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Welcome! Vigo County is located in the extreme mid-western portion of Indiana and was formed in 1818 from Sullivan County. It is bordered by Vermillion and Parke Counties to the north, Clay County to the east and Sullivan County to the south. To the west lies the Wabash River and beyond that, Edgar and Clark Counties, Illinois. Terre Haute, the County Seat, is now a large, sprawling metropolis but once was heavily timbered prairie land. Who built Terre Haute and the surrounding towns that spatter Vigo County into what it is today? This project is attempting to collect biographies of those hardy pioneers. Do you have one to share? Read on to learn more!

About the Project - In May of 1997, this project was organized by Jeff Murphy, using the established KY Biographies Project as a model. State coordinators were sought to set up their own state project. They were offered the system design and tools created for the KY project, but were free to set up their project in any way they chose. I am Deb Murray, the coordinator for Vigo County, Indiana. The Vigo County project was launched in April of 1999.

How you can help - Volunteers are needed to enter, edit, and/or archive the biographies for each project. If you can help with Vigo County, or if you have biographies you would like to donate for Vigo County, please contact me (if you can't find a biography about your ancestor, write one yourself!). If you would like to volunteer to coordinate a county, please contact the Indiana State Coordinator Deb Murray. If you would like to volunteer in a state other than Indiana, or want more information about the Biographies Project, please visit the US Biographies Project.

Biographies and Town Histories

There are now 580 biographies online!

In addition to biographies, I'm also including town histories, which provide a lot of biographical information.

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Pierson | Prairie Creek | Prairieton | Riley | Sugar Creek | Terre Haute

Biographies can be full of historical information as well. Here is a little description of Terre Haute written in a biography, which you can find in its entirety in the Vigo County Biographies Index under Yeager.

"There was a few log cabins in the place at that time [1818/19] and perhaps one or two grocery stores. The place looked very hard indeed for a city all covered with heavy timber and not very much underbrush at that time. No public building erected yet. I still remember the men that cleared off the public square of its timber for the first Court House. They boarded at my father's while doing the work.... It was pretty hard to get grub for so many in one family most of all the provisions was brought up from Fort Knox now Vincennes. Either brought up by Keel boats or pack horses. Game was quite plenty at that time. Plenty of deer and other wild animals of various kinds which made a good relish at the time for meat and also plenty of wild fowls of all description of this northern climate."

Short Sketch or Biography of the Ancestry and Lives of the Yeager Family for One Hundred and Fifty Years Back.
Written in the year 1888 or 1889 by William Henry Harrison Yeager.

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1999-2002 Deb Murray
This page may not be copied or reproduced
in any way without the written consent of the author.

Contact the Vigo County Coordinator with your comments or suggestions.
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