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Waddom, Mary LouisaWade, C. V. Mrs.Waggaman, Rose Mrs.Waggoner, Anna
Waggoner, GeorgiaWaggoner, Harry BryanWaggoner, Isaac R.Waggoner, Mercy
Waggoner, MiramWaggoner, RubyWaggoner, RuthWaggoner, Sarah
Waggoner, W. E.Waggoner, WilliamWagnar, GusWagner, Arlie
Wagner, CleoWagner, DanielWagner, DonWagner, Esther M.
Wagner, GailWagner, General GeorgeWagner, George C.Wagner, George W.
Wagner, HenryWagner, HerbertWagner, LissieWagner, Mattie
Wagner, MaybelleWagner, MyrtleWagner, NellieWagner, Orval
Wagner, RichardWagner, Ruth IleenWagner, SarahWagner, Virgil
Waldo, Sarah C.Waldron, ElijahWaldron, Elijah A.Waldron, John H.
Waldron, Lena EthelWales, CharlesWalker, A. E. Dr.Walker, Adam
Walker, AliceWalker, AnnaWalker, Anna MarieWalker, Arthur
Walker, BarbaraWalker, BelleWalker, BlancheWalker, Casper
Walker, CatherineWalker, CatherineWalker, CatherineWalker, Christian Ed
Walker, ClaryWalker, ElizabethWalker, ElizabethWalker, Elizabeth J.
Walker, ElliottWalker, EmmaWalker, FrederickWalker, Florence
Walker, Garl D.Walker, GarnelWalker, GeorgeWalker, George
Walker, Ghlee DelightWalker, H. H.Walker, HarrietWalker, Rev. Harry T.
Walker, Harvey T.Walker, Rev. Harvey T.Walker, HughWalker, Jacob
Walker, JacobWalker, JacobWalker, JamesWalker, Jennie
Walker, JennieWalker, JohnWalker, JohnWalker, John
Walker, John FrederickWalker, JosephWalker, KatieWalker, Katharine
Walker, KatherineWalker, LeslieWalker, LudwigWalker, Maggie U.
Walker, MargaretWalker, MargaretWalker, MargaretWalker, Mary
Walker, MaryWalker, MaryWalker, MaryWalker, Mary A.
Walker, Mary EttaWalker, NacyWalker, NancyWalker, Nelson W.
Walker, RosaWalker, RosipheneWalker, SamuelWalker, Samuel
Walker, Samuel H.Walker, SarahWalker, SarahWalker, Sarah J.
Walker, SiegmundWalker, Walter C.Walker, WilliamWalker, William
Walker, WilliamWalker, Rev. William A.Walker, William C.Walker, William C.
Walker, William C.Walker, Wilma R.Walkup, JosephineWall, Ada L.
Wall, Carrie E.Wall, Claude D.Wall, Clinton M.Wall, David
Wall, DavidWall, DavidWall, DellaWall, Isaiah
Wall, JennieWall, JohnWall, JonathanWall, Kate Mrs.
Wall, Mahalon M. Dr.Wall, MelindaWall, MillsWallace, David
Wallace, EmelineWallace, John M.Wallace, John M. Jr.Wallace, John M. Col.
Wallace, John M., Sr.Wallace, L. A.Wallace, Lew, GeneralWallace, Lew
Wallace, Lew Col.Wallace, MammyWallace, Miriam A.Walle, Carrie E.
Walsh, MaxWalter, Electa J.Walthall, DanielWalthall, David
Walthall, ElizabethWalthall, H. DelightWalthall, Josiah T.Walthall, Louisa Mrs.
Walthall, MarthaWalthall, Telfer D.Walthall, ThomasWalthall, William
Walthall, William A.Walton, MarcetaWaltz, Aaron M.Waltz, Aaron M.
Waltz, Aaron M.Waltz, ElizabethWaltz, IsaacWaltz, J. K. Professor
Waltz, JacobWaltz, MaryWaltz, PeterWaltz, Peter
Waltz, Peter, Jr.Waltz, SamuelWaltz, SolomonWaltz, William J.
Waltzer, UnknownWandry, AugustaWard, AmosWard, Amos
Ward, BenjaminWard, CalvinWard, CatherineWard, Charles
Ward, ClydeWard, Clyde W.Ward, D. D.Ward, Daniel
Ward, DanielWard, EarlWard, EliWard, Emma
Ward, EverettWard, Frances S. Mrs.Ward, Frances Stebbins Mrs.Ward, J. E.
Ward, John CaptainWard, John E.Ward, JonathanWard, Joseph
Ward, JosephineWard, LutherWard, MaeWard, Mary
Ward, MissWard, NancyWard, Newell J.Ward, Raymond
Ward, RebeccaWard, RebeccaWard, RebeccaWard, Rose
Ward, WesleyWard, WilliamWard, WillisWare, Ada
Ware, HenryWare, Joseph B.Ware, W. W.Ware, William W.
Wareham, ElizaWarfield, ElijahWarfield, GeorgeWarfield, George W.
Warfield, OraWarfield, Willard, W.Warner, Lulu Mrs.Warren Florence
Warren LauraWarren, ElmeWarren, Floyd L.Warren, Frank
Warren, GideonWarren, Golda, 0.Warren, WebsterWarren, William
Washburn, Albert OwensWashburn, EffieWashburn, Joseph HulleyWashburn, Mrs.
Washburn, W. O.Washburn, Will OwensWass, AdamWass, Phoebe
Wass, Phoebe Watson, AnnieWatson, BelleWatson, Daniel
Watson, JohnWatson, Lorenzo D.Watson, MargaretWatson, Minerva
Watson, Olive VidaWatson, RichardsonWatson, S. SalomeWatson, Virginia
Watts, Charles L.Watts, CoraWay, LydiaWayne, Anthony General
Wear, RebeccaWeaver, AdamWeaver, Albert ChristlerWeaver, Amos A.
Weaver, Bishop Weaver, EdWeaver, Elwood M.Weaver, H. W.
Weaver, HenryWeaver, Henry W.Weaver, James DalisWeaver, John W.
Weaver, LilyWeaver, LouisaWeaver, Martha Mrs.Weaver, Mary F.
Weaver, MasonWeaver, Newton G.Weaver, Oscar D.Weaver, Sarah
Weaver, WilliamWebb, B. F. CaptainWebb, Catherine Mrs.Webb, Elizabeth
Webb, JaneWebb, Mary S. Mrs.Webb, MatildaWebster, Ella
Webster, EllaWebster, JohnWebster, LucileWebster, Myra (Vickey)
Webster, W. C.Weddington, Mary Ruley, Mrs.Weddington, NathanWeddington, William
Weeks, CharlesWeeks, DeWittWeeks, EmmaWeeks, Mariam C.
Weeks, Samuel DeWittWeeks, Thomas BarclayWeeks, Sumner WilliamWeeks, Violet
Weesner, Margaret Mrs.Weiler, A. R.Weiler, AbeWeiler, Adolph
Weiler, Adoph R.Weiler, M. M.Weiler, Mayer M.Weirick, Unknown
Weist, MissWelch, Benjamin Welch, DempseyWelch, Elizabeth
Welch, IsaacWelch, RaynerWelch, SarahWelch, William
Welda, JohnWells, Bunyan J.Wells, ElizaWells, Ester J.
Wells, Newton J.Welsch, EdwardWelsh, ElizabethWelsh, Michael
Welsh, P.Wenger, MartinWentz, Charles M.Wentz, Elizabeth
Wentz, FloydWentz, HenryWentz, JacobWentz, Mabel
Wentz, OrvilleWentz, Philip E. Jr.Wentz, Phillip E.Wentz, Wayne
Wentz, William A.Weschke, CharlesWeschke, ChristianWeschke, Clara
Weschke, Esther MagdalenaWeschke, HenriettaWeschke, J. ChristianWeschke, Mary
Weschke, Ruth MargaretWeser, ChristianWeser, Clara E.Weser, Ed
Weser, EdaWeser, Edna B.Weser, FrankWeser, George A.
Weser, HenryWeser, JeannetteWeser, JosephWeser, Josephine
Weser, Josephine B.Weser, LillieWeser, LizzieWeser, May E.
Weser, Orpha T.Weser, PhilipWeser, PhilipWesley, David
West, BellWest, Esther ElvinaWest, Hannah S.West, James R.
West, Lucy T.Westfall, AngelineWestfall, AngelineWestfall, Elizabeth
Westfall, ElizabethWestfall, Elizabeth A.Westfall, George T.Westfall, George W.
Westfall, JamesWestfall, JamesWestfall, James Sr.Westfall, James W.
Westfall, James W.Westfall, James W. Jr.Westfall, LibbyWestfall, Lula
Westfall, LuluWestfall, Orla R.

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