Ohio County, Indiana Biographies

I have recently obtained a copy of the book- History of Dearborn and Ohio Counties, Indiana 1885.  There are approximately 300 pages of biographies in this book that I am willing to share.  I will try to get all the biographies here to this website.  As of now Surnames A-L have been completed.  In the meantime if there is someone you are looking for in Ohio County please contact me and I will look to see if they are in the book.  If they are they will take priority over what I am typing for this page and I will send you the information.  At the same time I will add it to the page so it is available for everyone. Come back often as I will try to put new names on these pages every week.

A copy of this book, History of Dearborn and Ohio Counties, Indiana  1885 , is available through Hillforest.  It is a completely indexed book including not only biographies of Dearborn and Ohio Counties to 1885, but also contains histories of the counties, information on their churches, schools, portraits of early settlers, and  prominent men.  The book is an excellent source for anyone who has ancestors from Southeastern Indiana or just loves history in general.   It also includes a chapter on Indian Depredations.  A copy of this book is available for $65.00.  For more information contact hillforest@seidata.com

or  www:dearborncounty.org/history/hillfor.html    

phone (812)926-0087

Available Biographies:




Noah L. BABBS ~ Andrew J. BARRICKLOW ~ John W. BARRICKLOW ~ Hiram BARRICKLOW ~ James S. BARNS ~ Abijah BENNETT ~ Thomas A. BENNETT ~ Simon BEYMER ~ James BILLINGSLEY ~ Geroge E. BRADFORD ~ William H. BUNGER


Benjamin C. CALKIN ~ James CLARK ~ William H. CLORE ~ John W. COFIELD ~ Capt. John B. COLES ~ William COLTHAR ~ Simon CONAWAY ~ Jacob COOPER ~ S.F. COVINGTON ~ The COVINGTONS ~ Wm H. CRAIG, M.D.


Jacob DORREL ~ Daniel DORREL ~ Alexancer C. DOWNEY ~ John DOWNEY ~ Enoch DRAKE


William H. ELLIOTT ~ A.M. ELLIOTT ~ Hugh S. ESPEY ~ H.S. ESPEY, Jr.~


John W. FACEMIRE ~ Dr. David FISHER ~ Nelson FISK ~ Samuel FISK ~ Agnes G. (FLANNIGAN) FISHER ~ Capt. John I. FRENCH~ Reuel W. FUGITT


John W. GAREY ~ Sumner C. GASKILL ~ George B. GIBSON ~ George GIVAN ~ Joshua GIVAN ~ Noah GIVAN ~ William L. H. GIVAN ~ William GOLDSON ~ R. H. GOULD


Joshua HAINES ~ Daniel T. HALL ~ George B. HALL ~ D. B. HALL ~ Robert A. HARRIS ~ Orville J. HARRIS ~ Shadrach HATHAWAY ~ Joseph P. HEMPHILL ~ William HEMPHILL ~ Elisha G. HERRON ~ Ephraim J. HIGBEE ~ James HOLMES ~ Benjamin F. HUNDLEY ~ John D. HUNTER ~ Alexander HUNTER ~ Christopher HUSTON



Dr. Basil JAMES ~ Capt. Henry JAMES ~ Col.Pinkney JAMES ~ Charles S. JELLEY ~ Mr. James JELLEY, Sr. ~ Rev. James JONES ~ John H. JONES ~ Oscar JONES


George H. KEENEY ~ William C. KEMP ~ Solomon KITTLE ~


John LANIUS ~ R.G.LANGSDALE, M.D. ~ John F. LINDSAY ~ Thomas O. LINDSAY ~ Benjamin F. LOTTON