Eighteen and eighty-nine was a year of patriotism everywhere, and saw the first military organization (except during war time) in Perry County since the days of old militia musterings. This was a troop of Cannelton's young men, induced to enlist in the state guard through the persuasiveness of William Cleveland Henning, who had just returned from DePauw University where he had belonged to the cadet corps while pursuing his law studies.

He was elected captain of the Cannelton Light Infantry, Company D, First Regiment Indiana Militia, with George Palmer first lieutenant, and Edward Everett Cummings second lieutenant. Ozart Hall was obtained for drill purposes, its name becoming "The Armoury" and the company made a creditable showing during the period for which its men enlisted, attending state encampments, giving exhibition drills, dress parades, etc., and holding enjoyable military balls in the hall. The company's name was changed to the Ewing Guards in compliment to one of the state officers, but it was not reorganized after expiration of its term of service.

Captain Henning was his father's namesake and the eldest son born to the third marriage of William Henning, Sr., a native of Pennsylvania, December 17, 1829, but who was taken when six months' old to Germany by his parents, John and Dorothea (Hildebrand) Henning. At the age of twenty he came back to America, living for a time near his birthplace but later in the "panhandle" of (West) Virginia, and in Ohio. Here he studied law, and in December, 1858, at Columbus, was admitted by the Supreme Court of Ohio to the practice of his chosen profession.

His first marriage took place June 2, 1850, at Johnstown, Pennsylvania, to Elizabeth Helfenbein, who bore him one child. After her death, in 1854, Lena Howiler became his wife, at Millersburg, Ohio, and was the mother of two children. She died in 1858, and September, 1860, he was again married, to Sarah Elizabeth Cleveland, of Calais, Ohio. This union lasted until into its fortieth year, William Henning's death occurring March 27, 1900, and nine children grew to maturity as its offspring. Of these, eight were born in Cannelton, which was the family home after 1866.

William Henning and William Cleveland Henning practiced law together and were especially active in promoting the erection of the Cannelton water-works and electric light plants, whose construction work was done during the years of 1892-93.

Perry County
A History
by Thomas de la Hunt
The W.K. Stewart Company, Indianapolis
Published 1916

To John B. Bacon, of Troy, a son of Dr. Jesse D. and Emma (Leming) Bacon, is therefore due the distinction of establishing in 1890 the Troy Times, the first paper actually printed in Perry County's oldest town. For two years he continued its publication as a Democratic weekly, selling out in April, 1892, to Louis J. Early, of Daviess County, Kentucky, who had been engaged in journalism at Louisville, associated with William Stone Sterett (a son of the witty "Jeff" Sterett, of the Hawesville Plaindealer), of Hancock County, in a sparkling Sunday weekly, "The Girl," devoted to society personalities, the drama, etc., printed on paper of an attractive pink tint.

Perry County
A History
by Thomas de la Hunt
The W.K. Stewart Company, Indianapolis
Published 1916

These Perry County women were mentioned, along with maiden and married names in the de la Hunt book. I thought this might be helpful to some researchers for tracking the female side of the family. They are alphabetized by maiden name.

Mary Catherine Adkins - Mrs. William May
Anna Marie Allen - Mrs. Crittenden (1st husband)
Anna Marie Allen - Mrs. Colonel David Rodman Murray (3rd wife, 2nd husband)
Mollie Archer - Mrs. Schmuck - Hofmeister
Madge Armstrong - Mrs. Edwin R. Hatfield
Emma Bader - Mrs. Phillips
Amy Josephine Bagot - Mrs. Ira Longanecker
Elizabeth Batson - Mrs. James Daniel
Josephine Batson - Mrs. Leander Yarito
Mary H. Batson - Mrs. Howard M. Royal
Isabelle Beacon - Mrs. Edmund Morgan
Barbara Blocher - Mrs. Mason
Ethel Booker - Mrs. W. O. Little
Emma Burke - Ms. A. Kinney Hall
Margaret Chilton - Mrs. Charles A. Loesch
Adelia Clark - Mrs. Richard Turner Cash
Mollie Clark - Mrs. J. Curtis Ryan
Sarah Cleveland - Mrs. Henning
Nancy Colvin - Mrs. Tinsley
Blanche Combs - Mrs. Charles B. Tichenor
Marguerite Conway - Mrs. Oscar Curtis Minor
Marguerita Cullen - Mrs. Frank H. Clemens
Etta Cummings - Mrs. Charles Steinberger
Lulu Cummings - Mrs. James Ulysses Powell
Clara Loretta Dwyer - Mrs. Michael Casper
Sarah Lillian Dwyer - Mrs. Robert Curtis Clark
Jemina Edwards - Mrs. Wade
Eliza Fairhurst - Mrs. Chilton
Elizabeth Gautchie - Mrs. Heinzle
Harriet Gingell - Mrs. Schwaderer
Margaret Gray - Mrs. Charles Oswald
Lulu Gregory - Mrs. Charles T. Miller
Maggie Gregory - Mrs. Joseph Wetherell
Mollie (Drumb) Gregory - Mrs. Andrew J. McCutchan
Ella May Henning - Mrs. William Ellsworth Richey
Martha Hodde - Mrs. John J. Franzman, Jr.
Maggie Hollerbach - Mrs. Wetherell
Annie Huckeby - Mrs. John Allen Smart
Eliza Huston Huckeby - Mrs. Samuel K. Groves
Arena Hunsche - Mrs. Lawrence Oncley
Eliza Huston - Mrs. Colonel David Rodman Murray (2nd wife)
Margaret Jackson - Mrs. Ebenezer Wilber
Mary Jaseph - Mrs. John H. Wade
Susan James - Mrs. Daniel L. Armstrong
Letitia Jarboe - Mrs. Elisha S. Weedman
Amelia Johann - Mrs. Plock
Lucetta Johnson - Mrs. George Kendley
Louise Kasser - Mrs. Gurley Purdue
Olive Kendley - Mrs. Taylor Richey
Katherine Klein - Mrs. Loesch
Adaline Knights - Mrs. James McGuiney
Augusta Kolb - Mrs. Maurice J. McGrath
Clara L'Arget - Mrs. Huston
Ellen W. L'Argent - Mrs. Richard Hopkins
Jessie Lees - Mrs. William Cleaves Conway
Sallie Lees - Mrs. Clinton C. Worrall
Daisy Permelia Marshall - Mrs. John Adam May
Louise Marti - Mrs. John Sweeney
Burnetta Mason - Mrs. Captain Samuel Archer
Lizzie May - Mrs. John Gordon (1st husband)
Lizzie May - Mrs. Henry Dickman, Sr. (2nd husband)
Viona May - Mrs. Mathias M. Howard
Martha McAdams - Mrs. Zoercher
Emeline McCollum - Mrs. Alfred Vaughan
Anna Menninger - Mrs. Patrick
Addie Polk Miller - Mrs. James H. Payne
Margaret Teresa Mitchell - Mrs. E. C. H. Seiboldt
Ida Moeller - Mrs. George W. Hufnagel
Emma Moore - Mrs. Charles W. Proctor
Rose Moore - Mrs. Charles H. Rose
Hanetta Mueller - Mrs. John Vogel
Sarah Osborn - Mrs. Griffin Buchanan
Genevieve Palmer - Mrs. Sanders
Alice Patrick - Mrs. Louis Zoercher
Hattie Patterson - Mrs. Simeon Jaseph, Jr.
Margaret Patterson - Mrs. John H. Thompson
Mary Patterson - Mrs. William H. Hackett
Sallie Patterson - Mrs. Irving Jones
Bessie Payne - Mrs. Samuel Brazee
Dinah Platt - Mrs. May
Lena Roland - Mrs. Robert Tobin Groves
Delilah Phillips - Mrs. Robert Walker
Ella Reed - Mrs. Truempy
Lillie Richards - Mrs. George Minto
Mary Riedlinger - Mrs. Kasser
Emma Rudin - Mrs. Rheinlander
Eva Schloth - Mrs. Schreiber
Bessie Viola Scull - Mrs. Matthew Roehm
Eliza Scott Shallcross - Mrs. Frederick Jennings
Rebecca Ruth Shoemaker - Mrs. Noah Trainor
Dora Kay Simonson - Mrs. John Herrmann
Emilie Steuhrk - Mrs. Mason
Sarah Tevlin - Mrs. William E. Dougherty
Anna Upton - Mrs. Robert Proctor Carr
Indiana Vaughan - Mrs. Samuel King
Nancy Vaughan - Mrs. Wright-Abbot
Claudine Voelke - Mrs. William Krogman
Anna Vogel - Mrs. Frank Oberle
Zillah Walters - Mrs. D. Eugene Hicks
Lydia Webb - Mrs. William Knights
Margherita Welling - Mrs. Lee Rodman
Ella Wheeler - Mrs. Oscar Myers
Lizzie Whitehead - Mrs. James J. Wheeler
Perry County
A History
by Thomas de la Hunt
The W.K. Stewart Company, Indianapolis
Published 1916

Name: Andreaus Frederick SPEIDEL
Surname: Speidel
Given Name: Andreaus Frederick
Sex: M
Birth: 17 Feb 1828 in Obersmt, Nurtington, Wurttemburg, Germany
Death: 25 Feb 1901 in German Ridge, Perry County, in
Change Date: 12 Jul 2002 at 23:22:03

Marriage 1 Katherine LENZ b: 17 Oct 1836 in Niederohmen, Hessin Darmstadt, Germany
Married: 1858
John SPEIDEL b: Mar 1860
George SPEIDEL b: 28 Feb 1862
Henry SPEIDEL b: 3 Mar 1864 in Cannelton, Perry County, in
William SPEIDEL b: ABT 1868
Frederick William SPEIDEL b: 9 Nov 1869 in Cannelton, Perry County, in
Katherine SPEIDEL b: 18 Oct 1871 in German Ridge, Perry County, in
Margaret SPEIDEL b: 12 May 1875 in Souix Falls, Minnehaha County, Sd
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Submitted by: R. James Spidle
My data contains two types of records: 1) My family and 2) Speidel Family members (those people belonging to the various branches of the Speidel/Spidel/Spidle family). My family Web Site is: The Spidle's Web and my One-Name Study Web Site is: Speidel Family Genealogy

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