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NASH, John W. ~ no other names mentioned
NATTKAMPER, Louis ~ Asperger, Roggenkamper
NAYLOR, William ~ no other names mentioned
NEUKOM, Solomon ~ Lammers, Neff, Roekler, Tormohlen
NEWHART, Phil ~ Greimer, Weiss
NICHOLS, James ~ Ellis, Kirtly
NICHOLSON, William ~ Johnson
NORMAN, James G. ~ Hayworth, Watts

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O'BOYLE, J.H. ~ no other names mentioned
OGLE, Jacob Sr. ~ Baty, Ferguson
OGLE, Jacob W. Jr. ~ Baty, Ferguson
OHM, Fred. ~ no other names mentioned
OSBORN, John W. (picture) (description of) ~ Brock, Thixton, Willcox, Wilson
OWEN, G.B. ~ Butner, Gainey
OWEN, Sylvester ~ no other names mentioned

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PADDOCK, John ~ McLean
PADDOCK, William ~ McKeen
PAIGE, William H. ~ Gorham, Kilbourne, Wharton
PAINE, George A. ~ Mills
PALMER, Nelson ~ Myers
PARISH, William O. ~ Hendricks, Martin, Maxwell, Noakes
PATRICK, Dr. Septer ~ description of
PATTON, T.J. & W.O. New ~ no other names mentioned
PAYNE, Robert J. ~ Sutherland, Twyman
PEGG, A.B. ~ Brown, Casto, Miller
PENCE, A. ~ Dunyan
PENCE, Aaron ~ Newell, Witham
PENNINGTON, William G. ~ Gannon, Ray, Wiles
PERDUE, L.F. ~ no other names mentioned
PETERS, John Allen ~ Cheatham, Johns, Taylor
PETERS, Joseph Thomas ~ Cheatham, Layton, Payne, Weeks
PHILLIPS, James N. ~ Balding
PICKENS, David S. ~ Chapman, Cowherd, King, Price
PICKENS, J.M. ~ Arnold, Williams
PICKINS, Francis M. ~ Baldwin, Smider
PIERCE, I.N. ~ no other names mentioned
PIERSON, Moses ~ Liston, McNutt, Seymour
PIETY, James D. & Lurinda L. (THOMAS) ~ Beauchamp, Craig, DeBaun, Devol, Elliott, Ferguson, Harnett, Kester, List, Milegan, Miles, Morgan, Thomas, Trueblood, Turner, Williams
PIETY, Milton H. & Sarah E. (TRUEBLOOD) ~ Beauchamp, Craig, DeBaun, Devol, Elliott, Ferguson, Harnett, Kester, List, Milegan, Miles, Morgan, Thomas, Trueblood, Turner, Williams
PIETY, Samuel A. ~ DeBaun, Thomas
PINSON, J.V. ~ Bozarth, Noblitt
PITTENGER, William T. ~ Browning, Cole, McCullough
POTHS, William ~ Wildy
POUND, Dr. A. Decker F. ~ Boyer, Foreman, Taylor, Thomas, Weir, Yeager
POUND, Harvey M. ~ Carr, Kester, Sparks
POUND, Thomas ~ Chenoeth, Christ, Cox, Harrison, Hunt, Kester, Lacock, Liston, Martin, Reed, Symmes
POWER, Charles A. New ~ no other names mentioned
PRESTON, I.V. ~ Jackson
PRICE, Silas ~ Davis, Mahan
PROBST, E.L. ~ Henderson, Law
PROBST, J. Fred. ~ Gagg, Keungot
PROX, Frank ~ Watson
PUCKETT, Tom ~ Liston
PUGH, Allison ~ Reynolds
PUGH, H.C. ~ Parker, Soules
PUGH, John W. ~ Stubbs
PUGH, Williamson W. ~ Stubbs

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QUIGLEY, James F. ~ no other names mentioned
QUINLAN, M. ~ Rayan

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RANKIN, John ~ Perkins
RAY, C.A. ~ Dodd
RAY, John ~ Crum, Jackson
RAY, W.R. ~ Lee
REA, W.S. ~ no other names mentioned
RECTOR, Charles G. ~ Boone
RECTOR, George ~ Gookins, Price, VanCleave
RECTOR, W.H. ~ Cochran, Fisk, McMasters
REECE, John ~ Ferrel, Grey, Lindsey
REESE, S.T. ~ Esham
REIBOLD, David ~ no other names mentioned
REIF, A. ~ no other names mentioned
REIMAN, E.L. ~ no other names mentioned
REINERS, H.F. ~ Duenweg
REISS, G. & J.C. ~ no other names mentioned
REYNOLDS, Moses ~ Pugh
REYNOLDS, Robert G. ~ Pugh
RHOADS, Baskin E. ~ no other names mentioned
RHYAN, Lewis H. ~ Cooper, Shuey, Swan
RICHARDSON, Joseph ~ Markle
RICHARDSON, Joseph ~ no other names mentioned
RICHARDSON, S.C. ~ no other names mentioned
RIDGE, James Albert ~ Cox
RIPLEY, Joseph ~ Coart
RIPLEY, S.S. ~ Hughes
RIPLEY, Sylvanus ~ Corey, Love
RIPPETOE, John H. ~ Malcolm, Riggs, Shewey
RIPPETOE, R.W. ~ no other names mentioned
RISLEY, William C. ~ Bushel, Liston, Lloyd
ROBERTS, E.A. ~ Butler, Harrison, Jackson, McPheeters, Rigney
ROBERTS, H. ~ Jackson
ROBERTS, Reden ~ Bonds
ROBERTS, Dr. W.H. New ~ no other names mentioned
ROBERTS, William ~ Stephenson
ROBERTSON, Thomas ~ Simmons
ROBINSON, Polly ~ Arnet, Bailey, Bennight, Broils, Canady, Copeland, Cruft, Farley, Frakes, Gilbert, Hamilton, Huntington, Johnston, Jones, Liston, Lykins, McCraney, McDaniel, Miller, Mills, Paddock, Pound, Raymond, Reed, Rose, Sanders, Smith, Stanley, Strain, Taylor, Thompson, Tyron, Weir, Willhite, Wilson, Yeager
ROBISON, William H. ~ Goodman, Hopkins, Robinson, Watkins
ROGERS, N. ~ no other names mentioned
ROGERS, Thomas ~ description of
ROMINE, F.W. ~ Bell, Steadman
ROSEMAN, H.H. ~ Berry, Gulick, Shelledy
ROSS, Fred A. ~ no other names mentioned
ROSS, Harry ~ no other names mentioned
ROSS, John Clifford (picture) ~ Kiddle, Kinney
ROTTMANN, C.H. ~ no other names mentioned
ROUTLEDGE, Henry ~ no other names mentioned
ROWAN, Alexander ~ Collins
ROWE, Benjamin N. ~ Brant, McPheron, Ridge, Sherman
RUMBLEY, I.N. ~ Armstrong, Wilson
RUSSELL, CHARLES W. ~ Duncan, Leavitt
RYAN, Peter J. ~ Musselman
RYAN, W.A. ~ Brown, Shank
RYCE, Lucius (picture) ~ Berry, Potter
RYNERSON, John ~ Bowen, Chambers, Hix, Wilson

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