.

The married life of Mollie and Jerimiah does not appear to have been a happy one. They separated April 4, 1906. Mollie had to work as a Chambermaid and Dining Room Helper to support her family. In 1908, Mollie filed for a divorce. She sites Jerimiah's cruel and inhumane treatment of her, drunkeness, laziness and general worthlessness as grounds. Mollie also applied for custody of her children. During this period of our history women had no rights, they were often not given custody of their children. Historically when the father died, even if the mother was alive, the children would be listed as orphans and given a guardian (male) to look after their welfare. It appears that Mollie must have been granted custody of at least the older children, in 1910 we find 4 of Mollie's younger children on the rolls of the Brightside Orphanage in Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana.

Mollie remained close to her brother Andrew and maintained contact with him at the Indiana Epileptic Village in New Castle. June 2, 1912 Mollie was married to Jobe Moselander. Mollie and Jobe spent their final days in Niles, Michigan to be near Jobe's children. The Moselanders had no children together. It is not known what kind of man Jobe Moselander was but we can hope that Mollie found happiness.

Mollie passed away in Niles, Michigan, March 16, 1940. Her body was returned to Plymouth, Indiana for burial.

Obituary Funeral services will be held Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock in the Church of God. Pearl Street, for Mrs Mary Moslander, late wife of Joseph Moslander, who died Saturday at Pawning Hospital at Niles, Mich. Death was due to complications following an operation. The services will be in charge of the Rev. Maynard J. Pyle with burial in the New Oak Hill Cemetery. Mrs Moslander, the daughter of Daniel and Ellen Hann, was born June 16, 1871 in Miami County, Indiana. Surviving besides the husband are five sons and two daughters by a former marriage, Roland Leiter of Mishawaka, Emery Leiter of Plymouth, Mack Leiter of Wanatah, Bert Leiter of Butlerville. William Leiter of Morocco, Mrs Ellen Heckaman of Nappannee and Mrs Margarete Gordon of South Bend. A brother Andrew Hann of New Castle, three step daughters and one stepson. Fifteen grandchildren, three great grandchildren. The body was brought to the Johnson and son Funeral Home to remain until 1:00 P.M. Tuesday. Friends may call at any time until 1:30 Tuesday.

The first child of Mollie and Jeremiah was a male born April 30, 1889, there is no further information regarding this child, and it is supposed that he died.

The second son Jesse Edward married Ethel Trader and they had 4 children: Elmer E., Alma Fern, Frances Ellen, and Mamie Elizabeth. Jesse must have died before March 1940 as he isn't listed as surviving in Mollie's obituary.

3. Mina Ellen became the wife of Willard Heckaman. Mamie Heckaman is the only child of this union that I know of.

Obituary The Bremen Enquirer, Bremen, Indiana, Thursday, August 9, 1951 Mrs. Mina Ellen Heckaman of 856 West Market Street, Nappannee, died at 5:30 o'clock Tuesday morning, August 7, in Elkhart General Hospital after an illness of ten days. She was born at Plymouth and was a daughter of Jerry and Mollie Moselander, She was married to Willard Heckaman, who died in June, 1950.----- Surviving relatives are one daughter, Mrs. Mamie Strang of Nappanee; one sister, Mrs, Margarite Gordon of South Bend; and five brothers, Rolland and Emory, of Mishawaka, Bert, Mack, and William Leiter, of Crown Point.---- Funeral services will be held this afternoon at two o'clock in the Huff Funeral Home. Rev. D.H. Pellett; pastor of Grace Evangelical United Brethren church will officiate in the service and burial will be in the Bremen cemetery.

4. Margaret Lou married William Gordon and had one daughter Dorothy Gordon.

5. Roland Leiter's wife's name is unknown but they had a son Donald.

6. & 7. Twins Burt Dalas and Laura Ellen were born in 1900. Laura is also not listed as surviving in her mother's obituary March 1940.

8. Emory Basil and his wife Christina Baker were the parents of three children: Lynn, Vivienne and Gerald Eugene. Gerald was married three times. There were no children with his first wife Joyce Zillmer, or his second wife Gertrude. Geneva Romaine Kiefer had two children: Carol and Ricky. Carol and first husband Wayne Shoemaker are the parents of two children Anthony Wayne and Mischell Rena Shoemaker. Mischell is the mother of Donald, Marisa, and Michael Eugene Shoemaker. Carol's second husband is Richard Hunsberger. Ricky and his wife Debra Weiler added two children to the Leiter family. Tammy Jane Leiter mother of Janelle Carolyn and Zachary Alan Leiter, and Troy Eugene spouse unknown father of Tyler Eugene and Genna Carol Sue. Emory's second wife was Nellie B. Hall.

Obituary South Bend Tribune, Wednesday, September 5, 1979; Page 27 Emory B. Leiter, 78, of 3744 Lincoln Way E., died about 4:45 p.m. Tuesday in St. Joseph Hospital, where he had been a patient for the last month. He had been ill for the last three months. Leiter was born in Plymouth on Sept. 22, 1900, and had lived here since 1942, coming from Plymouth. On May 16. 1924, in Plymouth, he married Christina Baker, and she died on Aug. 25, 1958. He then married Nellie B. Hall in Plymouth on Nov. 12, 1959, and she survives.

Also surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Lynn Williams of Guatemala in Central America, and Mrs. Vivian Slater of South Bend; two Brothers, William of Benton Harbor and Mack E. of Winamac. A son, Eugene, died last Nov. 29. Friends may call in the Bubb Funeral Chapel from 7 to 9 p.m. today and from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday. Leiter had retired in 1963 from the Dodge Division of the Reliance Electric Co., after 23 years of employment there.

South Bend Tribune, Thursday, September 6, 1979; Page 37 Leiter - Services for Emory B. Leiter, 78, of 3744 Lincoln Way E., will be at 1 p.m. Friday in the Bubb Funeral Chapel. Rev. Ervin Mize, pastor of the Pennway Church of God, will officiate, and burial will be in Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens.

9. Mack and Mable (Gross) had one son, Robert Eugene. Robert lived less than one day.

10. William Leiter to my knowledge never married.

Obituary Aug 2, 1905 - June 14, 1997 South Bend William "Squeeky" Leiter, 91, of Ironwood Health and Rehabilation Center, died Saturday in the health center. Memorial services will be at 6pm Wednesday in the Center for the Homeless. Bubb Funeral Chapel, Mishawaka, is handling arrangements.

Descendants of Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Hann:

1 Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Hann b: June 16, 1871 in Peru, Miami County, Indiana d March 16, 1940 in Niles, Michigan
+Jerimiah McQuellin Leiter m: April 15, 1888 in Bourbon, Marshall County, Indiana b: Unknown in Ashland County, Ohio d:
Unknown in Wisconsin, Marriage ending: April 06, 1908 in Plymouth, Indiana, Marshall county
2 Unknown Leiter b April 30, 1889 d: Bef. March 1940
2 Jesse Edward Leiter b June 06, 1891 d: Bef. March 1940
+Ethel Trader
2 Mina Ellen Leiter, b: July 20, 1893 in Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana, d: August 07, 1951 in Elkhart, Indiana
+Willard Heckaman m: Unknown b: Unknown d: June 1950
2 Margaret Lou Leiter b: October 20, 1895 d: Unknown
+William Gordon m: Unknown
2 Roland Leiter b: October 06, 1897 d: Unknown
2 Burt Dalas Leiter b: March 30, 1900 in Donaldson, Marshall County Indiana d: Unknown
2 Laura Ellen Leiter b: March 30, 1900 in Donaldson, Marshall County, Indiana d: Bef. March 1940
2 Emory Basil Leiter b: September 22, 1900 in Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana d: September 04, 1979 in South Bend, St.
Joseph County, Indiana
+Christina Baker m: May 16, 1924 in Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana b: Unknown d: August 25, 1958 Marriage ending:
August 5,1958
*2nd Wife of [1] Emory Basil Leiter:
+Nellie B. Hall m: November 12, 1959 in Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana b: Unknown d: 1984
2 Mack Edward Leiter b: May 30, 1904 in Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana d: March 14, 1990
+Mable Gross m: Unknown b: Unknown d: Unknown
2. William Leiter b: August 02, 1905 d: June 14, 1997 in South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana
+Joseph "Jobe" Moselander m: June 02, 1912 in Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana b: 1857 d: 1943 

Submitted by: Roberta Wunder
Excerpts from her book "History of the Hann Family 1822 - 1999"

Deb Murray