Blackford County Indiana
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Roan, MaryRobb, BessieRobb, ElizabethRobb, John S. Judge
Robb, PeterRobbins, MaryRoberds, Joseph A.Roberds, Nettie
Robert, HarryRobert, OscarRobert, PaulineRobert, Peter
Robert, RubyRoberts, AliceRoberts, BrookRoberts, Effie
Roberts, EffiRoberts, ElizabethRoberts, ElizabethRoberts, Elizabeth
Roberts, GladysRoberts, James R.Roberts, Lillie B.Roberts, Margaret
Roberts, Margaret Louisa FrancesRoberts, Margaret Mrs.Roberts, Mary A.Roberts, Miss
Roberts, Nancy Roberts, PrincessRoberts, S. L., Rev.Roberts, Susan
Robertson, PathinaRobin, GertrudeRobin, JacobRobin, Louis
Robinson, Mary J.Robinson, SarahRoby, ElizabethRoby, Jacob
Roby, MinnieRock, Mary AnnRoehm, Mary Mrs.Rogers, Ashford
Rogers, HazelRogers, Isabel M.Rogers, Orville D.Rogers, Rebecca
Rogers, Mrs. VernaRohr, MabelRomain, LavinaRood, Courtland
Roosevelt, ColonelRose, Matilda B.Rose, Mrs.Rosier, Katherine
Ross, BetseyRoss, CharlesRoss, Inez N.Ross, J. Clay M.D.
Ross, John J. C. M. D.Ross, JosephRoss, Joseph J.Ross, Lydia
Ross, MargaretRoss, Marion E.Ross, Milton J.Ross, Robert L.
Ross, ThomasRothinghouse, AlbertRothinghouse, Anthony B.Rothinghouse, Charles
Rothinghouse, ErnestRothinghouse, FredRothinghouse, PorterRouse, Isaac
Roush, BerthaRoush, ChaunceyRoush, FremontRoush, G. A. Professor
Roush, IsaacRoush, IsaacRoush, IsaacRoush, John
Roush, JohnRoush, JonathanRoush, LydaRoush, Madison
Roush, Mary C.Roush, MichaelRoush, Minnetta M.Roush, Miss
Roush, NancyRoush, NettieRoush, PhilipRoush, Polly
Roush, RebeccaRoush, SallyRoush, SarahRoush, Sarah
Roush, Sarah ElizaRoush, WalterRoush, Walter L.Roush, William
Roush, WilliamRoush, William H.Roush, William P.Roush, William P.
Roush, William P.Row, ElizabethRowe, Clara A.Rowe, Henry P.
Roy, HenryRozell, CharlesRozell, ErnestineRozell, Hamlet
Rozell, Miles M.Ruble, AlisonRuble, CharlesRudebaugh, Catherine
Rudebaugh, LouisRudebaugh, MaryRuley, Burton W.Ruley, Burton W.
Ruley, Eliza M.Ruley, Hannah MargaretRuley, Joseph J.Ruley, Maria E.
Ruley, Mary S.Ruley, Mr.Ruley, NancyRuley, Nancy
Ruley, NancyRuley, Nancy J.Ruley, Sarah JaneRuley, Sarah Jane
Runkle, ClaraRunkle, CliftonRunkle, Florence MayRunkle, Mary
Runkle, MathewRunyan, EthelRunyon, NorahRunyon, William
Rupert, Sophia L.Rush, Alison A.Rush, AnaRush, Archibald F.
Rush, AsaRush, AxelinaRush, AzelRush, Azel
Rush, BenjaminRush, Benjamin C.Rush, Benjamin ClarenceRush, Calvin
Rush, CalvinRush, Calvin C.Rush, Calvin C. M.D.Rush, Calvin C., Dr.
Rush, Charles E.Rush, CliffordRush, Clio C.Rush, Crawford
Rush, D. BentonRush, DorcasRush, DorcasRush, Dorinda
Rush, Dorothy ElizabethRush, DuncanRush, Duncan K.Rush, Eliza
Rush, Elizabeth Mrs.Rush, ElmiraRush, EmmaRush, Emma
Rush, FannaRush, Fuller A.Rush, GeorgeRush, Helen Demaris
Rush, HenryRush, IdellaRush, IredellRush, Iredell
Rush, Isadora AliceRush, JaneRush, JohnRush, Joseph
Rush, Loreta OliveRush, LouisaRush, MarthaRush, Mary
Rush, MaryRush, Mary MargaretRush, MillicentRush, Miss
Rush, MyraRush, NancyRush, NancyRush, Nixon
Rush, NixonRush, Nixon Rev.Rush, Nixon Rev.Rush, Nixon, Rev.
Rush, NoahRush, Norman J.Rush, Norman J.Rush, Olive
Rush, Sylvia LouiseRush, Sylvia LouiseRush, ThomasRush, Walter
Rush, Walter W.Rush, Zebedee Capt.Rush, Zebedee F.Rush, Zebedee Franklin
Russel, JohnRussel, MelvilleRussel, WilliamRussell, Albert A.
Russell, AnnRussell, BinaRussell, Charles Russell, Clarence
Russell, CoraRussell, DanielRussell, DavidRussell, Elizabeth
Russell, EmmaRussell, EthelRussell, EttaRussell, Goldie
Russell, GraceRussell, HenryRussell, JohnRussell, John
Russell, John L.Russell, LawrenceRussell, LelaRussell, Marian
Russell, MarieRussell, Mary L.Russell, MayRussell, Maybelle
Russell, Melvern A.Russell, MissRussell, PearlRussell, Samuel
Russell, ThelmaRussell, WilliamRussell, William S.Rutledge, C. F.
Rutter, Ann LouisaRyan, JohnRyan, PatrickRyan, Sarah
Rybolt, AleneRybolt, ChristianRybolt, EmmaRybolt, Franklin
Rybolt, GeraldRybolt, JarretRybolt, KennethRybolt, Luella
Rybolt, Mary A.Rybolt, Minnie L.Rybolt, OralRybolt, Rachel B.
Rybolt, William E.Rybolt, William H.

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