20-JAN-1998                  Family Group Sheet                    Page 1 
   Husband: James GILCHRIST  #122   
      Born: 04 NOV 1799     in: Lanarkshire, SCOTLAND                     
    Church: PRESBYTERIAN    in:                                           
      Died: 13 OCT 1876     in: Fulton County, IN                         
  Cemetery: IOOF            in: Leiters Ford (Fulton) IN                  
     Other:                 in:                                           
  Military:                     Occupation: Farmer                        

Family tradition had reported that James GILCHRIST emigrated from Glascow, SCOTLAND with two brothers, arriving in New York when James was about 21 years of age and still unmarried. Per the family stories, James and his brothers became separated in New York City. There were varying reports as to how many and which of the brothers were eventually reunited; the most commonly told story in compiler's immediate family was that James was the brother who never found the others.
Discovery of naturalization records in Jefferson County, IN brought to light several errors in the traditional report. Per his first and second papers, James was "a native of 'Lenockshire' SCOTLAND" (assumed to be Lanarkshire). He testified that he emigrated from Glascow in May of 1821 and landed in Baltimore, rather than N.Y., "the last of June 1821."
Two attempts have been made to locate Passenger Arrival Records for James. The first brought a "no records" response after a search of indexes at National Archives. The second request was made after finding a James GILCHRIST listed in "Passenger Arrivals at the Port of Baltimore 1820-1834" (Tepper and Bentley). A copy of the quarterly report for the ship "Meridian" was obtained from N.A. which shows a James GILCHRIST, "age 23, Male, Farmer," arrived in Baltimore 30 June 1821. This ship, however, embarked from Belfast, IRELAND, and this passenger was reported as belonging to "IRELAND" rather than SCOTLAND. It is possible that James went from Glascow to Belfast to await a ship's departure for the U.S., but there has been no confirmation that this is the James GILCHRIST sought by compiler.
There is one other GILCHRIST on the same page in Tepper's book - a "Samuel GILCHRIST, 29, (of) SCOTLAND," who arrived on the "Meridian" 30 Sept. 1823. There is no evidence that this is a brother to James GILCHRIST.
Nothing is known of James from his arrival at Baltimore until his marriage to Mary ANDERSON, 13 August 1826, in Jefferson County, IN. Mary's eldest brother, John ANDERSON, was apparently the first of that family to emigrate from SCOTLAND. By 1819, the rest of the ANDERSON family had arrived in INDIANA, and by 1822, both of Mary's parents had died in Jefferson County. Her father's property in that county had been left to Mary and her younger brother, Thomas, the only two of his children remaining single at the time of his death in 1822.
James and Mary may have resided on the ANDERSON property for the first few years of their marriage. Thomas, Mary's young brother, married in 1833. In October, 1835, James GILCHRIST purchased 92 acres in close proximity to the ANDERSON farm in Hanover Township. This land purchase was not recorded until July, 1845. In June, one month earlier, James had agreed to purchase about 250 acres of land in Fulton Co. in north central INDIANA, from a Jefferson County neighbor, James ROBB (also a SCOT by birth). The following November, ROBB purchased the GILCHRISTs' land in Jeffrson Co. from James and Mary.
Although there has been little evidence that James and Mary GILCHRIST were very active in the church, they were married by Andrew ISAACS, the minister of the Carmel Congregation of the Associate Presbyterian Church (aka the "Seceder Church"). Their young daughter, Elizabeth, lies buried in the cemetery which adjoined this church, near the GILCHRIST and the ANDERSON properties. The records of this church show "James GILCHRIST family removed March 18th 1846." James ROBB also removed from the church in March, 1846.
The exact time of the GILCHRISTs' departure from Jefferson County is not known. James served as a witness for Thomas ANDERSON and young Alexander PARK at the transfer of their joint property to Wm. PARK in that county 17 March 1846. The next record found of the James GILCHRIST family is the U.S. Census for 1850 in Rochester Twp., Fulton County, IN.
James and Mary remained in Rochester Twp. until their deaths in 1876 and 1877, respectively. In 1853, they sold their origianl Fulton Co. land (250 acres) to the Cincinnati, Peru and Chicago Railroad. In June 1854, James purchased 240 acres from Wm. MACKEY in the same township. In 1860, 180 acres of this land were transferred to the GILCHRISTs' two sons, James, Jr. and Thomas. In March 1860, the remaining 60 acres were sold to their daughter Jennett/Janet, after her marriage to Christopher CAMPBELL. (A Civil Court case against Christopher CAMPBELL and James GILCHRIST by the State of INDIANA concerning this land appeared in court record indexes for 1871-1872.
Compiler has been unable to locate the actual court records to determine the nature of that suit, but it is likely that it was because of delinquent taxes. Jennett died in 1865, and Christopher remarried just a few years later.)
In December, 1864, James purchased less than an acre of property adjoining that of his children from J. LEITER. Compiler assumes the plot was intended as the final residence of the older couple, however, census records show that the younger son, Thomas, remained in the family home, even after his marriage.
James and Mary (ANDERSON) GILCHRIST are buried at the I.O.O.F. Cemetery at Leiters Ford, Fulton County, IN. Their daughter, Jennett; her little son, John C. CAMPBELL; the GILCHRISTs' younger son, Thomas, and his wife, Phoebe (KEELY) are buried nearby. Compiler has been unable to find death rcords, an obituary or probate files for James GILCHRIST. A probate file for a James GILCHRIST was obtained from Fulton County, but it turned out to be that of James GILCHRIST and wife, Eliza, of Hamilton County, OH, who had migrated to Fulton County about 1860.

An obituary for Mary (ANDERSON) GILCHRIST mentions the couple's emigration from SCOTLAND and their long and productive lives. The following is extracted from that obituary:

...The old gentleman departed this life some two months ago, and she has gone to join him in a better land. Never was a neighborhood blest with more honest, accommodating and useful neighbors than were Mr. and Mrs. GILCHRIST. They died as they had lived, loved and esteemed by all, and are at peace with God and man.

Compiled by:Ann & Ernie Grubb


      Wife: Mary ANDERSON  #121   
   Married: 13 AUG 1826     in: Jefferson County, IN                      
  Marr. Ceremony? Y/N:      Divorced/Annulled/Separated:    End Year:     
      Born: 08 SEP 1799     in: Johnstone (Dumfries) SCOTLAND             
    Church: PRESBYTERIAN    in:                                           
      Died: 01 JAN 1877     in: Fulton County, IN                         
  Cemetery: IOOF            in: Leiters Ford (Fulton) IN                  
     Other:                 in:                                           
  Military:                     Occupation: Housewife                     
    Father: Thomas ANDERSON  #133
    Mother: Elizabeth "Bridget" BECK  #132

Until Dec. 1993, very little was known about Mary (ANDERSON) GILCHRIST except that she was born in SCOTLAND; married James GILCHRIST in Jefferson Co. in 1826; gave birth to 2 sons, James and Thomas and a daughter, probably named Janet or Jennett, and died on 01 Jan 1877.
In response to a query published in the "Genealogical Helper Magazine," contact was established with Virginia Korns, a descendent of Mary's younger brother, Thomas ANDERSON. Through correspondence with Mrs. KORNS, compiler established contact with John M. ANDERSON, a descendent of Mary's oldest brother. Mr. ANDERSON has not only done extensive research on Mary ANDERSON's family, but has also visited the tenant farm in SCOTLAND where the ANDERSON children were born, and is in the process of writing a book about the family.
We now have documentation that Mary was born in Johnstone Parish, on a farm called West Blackburn, in the county of Dumfries in SCOTLAND on 08 DEC 1799. (Mary's tombstone reads, "Born in SCOTLAND, April 15, 1800.") Mary's parents were Thomas and Elizabeth/Bridget "Betsy" (BECK) ANDERSON. They were tenant farmers on the JOHNSTONE estate. Mary was the eighth of nine children born to the couple there.
Although we are unsure as to exactly when Mary's family immigrated from SCOTLAND, we have evidence that her older brother "Scotch John" was in Greene Co., OH by 1812 when he purchased a quarter-section of land in Jefferson Co. (then Clark Co.) from the U.S. Land Office in Jeffersonville,IN. Evidence points to an approximate arrival in INDIANA of 1818 for Mary, her parents, her sister, Margaret, and the youngest Anderson child, Thomas, who was not born until 1804. There is also evidence that other members of the family came to the Jefferson County area before their parents with the PARK family.
Family tradition, passed on by Mrs. Korns, reports that the parents followed "Scotch John" and other older siblings to the U.S. because the "old folks" did not want to die separated from the rest of the family. The story continues that once here, the parents became so homesick for SCOTLAND that they grieved themselves to death. Whether this is true or not, the couple died within a short time after they settled in Jefferson County.
Mary was not quite 23 when her parents died, and she did not marry James GILCHRIST until about 4 years later. At the time of her parent's death young Thomas, about 17, went to the court as an orphan and chose Thomas TAYLOR as his guardian. TAYLOR entered bond of $1000.00. Where Mary livedat this time is not known, nor is the relationship between the ANDERSONs and the TAYLOR family known, but it may be significant that Thomas TAYLOR served as executor for the senior Thomas ANDERSON's will. Also, Elizabeth GILCHRIST, the first born child of James and Mary is buried beside Thomas TAYLOR and his wife in the TAYLOR family plot at the Carmel Cemetery near Hanover, IN.

"NEWSPAPER EXCERPTS", Vol 7, 1877, Fulton Co. Library, Rochester, IN, carries the obituary of Mary (ANDERSON) GILCHRIST on page 137, which reads as follows:

DIED. -On New Year's night, Mrs. GILCHRIST. Her death was caused by old age and infirmity. Mr. and Mrs. GILCHRIST emigrated to this country from SCOTLAND many years ago. By patient toiling they secured for themselves a comfortable home, and lived to a ripe old age. The old gentleman departed this life some two months ago, and she has gone to join him in the better land. Never was a neighborhood blest with more honest, accommodating and useful neighbors than were Mr. and Mrs. GILCHRIST. They died as they had lived, loved and esteemed by all, and are at peace with God and man....
Compiled by:Ann & Ernie Grubb


  F Child 1 Elizabeth GILCHRIST  #134  
      Born: 20 JAN 1828     in: Jefferson County, IN                      
    Church: PRESBYTERIAN ?  in:                                           
      Died: 17 JAN 1835     in: Jefferson County, IN                      
  Cemetery: CARMEL          in: Near Hanover (Jefferson) IN               
     Other:                 in:                                           
  Military:                     Occupation:                               

GILCHRIST family tradition had reported that James and Mary ANDERSON GILCHRIST had only three children--two sons and a daughter whose name was thought to be Rebecca. Early in the research on this family, compiler made the discovery that the daughter reported was actually "Janet" or Jennet" and that she had died in Fulton County, IN in 1865, leaving a husband and two young sons. Although family reports that all three children were born in Jefferson County, compiler was able to find no birth records dating back far enough to confirm this. Tally marks on census for 1830 and 1840 were the only documents available.
Microfilm of the 1830 census for Jefferson Co. is very difficult to read. First, compiler thought there might have been a "tally" under females, "To 5" in James GILCHRIST's enumeration; however, it was discounted as a scratch on the film, since Jennet was believed to have been born about 1835.
On the 2nd visit to the Carmel Cemetery, a well-preserved stone marker was found in the vicinity of the Thomas and Ann TAYLOR graves. This marker very clearly states, "Elizabeth, daughter of James and Mary GILCHRIST, died January 17, 1835, aged 6 years 11 months and 28 days." (Birthdate above, calculated.)
Elizabeth was apparently the first child born to Mary GILCHRIST. Why she was buried among the TAYLOR graves is not known, but may be indication of a close relationship between the ANDERSON and TAYLOR families.
Elizabeth's uncle, Thomas ANDERSON, was only 17 when his parents died. He declared in court his wish to be the ward of Thomas TAYLOR until he reached his majority. TAYLOR was also named by the senior Thomas ANDERSON as chief executor of his will. (Documentation has been found that the TAYLORs were also immigrants from SCOTLAND)
NOTE: In Jefferson County Will Book Indexes, compiler found a reference to the will of Thomas TAYLOR and his wife that indicated the couple had no children of their own, but seemingly made a practice of serving as guardians to various orphan children in the community. Compiler suspects there may have been a stronger bond than this between the ANDERSON and TAYLOR families.

Compiled by:Ann & Ernie Grubb


  M Child 2 James GILCHRIST Jr.  #135  
      Born: CA 1832         in: Jefferson County, IN                      
    Church:                 in:                                           
      Died: ABT. 1897       in: Prob. Fulton County, IN                   
  Cemetery:                 in:                                           
     Other:                 in:                                           
  Military:                     Occupation: Farmer/Farm laborer           

James is the first known son of James and Mary (ANDERSON) GILCHRIST. Family tradition reports that he was born in Jefferson County, IN about 1832. This has been supported by a handwritten note on the inside cover of an old farm ledger belonging to William GILCHRIST, nephew of James, Jr. and grandfather of compiler. In spite of these reports, there is little data confirmed by actual documentation concerning James, Jr.
Although there is no evidence of a son born prior to James, Jr., the 1830 census for Jefferson Co. appears to have a "tally" under the column headed "Males, to 5". Since the GILCHRIST's were married in August, 1826, and their daughter, Elizabeth, is believed to have been born in January, 1828, James was probably not born before Elizabeth. He could have been born between Elizabeth's birth and census enumeration day in 1830; however, it is noted that the census film for that year is extremely hard to read. What appears to be a "tally" may be a scratch or a smear of ink.
Other census records are not consistent as to the age of James, Jr. 1840 census shows one male "To 5" (Thomas, James, Jr.'s brother) and one male "5 to 10". Then in 1850, the age of James. Jr, is reported as 18. In 1860 he is listed as 26 years of age; in 1870 his age is given as "38". James does not appear in the GILCHRIST household after 1870. Compiler has not found him as a member of any other household in Fulton County in 1880 or 1900.
The same handwritten note of William GILCHRIST mentioned above states "Uncle Jim, born in Jefferson Co. in 1832, died in Fulton Co., 1897, age 65." Compiler has not found any death or burial data, except for this note.
In Feb., 1860, James and Mary GILCHRIST conveyed 90 acres to each of their two sons. Another 60 acres was conveyed to their married daughter, Jennet CAMPBELL the following month.
James, Sr. died in October, 1876 and Mary followed him on New Years Day, 1877. Thomas appears as the head of the household on the next census, 23 JUN 1880; James, Jr. was not enumerated in the household at that time.
In November, 1881, James, Jr. and Thomas divided the 180 acres of their land. At that time, James, Jr. was unmarried. In December, 1890, James GILCHRIST, "unmarried, of Fulton County..." conveys his 90 acres back to his brother, Thomas, for "$1.00 and love and affection...hereby reserving to himself a lifetime estate in the above...land..."
There is no mention of James again until January, 1895, when he swears an affidavit concerning the conveyance of land in 1845 from James ROBB to James GILCHRIST, Sr. James, Jr.'s age is stated as "sixty" in the affidavit. This is the last documented evidence compiler has found on the life of this son of James and Mary GILCHRIST. Assuming that William GILCHRIST noted the correct information in his ledger, James, Jr. died in Fulton County, IN at 65 years of age in 1897. Apparently, James, Jr. never married. Since he maintained a life estate for himself on the property that he conveyed to his brother, Thomas, James may have chosen to be buried on the GILCHRIST farm. If so, no marker nor any record of such a burial has been discovered (Jan.1996). His parents, his sister, Jennet, Thomas and Phoebe are all buried at the IOOF Cemetery at Leiters Ford. No marker for James has been found in that cemetery or at the IOOF Cemetery in Richland Center, where William and his wife are buried.

Compiled by:Ann & Ernie Grubb


16-JAN-1998                  Family Group Sheet                    Page 1 
   Husband: David Bruce MOW  #116   
      Born: 08 AUG 1857     in: Richland Township (Fulton) IN                     
    Church: GRANDVIEW EUB   in:                                           
      Died: 14 OCT 1931     in: Richland Township (Fulton) IN                         
  Cemetery: IOOF            in: Richland Township (Fulton) IN                  
     Other:                 in:                                           
  Military:                     Occupation: Farmer/Carpenter                        
    Father:Adam Hartzell MOW  #118
    Mother:Harriet Jane WALKER  

David Bruce Mow, compiler's great grandfather, died eight years before compiler was born. Reports of members of the GILCHRIST fmily have drawn a vivid picture in compiler's mind of a gentle, highly respected family man, who was ever-present in the family circle and cherished by his grandsons, as well as his children.
David MOW was the third of eight children of Adam H. and Harriet "Jane" WALKER MOW. He lived most of his life in the community of Whippoorwill near Rochester, IN. In 1879, David married Catherine BEEHLER, the daughter of first-generation immigrants from Germany. The MOWs had seven children in their 52-year marriage. They were humble people, yet they reared their children with great dignity and self-respect.
David was a carpenter and a farmer, who also spent some time working on road-building crews in northern Indiana. While never a large land owner, he did maintain a small farm most of his married life. In 1913, David bought a 19 acres tract from his older brother, James Samuel, who had migrated to Oregon. This property was located in Township 31 north, Range 2-E, in Section 22 -- in Richland Township, north of the Tippecanoe River, about two miles east of South Germany Cemetery and five miles east of the Leiters Ford Community.
In Fulton County Deed Book 79, compiler found a release and quit-claim from David and Catherine's living children and surviving children of their deceased daughter, to Catherine for the remaining estate of David MOW. The estate included a strip of land in the same location at that deeded to David from James Samuel, as well as "all personal property, of any kind or character ...including particularly the Ford Coupe owned by David MOW...1922 Model T..."


The "Record of Death" gives the cause of death as "Carcinomia of Doudimunary". It was signed by L. MEEK, M.D., a family doctor often mentioned by the descendents of David MOW.
Wilma FOLTZ sent compiler copies of three pages of handwritten data concerning the MOW family. They appear to be part of a ledger or notebook but the source is unknown. The handwriting appears to be a feeble feminine hand. It is possible that it may have been written by Catherine BEEHLER MOW, who survived until 1948. On the first of three pages, the third entry reads: "David Bruce Mow departed from this world October the 14, 1931"

Compiled by:Ann & Ernie Grubb

Deb Murray