Blackford County Indiana
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Mr. BabbBacchler, LouiseBacchler, Samuel Rev.Baer, Jacob
Bailey, Joseph W. SenatorBailey, R. W.Bailey, R.W.Bailey, Rebecca
Bailey, RebeccaBailey, RebeccaBain, John Bainbridge, Charles E.
Bainbridge, George MiltonBainbridge, Gilbert M.Bainbridge, HallieBainbridge, Nettie
Baker, Amanda J.Baker, CharlesBaker, ChristinaBaker, George C.
Baker, JamesBaker, JennieBaker, MaryBaker, Mr. Rev
Baker, NenahBaker, Sewell Rev.Baker, WilliamBaldwin, A. M.
Baldwin, Addison M.Baldwin, AnnBaldwin, Asa T.Baldwin, Asenath
Baldwin, BenjaminBaldwin, C. GordonBaldwin, CharlesBaldwin, Charlotte
Baldwin, Clara B.Baldwin, DanielBaldwin, DanielBaldwin, Daniel Jr.
Baldwin, Daniel P. JudgeBaldwin, Daniel Sr.Baldwin, DavidBaldwin, Dean A.
Baldwin, EdgarBaldwin, Edgar M.Baldwin, Edgar R.Baldwin, Elias
Baldwin, EliasBaldwin, ElmaBaldwin, GovernorBaldwin, Hannah
Baldwin, HenryBaldwin, HuldahBaldwin, JonathanBaldwin, Joseph W.
Baldwin, Lucetta B.Baldwin, LucyBaldwin, M. F. Dr.Baldwin, Mark
Baldwin, MarkBaldwin, MaryBaldwin, MaryBaldwin, Mary A. Mrs.
Baldwin, Mary E.Baldwin, MicahBaldwin, MillieBaldwin, Moe H.
Baldwin, NathanBaldwin, OrlandoBaldwin, Otto KellyBaldwin, Rachael
Baldwin, Stephen G.Baldwin, Stephen G.Baldwin, TeraBaldwin, Thomas
Baldwin, ThomasBales, KittieBales, SarahBales, Sarah
Ball, MattieBall, R. M.Ballard, A. J.Ballard, Alfred J.
Ballard, EmilyBallard, Emily Mrs.Ballard, JamesBallard, Jesse M.
Ballard, LydiaBallard, NoraBallenger, HarmonBallenger, James
Ballenger, JesseBallenger, MissBallenger, Samuel Rev.Ballenger, Sarah E.
Ballenger, WilliamBallinger, CarrieBallinger, DanielBallinger, David
Ballinger, Edmund F.Ballinger, Elva A.Ballinger, EthelBallinger, Ivory N.
Ballinger, JamesBallinger, JesseBallinger, JohnBallinger, Josiah
Ballinger, Marvel B.Ballinger, PerryBallinger, RebeccaBallinger, Rebecca
Ballinger, RebeccaBallinger, WebsterBalls, Frank G.Balsley, Mary
Banister, GeorgeBanister, JohnBanister, MaudeBanister, Myrtle
Banister, OliverBanister, WalterBanter, Charles F.Banter, Eliza S.
Banter, FranklinBanter, HaroldBanter, Ida. A.Banter, Jacob H.
Banter, John W.Banter, OakleyBanter, RalphBanter, Samuel Carl
Banter, Samuel EllisBanter, Sarah E.Banter, VeralBanter, William
Banter, William O.Barchman, AmeliaBarchman, HenryBarchman, Isaac
Barchman, MaryBare, HenryBare, Mary A.Barfin, Clinton
Bargdol, SirasBarger, AnnettaBarger, George W.Barley, A. C.
Barley, Albert C.Barley, Albert C. Jr.Barley, AlethaBarley, Anna Louise
Barley, Charles G.Barley, Charles G.Barley, ChristianaBarley, Daniel
Barley, EdithBarley, Edith M.Barley, Fred L.Barley, Henry
Barley, J.L.Barley, J. L.Barley, J. L.Barley, James L.
Barley, James L.Barley, James LafayetteBarley, MaryBarley, Ottilia R.
Barnard, BetseyBarnard, JohnBarnard, LucindaBarnard, Mary Esther
Barnes, NellieBarnes, ThomasBarnett, Ethel M.Barnett, John T. M. D.
Barnett, MargaretBarnhart, MargaretBarnhart, PeggyBarr, John L.
Barr, RaymondBarr, Thomas D.Barrett, LeoraBarrett, Margaret
Barrett, RosaBarrett, Sarah M.Barry, UnknownBart, Miss
Bartley, Jacob S.Bartley, NicholasBarton, WilliamBartsley, Elizabeth
Bash, Anna B.Bash, MichaelBatchelor, CaswellBatchelor, Ezra V.
Batchelor, George W.Batchelor, J. O.Batchelor, J. O. MayorBatchelor, James Otterbein
Batchelor, John L.Batchelor, Joseph AlexanderBatchelor, Joseph W.Batchelor, Josephine
Batchelor, MayorBatchelor, William G.Bates, Daisy B.Bates, Margaret
Bates, MaryBates, RuthBatten, Cordelia C.Baugh, Johnson
Baugh, MargaretBaughman, DavidBaughman, Elizabeth

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