Windsor Alumni Photos

Look at these! Photos sent in by Windsor alum. If you'd like to send in a photo send the scanned photo (in .gif or .jpg format) attached to an e-mail or send me the url where I can get the photo from and I'll post it. Be sure to include a caption with the names of the people in the photo (include maiden names and year of graduation!). If you have no way to scan a photo e-mail me and I'll let you know where to send a copy of the picture, please note these pictures will not be returned so make sure it's a copy!

Kathy Houghton Hall (Shealy 1980), Deb Simpson Murray (Shealy 1980), Deb's daughter Michelle, Aime's daughter Stacie and Aime Long Hoffman (Shealy 1981) talk about old times before Homecoming 1998. I'm not sure the girls should hear some of these stories!

Top to bottom: Jane Nelson Hutchinson (Shealy 1981), Posey Christle Renaud (Shealy 1981), and Rae Record (Shealy 1982) visit Shealy 20 years after they first moved in. They look like incoming freshman to me!

Left to right: Rae Record (Shealy 1982), Posey Christle Renaud (Shealy 1981), and Jane Nelson Hutchinson (Shealy 1981) remember all the fun times!

Noelle (Dilling) Lottes (Shealy 1998) and Holly (Miller) George (Shealy 2000) on Holly's wedding day.

This was taken at Stacy (Ricard) Lawler's baby shower. From L to R:
Noelle (Dilling) Lottes (Shealy 1998), Teresa Branham (Shealy 1998), Stacy (Ricard) Lawler (Duhme 1998) and Kristin Stringham (Duhme 1998). The little one in front is Stacy's niece..a future Boilermaker!
Stacy and Noelle were both counselors and then staff residents, Kristin was a counselor and Teresa was the best resident and great student office worker!

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