To explain the relationship of the Prough Pioneers in Indiana I submit the following brief outline of the family. Johann Casper Brach / Prough m. Sophia Margaretha Gruebel Lauter (both widowed) their children:
    Johann Casper Jr. m. Elisabeth 
    Johann George m. Anna Maria Rosina Hering
    Maria Elisabeth m.  David Moritz
    Johann Peter m. Elisabeth
    Maria Barbara m. Richard Willets
    Anna Maria m. Ludwig Hering Jr. (Ludwig and Rosina were brother and sister)

Johann George, known as George, and Rosina were the parents of Henry, who was the father of Samuel, John, Henry, Peter b. abt 1819, and Daniel
Johann Peter, known as Peter, and Elisabeth were the parents of

    Johann George m. Sarah Winder 
        parents of Peter Prough m. Barbara Thurston of LaGrange Co.  
    Peter Jr. to Carroll Co. Indiana abt 1832.  

An update on the Biography of Peter PROUGH b. 18 June 1808 Fairfield Co. Ohio, in the History of LaGrange Co. 1882. Peter PROUGH died enroute to Oklahoma 5 Nov 1894. Peter and Barbara were at the time living with daughter and son-in-law Margaret and Jerimiah DONAPHIN. The DONAPHINS decided to move to Oklahoma. Peter did not want to go and they had to carry him out of the house and put him in the wagon. They followed the rail road and somewhere along the Katy railroad in southwest Missouri Peter died. They wrapped his body in newspaper and buried him along side the railroad. Their children all born in LaGrange County, Indiana were George b. 1841 m. Louisa Ann DONAPHIN lived Northwest US; Margaret b. 1842 m. Jerimiah DONAPHIN lived Oklahoma; Ezra b. 1844 m. Catherine HILL lived Missouri; Sarah Emma b. 1846 m. David M. HART; Martin Taylor b. 1848 m. Anna Eliza BUSHONG / EYLER; Daniel b. 1851 m. Louisa ROBBINS lived Northwest US; Joseph b. 1854 m. 1st Sara Emma ROBBINS, 2nd Josephine, 3rd Sara Jane RITTER lived Kansas; Benjamin b. 1858 d. 1860; Thomas b. 1862 m. 1st Anna E. KAUFFMAN, 2nd Celia Nelson DUNN lived Missouri and Idaho; Franklin b. 1864 m. Cora ZUMBREN lived Indiana. A note on the death date of Peter. Mr. Harvey Frye from Emma stated he knew Peter and Barbara before they went to Oklahoma. He lived near them at Emma, Indiana. Mr. Frye was born in 1889. He says it was 1905 when Peter died. The family Bible says 1894 but these dates were all written at one time. A 5 year Old would certainly be old enough to remember people and the circumstances of Peters death I am sure made an impression on a young boy, so I will have to go along with the Bible record.

Peter PROUGH was the son of Peter and Elisabeth PROUGH, he was born about 1797 in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. He lived in Ohio for a while. He married Elizabeth before 1831. A Peter PROUGH had settled in Liberty Township, White County, Indiana as early as 1820, listed as being among the first settlers. He purchased land in Section 34 Tp26 North Range 3 of Jefferson Township, Carroll Co. Indiana, 24 August 1832, this tract was on Tippecanoe Creek. Peter took an active part in the development of the County. In 1837 he is listed as being Polled (voting) at John Pierson’s home in Monroe Township, White County, Indiana. In 1850 he was listed as living in Indian Creek township, Pulaski County, Indiana. It was noted that he could not read or write. This is a list of the children we have from the Federal Census. The three youngest most likely are grandchildren. Delila b. 1831 in Indiana; Elizabeth b. 1834 in Indiana; Polly Ann b. 1843 in Indiana; Nancy b. 18454 in Indiana; and Savinia Ann b. 1848 in Indiana.

Henry PROUGH was born 11 January 1782 in Brunswick Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania died 1841 in Hocking County Ohio, married about 1807 in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania to Elizabeth GRUBB who was born 1788 in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. Their children were: Sally b. 1808 m. STEVENSON; Samuel b. 1809; Betsy b. abt. 1811 m. John GIBSON; John b. 1812; Polly b. abt. 1815 m. William HINES and John GLINGER; Henry b. 1816; Peter b. 1819; Catherine b. 1822 m. Josiah WOODS; Daniel b. 1824; and Rachel b. abt 1827 m. William WATTS.  Samuel PROUGH was born in Huntingdon County Pennsylvania 10 Dec 1809 and died 11 Feb 1892 in Elkhart County Indiana. Samuel married twice, first 13 Sept 1832 to Sarah/ Saloma/ Salina CONFARE, daughter of Andrew and Clara CONFARE, and second about 1855 to Mary McKIBBEN. Samuel came to Indiana in 1850, they moved by Ox team, not being able to bring all the livestock along the oldest son Andrew was sent back to Ohio alone to bring back the stock. Samuel lived about 1 mile north of Fish Lake, on the county line between LaGrange and Elkhart Counties, the LaGrange portion of his farm was in Section 7 of Eden Township. Mary was a charter member of St. John’s Lutheran Church, Fish Lake. Samuel had 23 children by his two wives. With Salina he had Andrew Jackson b. 1834 Hocking County, Ohio m. Eltha M. MURRY; Susanna b. abt. 1835 m. Samuel H. ELDRIDGE; Henry b. 1839 Hocking County, Ohio m. Lucinda P. WYGANT; Lucinda b. 1841 Hocking County, Ohio m. Patrick Henry PENCE; Samuel b. 1847 LaGrange County, Inidana; Rosanna b. 1848 LaGrange County, Indiana m. Henry SWINEHART; Thomas b. 1849 d. 1851; Latta b. 1850 d. 1851; Esther b. 1851 m. Jonas YODER; Soloam b.& d.1854; one unnamed. With his second wife Mary he had Salem b. 1855 LaGrange County, Indiana m. Florence LONG; Rachel b. 1857 LaGrange County, Indiana m. Aaron MILLER; Edgar b. 1859 d. 1862; Margaret b. 1861 d. 1881; Willard b. 1863 LaGrange County, Indiana m. Almeda Katharien BRYNER; Harmon b.1866 LaGrange County, Indiana m. Achsa Viola SIMPSON; Sarah b. 1867; Allen C. b. 1869 LaGrange County, Indiana m. Bertha DONNELL; Wilson b. 1874 LaGrange County, Indiana m. Anna Emma MILLER; Chancy b. 1875; one unnamed. Samuel and both wives are buried in Eldridge Cemetery near Middlebury Elkhart County Indiana.

John PROUGH was born in Huntingdon County Pennsylvania 17 December 1812 he died 25 Nov 1891 in LaGrange County Indiana. He married first 4 February 1836, Elizabeth FUNK, daughter of Daniel FUNK and Mary PHILLIPS, and second 30 January 1876, Margaret ELDRIDGE, daughter of William M. ELDRIDGE and Eliza POYSER. John and Elizabeth came to Indiana in 1842 along with her brother Andrew FUNK. His farm of 160 acres was in section 18, he eventually also owned land in sections 7, 8, and 17 of Eden Township. They bought the land from the heirs of James BOLES. When they frist came to the area John walked from his farm to Goshen Prairie to cradle wheat for a peck a day for flour and seed for his farm. He took his dogs and musket along and hunted along the way for meat and furs. He was known as ‘Coon’ because of number of coons he hunted. A family tale is that he got the nickname because he sold the coon on the run to unsuspecting men and got his money and told them go catch them they are on the run. Another version is that he sold the pelts as they ran, collected his money and his parting shot was “Go catch them, they’re still running. John was a charter member of St. John’s Lutheran Church, Fish Lake. Children with Elizabeth are; Harvey Cecil b.1837 Hocking County, Ohio m. Margaret Ann LUTZ; Mary Adaline b. 1839 Hocking County, Ohio m. Uriah CRAMER; Alfred b. 1841 Hocking County, Ohio m. Arella ELLIOT; Minerva Jane b. 1842 LaGrange County, Indiana m. Samuel Franklin GRINER and Mr. RADAGAP; Bitler b. 1843 LaGrange County, Indiana m. Hannah F. WEILER; Huston b. 1846 LaGrange County, Indiana m. Martha Alice BROWN, lived in Illinois; Weston b. 1847 LaGrange County, Indiana m. Catherine MAY, lived in Oregon; Lovina Ellen b. 1849 LaGrange County, Indiana m. James P. ABRAM; Franklin Lewis b. 1853 LaGrange County, Indiana m. Mary PROUGH daughter of Henry; Edward Lucius b. 1857 LaGrange County, Indiana m. Sevilla LUKE. Children with Margaret are; Samuel J Tilden b. 1877 LaGrange County, Indiana m. Louise Ellen ROWE; George b. & d. 1879; Mercy E. b. 1889 LaGrange County, Indiana m. Charles Frank METHOD.

Henry Harrison PROUGH was born 4 October 1816 in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. Henry died 30 September 1894 in Wells County, Indiana, he is buried in St. John’s Lutheran Cemetery, Union Tp. Wells County, Indiana. He married Susannah CONFARE daughter of Andrew and Clara CONFARE in Hocking County, Ohio on 30 December 1843. They came by Ox team pulling a wagon with their few belongings, and their first three children. They brought with them a foot stool, table, two rocking chairs, two chests, a grain cradle, sicle, grindstone, wooden rake, axe, and one cow. They lived at first with Joseph and Hannah CONFARE KITCHEN, Susannah’s sister, till they built themselves a one room cabin. They did not get it completed before winter and hung a buffalo hide at the door and carpets at the windows to keep out the cold. It was in this cabin that the last 6 children were born. Later they built a hewed log house 20 by 40 feet and in 1887 a frame house was built. Their children were George b. 1847 Fairfield County, Ohio m. Mary Jane CLARK; Henry Jr. b. 1848 Hocking County, Ohio; Joseph b. 1849 Hocking County, Ohio; Hannah Jane b. 1851 Wells County, Indiana m. Solomon ELICK; Elizabeth b. 1854 Wells County, Indiana m. Arion DOUBLE, divorced; Daniel b. 1855 Wells County Indiana m. Sucelia Virginia ROBB; Mary b. 1860 m. Franklin Lewis PROUGH, son of John; Margaret; Rachel.

Peter PROUGH was b. abt 1819 in Fairfield County, Ohio and died Schuyler County, Missouri abt 1890. He received land Patent for Jefferson Tp. Wells County Indiana, R12 E T28 N S7 W/2 N W/4 of 81 acres 19 Apr 1848. Peter enlisted in Co A 34th Reg. Indiana Infantry at Bluffton, Indiana 28 Aug 1862, was given a disability discharge at Keokuk, Iowa 27 December 1862. He was described as being 5’ 7" tall, dark complexion, blue eyes and black hair. After his service he went to Scotland County, Missouri. He m. 5 Dec 1844 in Logan Tp Hocking County, Ohio, Matilda POLING daughter of Martin POLING and Hester REAVER. Peter and Matilda’s children were; James b. 1846 Hocking Co. Ohio m. Clara A. McDONALD d. bef 1885 Perris California; Hester Belle b. 1848 in Ohio m. Frederick F. Kaser, lived Missouri; Anna Eliza b. Wells County, Indiana m. William R. Harris, lived Missouri; William Jefferson b. 1859 Allen County, Indiana m. Amanda Pauline AMBROSIA, lived Missouri; Martha b. 1861 Indiana m. Will ARCHER lived Missouri; Stephen b. 1862 Missouri; Sherman b. 1865 Missouri m. Laura HALLEY; Martin G. b. 1869 Missouri m. Colonia SANDER.

Daniel L. PROUGH abt. 1824 in Hocking County, Ohio and died on 8 June 1882 in Indiana. He is buried in Prospect Methodist Cemetery, Uniondale, Indiana. Daniel as a young man went on horseback into the far western states for several years. Grandchildren tell of his trapping bears northwest of Denver, Colorado. He married 26 Aug 1841 in Hocking County, Ohio to Elizabeth CAVE, daughter of Emanuel CAVE and Elizabeth MOUNT / MOUNCE. They came to Indiana and bought land in Wells County in 1848. He Received a land Patent 1 May 1848 for T28 N R11E S14 NE/4 of 160 acres and 30 Oct 1848 for T28N R11E S13 NW/4 for 40 acres. He grew Big English Clover whose seed was in demand at the time and brought a good profit. After Elizabeth died, Daniel married 26 Jul 1877 to Nancy J. BIDDLE. Daniel and Elizabeth’s children were; Adaline b. 1844 in Ohio m. William BARNHOUSE; Harrison Hansen b. 1846 in Ohio m. Lucinda Jane CARTWRIGHT; Henry b. 1848 in Ohio m. Harriet TEMPLETON; Olive b. 1851 in Indiana; Lamanda b. 1853 Indiana; Matilda b. 1856 Indiana; Samuel b. 1859 Indiana; Nancy b. 1857 Indiana; Silvie b. 1860 Indiana; Arleva b. 1861 in Indiana m. Martin WAGNER; Sally b. 1863 Indiana; Jefferson C. b. 1864 m. 1st. Allice June KRAMER, 2nd Laura Matilda KRAMER.

The PROUGH brothers were hunters and farmers. They hunted bear, coon, fox, mink and muskrat. Because of the slaughter of the livestock there was a bounty on the bear. They hunted the other to sell for fur. It was said Samuel was the most successful bear hunter in the county. A big bear trap is still in the pocession of one of John’s descendants.

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Submitted by: Yvonne Prough

The Hammond Family

William Hammond  born on June 6, 1824, died  May 6th 1898 married
Maria L. Nash born on July 2, 1824  died  November 21, 1906 on February 22, 1844

George F. Hammond born Feb.20, 1848 
Mary E. Hammond b. 2-18-1850;
Charles E. Hammond b.1-31-1859?, died Jan 8,1924  
	married Lydia May Green   b. Jan 30, 1858,  d. Feb 26, 1926, on 
        November 30,1886  

Children of Charles and Lydia were .  ?? Or is this the son I am not completely 
	(George Francis  Hammond died October 30, 1901)
	John Edwin Hammond died december 19, 1914
	Arthur William Hammond died October 20, 1921
	Charles E. Hammond Born jan 30, 1853
	Lydia may Green born Nov24 1868
	Maxine Marie Hammond  born March 31, 1922
	Vernon Carl Hammond    born May 12, 1922 

Edwin C. or O. Hammond  b.8-25-1855 or 1895 it is smudged as if erased and wrote 
differently not sure is correct.

Mary E. Hammond m. April 17,1873 to John T. Kelly

George f. Hammond m. sept 4, 1879 to Lillie Sanford

Charlie E. Hammond was married Nov 30, 1886 to May L. Green

Edwin C. Hammond was married Feb.29, 1880  to Malissia Geurinng or Surring  or 
          Gerring not sure of correct spelling as it is a little faded and hard 
          to read on the family record. 

There is a whole listing of Hammonds here with birth and death dates most 
importantly my great grandfathers with his funeral card.   So I will type as I 
read them it says family record all were born in LaGrange County, Indiana

Arthur William Hammond b. August 23,1888

Howard E. Hammond b. Sept. 20, 1891 d. June 27, 1955

Leon Miles Hammond b. June 2, 1893 d. Dec.1957

Earl Lewis Hammond b. May 24,1895 d. Aug 1, 1957

John Edwin Hammond born Sep.1, 1898

George Francis Hammond b. July 23, 1900

Wade Rufus Hammond born Jan 17, 1904

Mary Elsie Hammond born Nov.7, 1905

Charles Vernon Hammond born Dec. 5, 1912

Charles Elijah Hammond born Jan 30, 1853

And then Lydia May Green again for Nov.24, 1868

It is also written that Leon Miles was married to  a woman ?  Tiela T??ll 
Mar 1921    or Reta Tull perhaps like I said hard to read maybe you can piece 
something together.

and Carl Lewis Hammond was married to Ruth Craft Dec 26,1917

Howard Hammond was my great grandfather and his funeral announcement says that 
he was born September 20, 1891 and died June 27, 1955 on M-78 Leroy township 
Calhoun County, Michigan.  Final resting place is North Sherwood Cemetery M-60 
Branch County, Michigan.

Submitted by: Joy Lampton

Daniel D. Church was born in Richland, Ohio, in 1831, and moved with his parents to Williams Co., Ohio, where he lived until twenty years old. He had few educational advantages. In 1852 he settled in La Grange Co., Ind., and in 1855 married Miss L. Hoys, by whom he has seven children. In 1865 he enlisted in the 18th Ind. Reg't, and served until the close of the war. In 1870 he settled on a farm in section 13, Holton.

Submitted by: Patti Norton
History of Muskegon County, Michigan with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of its Prominent Men and Pioneers Chicago- H. R. Page & Co. 1882 - Holton Twp.

Deb Murray