Blackford County Indiana
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Chadwick, RuphasChaffe, EbenezerChance, NancyChandler, Aaron
Chandler, AlbertChandler, AlvinChandler, ColesonChandler, Edith
Chandler, EllenChandler, FrederickChandler, GeorgeChandler, Helen
Chandler, JamesChandler, JayChandler, JennieChandler, John
Chandler, JonathanChandler, LucilleChandler, MarettaChandler, Margaret
Chandler, MariaChandler, MariettaChandler, MarthaChandler, Mary
Chandler, PollyChandler, RuthChandler, SpencerChandler, Swithin
Chandler, WilliamChaney, Charles H.Chaney, CleoChaney, Hilda
Chaney, William B.Chapman, CatherineChapman, CatherineChapman, Edwin William
Chapman, Ethel LucileChapman, MaryChapman, MerrittChapman, Orville
Chapman, Ralph W.Chapman, RoscoeChapman, RoyChapman, Wilber A.
Chapman, William H.Chapson, ElizabethChapson, MargaretCharles, Bessie
Charles, Edwin EslerCharles, Harry S.Charles, Henry Dr.Charles, J. F.
Charles, JamesCharles, JamesCharles, James F.Charles, James F.
Charles, John EdwinCharles, LuluCharles, Mark E.Charles, Miss
Charles, PeninaCharles, RichardCharles, Robert FranklinCharles, Sarah A.
Chell, ElizabethCheneworth, Mary Mrs.Chidester, Abigail J.Childress, Alfred
Childress, Mary E.Childress, RuenwaChristler, MissChristman, George W.
Christman, Ida M.Church, Margaret Clamme, AlbertClamme, Albert
Clamme, AnnaClamme, CatherineClamme, CharlesClamme, Charles J.
Clamme, Charles J. P.Clamme, Edna H.Clamme, Harold H.Clamme, Harry
Clamme, HarryClamme, JohnClamme, LewisClamme, Margaret
Clamme, Minnie E.Clamme, PaulClamme, Perry W.Clamme, Perry W.
Clamme, PierreClamme, PierreClamme, RuthClampitt, Ruth
Clanin, Anna T.Clanin, ArthurClanin, EarlClanin, Frank
Clanin, JesseClanin, ReubenClanin, SusanClanin, Thirza
Clanin, ThompsonClappClapp, IsaacClapp, Susan
ClappeClapper, AliceClapper, AnnClapper, Bertha
Clapper, BeulahClapper, ChristopherClapper, ChristopherClapper, Edna S.
Clapper, Erskine MarionClapper, Fred H.Clapper, H. ClydeClapper, Henry
Clapper, HenryClapper, HenryClapper, Henry, Jr.Clapper, Henry II
Clapper, HerbertClapper, JacobClapper, JohnClapper, John
Clapper, Louretta GertrudeClapper, Manford M. M.D.Clapper, MaryClapper, Maxwell
Clapper, ParisClapper, RachelClapper, RachelClapper, Theodore
Clapper, WayneClark, AddieClark, AnnaClark, Benjamin
Clark, Caroline E.Clark, Caroline F.Clark, CorinthaClark, Corintha B.
Clark, Eliza J.Clark, GabriellaClark, JamesClark, James
Clark, JamesClark, James Jr.Clark, John E.Clark, Mr.
Clark, SimonClark, SimonClark, SimonClark, Simon B.
Claus, FredericaClaus, FrederickClaus, Philip CarleClause, Joseph Jr.
Clay, BerthaClay, HenryClemens, EdClemens, Godfrey
Clemens, MaybelleClements, Eliza A.Cleveland, Mr.Clevenger, Emma L.
Clevenger, MahalaClevenger, MariahClevenger, Rebecca J.Clevenger, Rebecca J.
Clevenger, RuthClevenger, SabraClevenger, SamuelClevenger, Samuel
Clevenger, SusanClevenger, ThomasClevinger, JaneClifford, Lora
Cline, Adam H.Cline, AngelinaCline, Angie B.Cline, Barbara
Cline, CatherineCline, H. P.Cline, HenryCline, Matilda
Cline, O. L.Cline, WalterClippinger, AdamClippinger, Adam C.
Clippinger, Adam IIClippinger, EarlClippinger, EmmaClippinger, Harry
Clippinger, JacobClippinger, JennieClippinger, MarionClippinger, Rose
Clippinger, WilburCloud, Alpha E.Cloud, AnnaCloud, Bruce
Cloud, Bruce N.Cloud, Carey H.Cloud, Cary HammondCloud, Catherine M.
Cloud, ElizabethCloud, IsmaCloud, JohnCloud, John T.
Cloud, LucindaCloud, LucyCloud, Lydia AnnCloud, Margaret
Cloud, MargaretCloud, MargaretCloud, MargaretCloud, Mary E.
Cloud, NoahCloud, NoahCloud, NoahCloud, Thomas
Cloud , ThomasCloud, WilliamCloud,WilliamCloud, William
Cloud, WilliamClous, RobertClouse JosephClouse, Adeline
Clouse, Anna GertrudeClouse, CassandraClouse, CatherineClouse, Helen Louise
Clouse, James RobertClouse, JohnClouse, John MerritClouse, Joseph
Clouse, MaryClouser, MamieClunk, Henry F.Clunk, Myra B.
Clupper, Forrest L.Clupper, George L.Clupper, Harley G.Clupper, Hugh E.
Clupper, Ira L.Clupper, Lewis

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