Blackford County Indiana
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Abel, AaronAber, CarolineAber, MaryAber, Max
Acker, AliceAcker, DellaAcker, IsaacAckerman, Benjamin G.
Ackerman, George S.Ackerman, GraceAckerman, LouiseAdait, Lionne
Adait, Spencer M. RevAdams, Emma E.Adams, J. C.Adamson, Melvina
Adamson, MissAdamson, SamuelAdkinson, CoraAdkinson, Elizabeth
Adkinson, ElvaAdkinson, JohnAdkinson, Stacy M.Ailes, Emma
Akers, ClementineAlberson, Mr.Alberson, Mrs.Aldred, Betsie
Alexander, A. C.Alexander, CarlAlexander, CoraAlexander, Harry
Alexander, Israel L.Alexander, J.B.Alexander, JamesAlexander, Minnie
Alexander, MorrisAlexander, MyrtieAlexander, NancyAlexander, Nancy
Alexander, RobertAlexander, Robert Rev.Alexander, RuthAlexander, Sarah J.
Alexander, Sidney PerryAlexander, SusanahAlfrey, Charles E.Alfrey, Elizabeth
Alfrey, Frank V.Alfrey, Ida E.Alfrey, JamesAlfrey, James A.
Alfrey, James A. E.Alfrey, Martha J.Allen, B. VerlouAllen, Catherine
Allen, ConstantineAllen, EliAllen, GrantAllen, Harry
Allen, HughAllen, IsraelAllen, JamesAllen, James
Allen, JamesAllen, JohnAllen, John J.Allen, John W.
Allen, JosuhaAllen, LucyAllen, NellieAllen, Nora
Allen, Orville E.Allen, Otto G.Allen, PearlAllen, Reuben
Allen, RuthAllen, RuthAllen, SandersAllen, Sarah
Allen, Sarah AnnAllen, SolomonAllen, ThomasAllen, W.T.
Allen, WesleyAllen, WilliamAllen, WilliamAllen, William
Allison, Mr.Allison, MyrtleAllman, JohnAllphine, Ida L.
Alred, BurnettAmsden, Anne E.Amsden, Asel T.Amsden, Charles F.
Amsden, EarlAmsden, Edith DelightAmsden, George W.Amsden, Guy Reed
Amsden, HattieAmsden, LuluAmsden, Luther A.Amsden, Luzern
Amsden, M. FrancesAmsden, MyrtleAmsden, Russell T.Amsden, Silas
Amsden, Silas Jr.Amsden, VelmaAnderson, AnnaAnderson, Augustus
Anderson, Benjamin H.Anderson, CecilAnderson, ElizaAnderson, Emma F.
Anderson, HannahAnderson, HarmonAnderson, James, Dr.Anderson, John
Anderson, John, Capt.Anderson, MargaretAnderson, MaryAnderson, Peter
Anderson, Judge Randolph C.Anderson, SarahAnderson, William H.Anderson, William M.
Andre, AglaeAndre, AlexanderAndre, AlixinaAndre, Carlos C.
Andre, CarmilleAndre, CesarineAndre, ConstantAndre, Eliza
Andre, Gustave E.Andre, Homer J.Andre, Lea A.Andre, Peter J.
Andre, PhilomenaAndre, Ralph R.Andre, ValeriaAndre, Virginia
Andrews, AliceAndrews, DavidAndrews, WilliamAnnis, Charlotte
Anthony, Emmeline ReedAnthony, GeorgeApplegate, SarahArhart, Mary
Arick, GlennArmitage, AaronArmitage, AlvinArmitage, Elizabeth
Armitage, EllenArmitage, EmmaArmitage, EstherArmitage, Frank
Armitage, JohnArmitage, LauraArmitage, Liberty T.Armitage, Liberty T.
Armitage, LouisaArmitage, MarkArmitage, MarthaArmitage, Mary
Armitage, Mary E.Armitage, MasonArmitage, NelliArmitage, Nellie
Armitage, OllieArmitage, SebaArmitage, SethArmstrong, Arthur
Armstrong, AvaArmstrong, Charles VernonArmstrong, GipsonArmstrong, Ida Alice
Armstrong, JamesArmstrong, Jane Mrs.Armstrong, Joseph E.Armstrong, Lillie C. Mrs.
Arnett, LindleyArnett, Salina Arnold, AbsalomArnold, Charles
Arnold, EmmaArnold, FrederickArnold, GeorgeArnold, Henry C.
Arnold, MaryArnold, NansenArnold, NathanArnold, Samuel
Arnold, W. T. Rev.Asay, Frederick WaldoAsay, Wendell WilhelmAsay, William C. Rev.
Ash, ElizabethAshbaugh, JesseAshbaugh, SusanAsher, Elizabeth J.
Asthorp, AdaAsthorp, H.Asthorp, MaryAtherton, Ruth E.
Atkins, JuliaAtkins, M. E.Atkins, S. J.Atkinson, Addison
Atkinson, AdisonAtkinson, AlmedaAtkinson, AlonzoAtkinson, Bertie M.
Atkinson, Bertha Mrs.Atkinson, CharlesAtkinson, Corey Atkinson, Elizabeth, Mrs.
Atkinson, Mrs. ElizabethAtkinson, Francis Joseph Jr.Atkinson, GeorgeAtkinson, George P.
Atkinson, Gertrude E.Atkinson, GrantAtkinson, HannahAtkinson, Harvey
Atkinson, Hugh C.Atkinson, J. P. LesterAtkinson, Joanna CoraAtkinson, Joseph
Atkinson, JosephAtkinson, JosephAtkinson, KeturahAtkinson, Lottie V.
Atkinson, LotusAtkinson, MaryAtkinson, MildredAtkinson, Mr.
Atkinson, Robert H.Atkinson, StellaAtkinson, WesleyAustin, Eada
Axelson, EmanuelAyers, EdnaAyers, IreneAyres, James
Ayers, JohnAyers, Maybell

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