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Additional Surnames found in Biographies A - Z

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SurnameFound in biography for:
ALEXANDERPatrick Henry
ALLENPatrick Henry
ANDERSONJames Nelson
BOYDJohn Cunningham
BROWNDaniel Witt
CARRINGTONHenry AllenPatrick HenryGeorge Hundley
CHANDLERJames Nelson
CHURCHDaniel Witt
CLAPHAMWalter Dunnington
CLARKEdward Bondurant
CLAXTONJoseph Eggleston
COCKEDaniel Witt
COXJames Davidson
CURRYRobert Frazer
DABNEYJoseph Eggleston
DANNIELGeorge Hundley
DAVISDaniel Witt
DEMPSEYDaniel Witt
DUKEJames Nelson
DUPUYAsa Dickinson
EGGLESTONJohn Cunningham
FONTAINPatrick Henry
FORBESJames NelsonAsa Watkins
FORDPatrick Henry
GARDENJoseph Eggleston
GARDNERJames Nelson
GARLICKJames Nelson
GARNETTJames Nelson
GAULDINGJohn Mettauer
GILESGeorge Hundley
HARRISDaniel Witt
HARVEYPatrick Henry
HILLJames Nelson
IRVINEAsa Dickinson
IRVINGRobert Brock
JEFFERSONGeorge Hundley
JETERDaniel Witt
JOHNSTONJohn Cunningham
KNIGHTWalter Dunnington
LEEJoseph Johnston
LINDSAYJoseph Jarman
MADISONWalter Dunnington
MARTINJames Nelson
MASONJoseph Johnston
MATHEWSONPatrick Henry
McLANEJoseph Johnston
MICHAUXAsa Dickinson
MILLERPatrick Henry
MINORRobert Frazer
MONCUREGeorge Hundley
PATRICKPatrick Henry
PURNALAsa Dickinson
RICEPeter Winston
ROBERTSONGeorge Hundley
RYLANDJames Nelson
SANFORDJames Davidson
SHEPHERDJames Nelson
SHIELDSWalter Dunnington
SMITHHenry Allen
TEMPLEDaniel Witt
THORNTONJoseph Eggleston
VENABLEHenry AllenPatrick Henry
WALKERGeorge Hundley
WATKINSHenry AllenRobert Brock
WATSONPatrick Henry
WILTSEJames Davidson
WINSTONEdward Bondurant
WOODJoseph Johnston
WOODFINDaniel Witt
WOODSONPatrick Henry
WOODWARDJames Nelson

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